What Are Binary Options?

Trading generates a lot of interest and desire for many people to join this world, which promises great potential. Trading requires not only willingness, but also knowledge and experience, and a lot of money. Therefore, modern tools and services have emerged and become popular, making the trading movement accessible without large financial outlays.

In a short period of just over 10 years, these OTC instruments have gained many supporters and the initial scepticism has given way to genuine interest and acceptance. Investors initially did not accept the innovation and considered it something of a "casino" or "lottery", but later they began to actively use it in their strategies.

Binary option is a bet on price movement.

You can bet on a financial asset to become more or less expensive in a few minutes. If the trader bets on the rise in value and at the end of the time interval the value will be higher, the trader will earn, if it is worth less - the trader's bet will go bust.

Choose from a variety of assets to trade
Choose from a variety of assets to trade

Now such trades are available not only for professional traders. In practice, their price is small, which gives an opportunity to earn even with a minimum deposit.

How to trade binary options

When trying out such options - what they are and how to earn on them, the key point is the initial capital and the maximum risk in trading (up to 3-5%). That means you shouldn't bet more than 5% of your total account deposit.

Profits in binary contracts are large enough to attract traders. On average it ranges from 60% to 95%, according to what terms your broker puts up. The terms often depend on the type of option, and there are a lot of them.

Almost all brokers of options offer conditions for traders with different strategies and tactics. From this perspective, the types of binary contracts that have a binding time of execution are relevant:

  • Long term options with expiry from one week to several months;
  • Medium term contracts with expiry between 1 and 10 days;
  • Short term options, focused on intraday trading, and exercised within 30 minutes to a few hours;
  • Turbo options - these are the most profitable tools and usually expire in 60 seconds. A variety of turbo options can be considered, contracts with an expiry time between 30 seconds and 5 minutes.

Depending on the expiry period, the trader must choose the contracts according to other parameters as well, adjusting the trading strategy to the desired profitability and the real risks.

Popular markets for binary options trading
Popular markets for binary options trading

Brokers offer several binary contracts, depending on the purpose. Correspondingly, each such option type can bring different volume of reward to the trader. But at the same time, the increased reward comes with increased risks. Besides, in the more profitable options the trader has to deal with the complexity of analysis - it must be more extensive and as correct as possible. So, there are such types of contracts at the service of traders:

  • Classical, also known as - options "up / down", "all or nothing". The task of the trader is just to determine the price direction.
  • One Touch Contracts - Instruments with the objective of having the price reach a predetermined level during the life of the option.
  • "No Touch", also known as "Untouchable". It is the inverse of the contract, with the opposite conditions to the previous type. A contract is deemed to be a winning contract if the price does not reach a set fixed value by the time it expires.
  • "Range" options are a mixed type of binary contracts. It is up to the trader to decide if the price leaves the channel with the given price levels or if it keeps moving within the channel. The payouts are high - up to 750%.
  • Ladder option is the most complex type of contract. You specify several price levels, the achievement of which for a specified time of option exercise can bring up to 600% of profit. And so on.

To understand how to make money for a beginner, you need to make predictions about the movement of the selected asset using one of the types of analysis:

  • Technical. Its essence is the construction of different levels, channels, trend-finding, moving averages and related indicators, and on the basis of these tools, a strategy for making deals is formed in the future.
  • Fundamental. Trading on the news automatically provokes changes in the values of assets on the market, stocks of companies and accordingly is displayed as fluctuations on the chart.
  • Psychological. It is based on the psychology of active market participants that helps to understand the direction of the asset rate going up or down in the nearest future.

What are Binary Options Bonuses?

A binary options bonus is very popular with traders. Such bonuses are an additional amount of money that the broker adds to the trader's account. The options bonus comes with conditions for receipt and wagering.

To describe all the positive aspects of such gifts, it is worth starting with the fact that such bonuses can often give a good boost to the balance. If there is a drawdown on a personal account, then bonus money can help in such a situation. There are also bonuses that allow you not to risk losing trades. You can make a profit equal to the bonus itself and remove the bonus money.

Take advantage of your bonus
Take advantage of your bonus

The disadvantages include the complicated content and use of these bonuses. They are also tied to a particular broker and there are restrictions when trading with them.

Bonuses have more positives than negatives, which makes using them profitable and enjoyable.

