AAX Crypto Derivatives - How to trade AAX Derivatives in India

AAX Cryptocurrency Derivatives Trading Platform (Atomic Asset Exchange) is known for being the world's first trading platform powered by software from LSEG Technology. This ensures a record speed of transactions. Let's take a closer look at how the platform works.

AAX Services 

AAX derivatives trading platform exchange for online cryptocurrency trading provides an opportunity not only to exchange digital coins, but also to use other tools for earning assets. The list of available services includes:

  • Spot trading.
  • Futures contracts.
  • P2P platform.
  • Saving.
  • Features of the AAX exchange.

The creators of the site spent more than a year and a half on its development and testing. As of September 2021, the crypto exchange offers traders spot trading, derivatives and other tools to make money.

What is AAX?
What is AAX?

The peculiarity of the AAX cryptocurrency derivatives trading is that it is the first platform for the exchange of digital coins, working on the mechanism of matching Millennium Exchange. It belongs to the London Stock Exchange. It is an electronic system that matches bids to buy and sell assets and provides trading opportunities. The Millennium Exchange is also used by the Italian Stock Exchange.

The advantage of this system, developed by LSEG Technology, is the high speed of trading. AAX orders are processed in less than 800 microseconds. This puts the exchange in line with traditional stock markets.

Cryptocurrency traders confirm that the high speed of transaction processing plays an important role, as even a small delay can negatively affect profits. Along with reliable technology, the trading platform has other advantages, such as a strong development team and a commitment to security. The developers assure their users that they develop their platform with longevity in mind.

Trade with AAX
Trade with AAX


The official AAX website was founded in 2018, but the launch of the exchange did not take place until 19 months later. All this time, the project team paid attention to research and refinements. The initial goal was to create a crypto exchange that would be of interest to retail traders, but would also pass regulatory scrutiny and meet the demands of institutional market participants.

The founders of the trading platform recruited professionals from companies such as HSBC (a major British bank), IBM (a hardware and software manufacturer) and JPMorgan (an American financial holding company).

The company has offices scattered throughout the Asia-Pacific region. More than 200 specialists work under the direction of the general director Thor Chan. In less than a year he managed to bring his project to the place of the leading trading platform in the region. Chan's previous experience contributed to this. He was deputy CEO of FDT Group (a field device integration company with design systems) and managed products at App Annie and Microsoft.

Available cryptocurrencies and popular trading pairs  

There are 65 digital coins traded on the exchange, of which the developers have compiled more than 100 bundles. The BTC/USDT pair accounts for the largest trading volume, but there are other liquid digital assets as well: BTC/USDT, ETH/USDT, ADA/USDT, DOT/USDT, LTC/USDT, SOL/USDT.

  • Exchange token

The creators of the trading floor have developed their own digital coin - AAB. It gives traders a 20% discount on commissions when paid in tokens. Owners of the coins also get special trading opportunities, such as signals from professionals.

AAB provides more favorable terms for loans and credits (up to 20% discount). Similar to other exchange tokens, the site burns some of them to preserve their value. This happens on a daily basis.

The marketplace uses 100% of the proceeds from the futures to buy AABs and burn them. The process will continue until 50% of the total issue of 50 million tokens is destroyed.

Futures trading on the AAX
Futures trading on the AAX

Quick Buy 

The "quick buy" section allows to sell and buy cryptocurrencies instantly by transferring funds from a card or bank account. The user himself indicates the required amount of the asset he wants to buy, as well as displays its equivalent. The system selects an appropriate offer quickly and allows you to make a transaction almost instantly.


The "exchange" section is designed to quickly obtain cryptocurrency for fiat. The user chooses which currency to buy digital coins for. There are more than 10 monetary units of different countries to choose from. The exchange can be done for bitcoins, etherium or Tezer cryptocurrency. It is backed by the U.S. dollar. Digital coins can then be exchanged for another currency within the exchange.

Trade room on the AAX
Trade room on the AAX

Trading (Spot Market)

All registered users can trade. To gain access to the system to start  AAX derivatives trading, you must register and then log in. The client has a convenient online terminal for operations. A trader can independently choose the appropriate currency unit for transactions. The terminal consists of:

  • a block for executing transactions
  • trading history
  • a block with orders
  • a panel at the bottom of the screen, which displays the current open orders and other accounts
  • menu with available tools for analysis

The chart can be lobbed and its visual display can be changed.


