Do you know the success story of Adidas? If this is the case, then you will have the opportunity to understand the main reason for the popularity of this provider. The story of Adidas is not short and does not end with earning a billion euros. This is a very long journey since the brand was created in 1949. There were a number of ups and downs, but it still managed to become a successful company.

The "Three-Stripe Brand" is one of the largest sports companies in history.

The history of the Adidas brand begins with Adolf Dassler. In 1924, Dassler's brother Rudolf joined the business. Both brothers had already worked in a shoe factory, but now they took on different roles. Adolf took up production, and the more sociable and active Rudolf began to establish sales.

The success of sports shoes led the Dasslers to the idea of completely transferring the company to this direction. Adolf's efforts began the development of shoes for the German participants of the 1928 Olympic Games in Amsterdam. So the brand came to world fame!

In 2001, Herbert Heiner took over as CEO. He saw huge potential in Adidas and changed the focus from sports shoes to other categories. Thus, a joint venture between Adidas and British designer Stella McCartney was created — it helped to promote and increase the product range. So sportswear Adidas by Stella McCartney allows you to look stylish both in the gym and outside. In Adidas collections, the boundaries between high fashion and high functionality are blurred.

Adidas has a special Consortium series that relaunches classic models with current trends in mind. If you want to buy Adidas shares, it is important to do a technical analysis first. It is a price forecasting system based on information obtained as a result of market trading. In contrast to the fundamental analysis of stocks, based on the study of the production activity of the enterprise, the basis of the technical analysis is the identification and study of certain patterns in the movement of the price chart.

Invest in Adidas shares
Invest in Adidas shares

Technical analysis of stocks is relevant for short-term securities trading.

Technical analysis of investment properties of securities involves many tools, but the main factors on which it depends are trading volume, price dynamics and historical data. Why should you invest in Adidas shares in India? Adidas produces high-quality sports shoes, sportswear and sports equipment that are designed for long-term use. Adidas uses high-quality materials in its products and offers a lifetime warranty for defects and damage. This led to the popularity of Adidas among consumers.

If you want to make a profit from buying Adidas shares in India, then you can sell Adidas shares online, for example through our online platform. Many internet sites allow users to buy and sell stocks online. You don't need to look for a dealer or visit the real stock market to trade your shares, as you can buy and sell them online.

How to invest in Adidas Shares in India?

Adidas is the second largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe after Nike. Its annual turnover is estimated at more than 2.7 billion pounds. Adidas is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality sports sneakers. The market share in this sector is increasing every year.

Information about Adidas shares
Information about Adidas shares

In 2004, the Respect M. E. clothing line was launched, created in collaboration with Adidas singer Missy Elliott. In the future, the Adidas brand will be joined by several other celebrities who are not related to sports. The most high-profile acquisition of Adidas in this field was the rapper and producer Kanye West, who left Nike. In addition, in 2014, it became known about the company's collaboration with musician Snoop Dogg. Collections of famous musicians and designers have allowed the brand to strengthen its position in the casual clothing market. Adidas ' share price rose on the back of rising demand for its product line. Therefore, investing in Adidas shares in India can lead to fantastic returns when these variables are taken into account.

Choose stocks for investment
Choose stocks for investment

Invest in Adidas shares in India is available to anyone. In fact, this is an investment in a working business. Thousands of companies and enterprises are interested in raising capital from private investors, so they issue and sell securities. The money received is put into circulation for business development, for example, the development of a new product.

If the stability and safety of your funds are in the first place for you, we advise you to choose investments in "blue chips". Preferred securities are suitable for obtaining a high passive income. Investments in securities are short-term and long-term. In the first case, the income of investors mainly consists of speculative transactions on the stock exchange and reaches 20-30% per month. Long-term investing is buying shares and holding them in a portfolio for more than 1 year. "Blue chips" bring investors an average of 15-20% of annual income. The shares of a young and promising company can grow in price by hundreds or even thousands of percent in 5-10 years. But if it goes bankrupt, you will lose your investment.

Stock trading conditions
Stock trading conditions

Adidas is a global sports manufacturer that boasts a market value of billions of euros. The company's share price is often one of the highest performing stocks on the European and American stock exchanges. Many investors prefer to buy and sell shares of this global sports brand, as it is known for its high-quality sportswear and footwear.

An affordable and easy way to buy Adidas shares in India is to buy them on the stock exchange through an online broker. For anyone interested in investing in stocks, it is important to find a reliable financial intermediary in the stock market, without which no transaction in the stock market can take place. The broker provides you as a client with all the necessary tools to enable you to work with the financial markets comfortably. 

If you have never been involved in trading on the stock exchange and have a vague idea of how this happens, then you can not do without training, unless, of course, you plan to become an active participant in the process. Many brokers offer free online training, consultations, videos with step-by-step instructions, and technical support, which become available after opening a brokerage account. It can be difficult for a beginner to understand all the points of the broker's tariff plans, so at the start it is better to choose the simplest and most understandable of all, in the future it can be changed.

How to buy Adidas shares in India?

How do I start trading stocks? After selecting a suitable broker, register on the online investment platform, which is offered as a working platform for trading. This way, you will have access to all the company's shares, as well as to the market zones.

Our online trading platform provides real-time information about the stock market and price movements. The information you receive from us is accurate and reliable enough to allow you to make decisions about where to invest. You can see real-time quotes based on the performance of various companies, including historical statistics for various time intervals.

Registering on the investing platform
Registering on the investing platform

Once you have opened an account, set up a demo account immediately. On it, you will see the available amount of $ 10,000. In terms of its functionality, the demo account is almost identical to the real one, with the only difference that any profit and loss are virtual. To open a demo account, you do not need to make a real deposit, so there are no risks.

Demo account-a window into the world of stock trading! Open a demo account — and trade stocks absolutely for free and without risking a penny from your own wallet!

How to open account
How to open account

Once you get an idea of how the system works, you need to open a real trading account and start making profits today. We offer a trading account with a minimum deposit of $ 10. Of course, this amount will not give you a huge profit, but this is just the beginning, and by the way, you can start with a larger amount, it all depends on you! Try it, and you will definitely succeed!

When choosing a suitable and in your opinion the best trading platform, you should proceed from its advanced level, that is, from how comfortable it is for you and whether it is too complex. So, if you are still just a beginner, then professional platforms will be a burden to you and, most likely, will not give you any advantages. Here you need to "take the burden on your own", that is, from your own experience.

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