Types of Binary Option Bonuses

Why does a binary options broker offer such bonuses? It's quite simple. Thanks to such extra funds, the trader can get acquainted with the platform and get to know the broker better. Generally, bonuses are given automatically by the broker, but sometimes one must apply for one. Bonuses are also awarded when users register on the broker's website. A certain amount is credited to the trader's account in the form of a deposit. Usually, in order to withdraw such a bonus, one must deposit their first amount. An additional amount may be up to 100% of the deposited money. Also, you should trade several times, as it is stated in the rules. All the nuances can be seen in person on the platform's website.

There are also recurring bonuses, which are given when you make a second deposit into your account. This type of bonus is needed so that the broker can keep a new trader on their trading platform.

There are binary options without risk. With this type of bonus, the broker insures the first trades. This allows you to absorb losses when the trade was negative. Some traders may have several such trades, others just the first.

There are binary options bonuses which give the trader a percentage of the loss. Not every broker offers this kind of bonus. The average value of the return can be from 10% to 30% of the amount spent.

Almost every broker has a referral program which allows receiving additional funds upon registration. In this case, the broker pays for the recommendation to use his trading platform.

Use your promo code on the platform
Use your promo code on the platform

Binary options - no deposit bonus

To get a binary options 100 no deposit bonus, you must first find a reputable broker who offers the service. You have to try hard to find the right place, where they give out such bonuses, because not every broker will be able to give them out.

100 no deposit bonuses in binary options is one of the sought after and popular types of bonuses that new traders are usually looking for. There's an explanation for that - it's a completely free method to trade, and a risk-free one at that.

At its core, a no deposit options trading bonus, also known as a sign-up bonus, is a gift from your broker that can be used to make real trades and then withdrawn, but only when it has been recouped. Often this type of bonus is given during various promotions, so freebie seekers need to keep a close eye on brokerage news and the market in general.

Most likely, the broker will impose a condition, when giving a no deposit bonus, that the bonus money received should be worked out by means of trades. A trader may encounter some nuances when withdrawing the money from the account. That's why it is very important to read the rules of bonus usage carefully. If the client is confident in his choice, he can safely start trading, as it is always safer to trade with bonuses. It is advisable to trade not only for the sake of earning the bonus, but also to make real money in the future.

How to start trading binary options and get a no-deposit bonus in India?

Are you looking for a proven way to start trading and get 100 no deposit bonuses in binary options? Before you can get this and other bonuses, check your broker, if it is licensed and has been operating for several years with positive reviews, then you are on the right track. 

Once you've chosen a broker, you can now explore its options as well as its bonuses. A broker that offers free account registration is a good option. This is one of the easiest ways to start trading and get a deposit bonus in India. This means that you don't have to invest a lot of money to start investing and trading.

Register on the platform
Register on the platform

So, a no deposit bonus is a type of reward that a broker offers to all new traders for completing the registration process. With its help, it is convenient to check the trading platform and get acquainted with the process of making deals on the binary options market.

After all, if he loses, the user usually does not pay out anything and does not assume any additional obligations.

The first thing you need to do to get your bonus is to go through the platform's registration procedure. It's easy and takes literally a couple of minutes. Use the standard registration menu and enter your details.

Opening a brokerage account

When the registration process has been finished, you can begin dealing in binary options. You can do so by opening a Demo or Live account. A Demo account will allow you to trade with virtual capital without risking your funds.

If you decide on a live broker account, then make a compulsory payment to your account. In most cases, broker points are credited to a regular merchant account, to which the trader can later deposit and withdraw income, if desired.

Top up your deposit and get a great bonus
Top up your deposit and get a great bonus

Also keep in mind that brokers often want to protect themselves against multiple crediting of no deposit bonus to the same person, and may ask for a scan of your identity documents. This is nothing to be afraid of, it's a normal procedure.

Usually, a no deposit bonus in India is given to new registered clients - just once! One of the main conditions, at every broker, is customer verification.

Choose the level of your profile on the platform
Choose the level of your profile on the platform

When trading binary options, don't forget that you also have the option of a margin loan or, otherwise, leverage. This is nothing but a portion of the leveraged funds that a broker allocates for trading in the financial market.  The size of leverage may be absolutely different. It is expressed as a fractional number. For example, leverage 1/100 means that a brokerage company may give you for trading 100 times more money than you invest. In other words, a trader can open a trade with 100 times the volume.

Good luck in trading!

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