Spot trading 

For such AAX derivatives  trading, the client must have all necessary assets on his account. An order to exchange one digital coin for another is created in the trading room. The underlying assets are BTC and USDT. It is enough to enter the value and the amount (other parameters depend on the type of transaction). As soon as the market meets all the conditions, the request will be processed.

Spot trading is the easiest type of trading to start with for beginners, but it is also not neglected by professionals.

Spot Market
Spot Market


This service for trading allows you to sell and buy coins directly without intermediaries and third parties. Unlike the traditional terminal with a chart and market instruments, P2P cabinet gives more possibilities to choose a buyer or a seller of a coin, influencing the pricing and time of settlement. Accordingly, the user has better control over the transaction. At the same time, P2P-transactions are riskier because there is no regulator in the form of an intermediary, which is usually an exchange.

AAX cryptocurrency derivatives 

In addition to exchange transactions, the company offers several other opportunities to make money, among which are open-ended contracts.

Types of AAX derivatives in India:

  • Futures

AAX crypto futures in the India allow you to purchase assets at a specific time in a specified amount at a predetermined price. The system guarantees the execution of the transaction. It is possible to conclude a contract in bitcoins or in USDT on the AAX exchange. An online terminal is also available for AAX crypto futures trading transactions. This allows you to analyze the dynamics of price changes, to make purchases.

  • Savings

This feature is compared to a bank savings account. Saving allows you to place digital assets on an exchange for interest. The funds are transferred for a specified period of time. It cannot be prolonged. For some digital coins the exchange offers an annual interest rate of 60%. The size of the minimum deposit is set, as well as the period for which the system is ready to accept money.

Futures Market
Futures Market

DeFi aggregator 

The opportunity is designed for additional profits. The platform combines popular DeFi mining projects. The user can become a member of any of them by making a small initial investment.


When making transactions, you can use 3 types of orders:

  • Limit. Allows the user to set the upper or lower limit of an asset's price. The order will pass if the user is willing to wait for the coin's rate to reach the designated values.
  • Market. Assumes transactions here and now. Buying and selling is performed at the current rate.
  • Stop-Limit. Order allows you to make a deal within a certain period of time. A professional approach to this order allows to minimize risks.

Futures Orders 

Three types of orders are also available for this type of trading. You can switch between them in the right side menu. You can select a separate order for each operation.

Spot Orders 

Spot trades are instantaneous. Classic orders are also available for them.

Fiat Orders 

If operations with fiat currency are performed, all classic orders are valid. The peculiarities of their application depend on the current situation and the trader's goals.

Security of the exchange 

The system pays special attention to security. The AAX exchange complies with CCSS standards. They include recommendations for the use of innovative methods of protection. Two-factor authentication is present. Additionally, the user will be asked to come up with a strong password. It minimizes the risk of hacking the account and losing money.

Most of the digital assets of the exchange are located in autonomous vaults that use advanced encryption technology at several levels. Data privacy is also protected. They are located on the company's servers, which are disconnected from the Internet.

Advantages of the AAX crypto-derivative exchange
Advantages of the AAX crypto-derivative exchange

Pros and cons of cryptocurrency exchange AAX 

AAX cryptocurrency exchange is a convenient platform for transactions. Its use is associated with the following advantages:

  • It has its own wallet system. It complies with industry standards. There is no dependence on a single security source. There are recovery protocols.
  • Data storage is distributed. This provides additional security.
  • Security of accounts is ensured.
  • 24/7 support service.  It will quickly respond to the request, analyze the situation, and provide a comprehensive answer.
  • There is a mobile application. It is very convenient. The developers are constantly improving it, simplifying the process of use.
  • There is a small commission for operations. Its size can be reduced by 20%, if you use the token exchange.
  • The set of tokens is dynamically developing. The volume of trades is also increasing.
  • The developers are in touch. They take into account user recommendations and quickly implement adjustments.

AAX crypto futures in India are gaining popularity among traders. This is a great opportunity to make good money, and the exchange, which is convenient for analysis and trading, is another reason to register and try to earn money today!

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