ApolloX Crypto Derivatives - How to trade ApolloX Derivatives in India

What is ApolloX?

The name ApolloX consists of the word Apollo and the letter X. Apollo is a reference to the Apollo space program, in which man took his first steps on the moon. X stands for cryptocurrency exchange. The name ApolloX reflects the commitment to the development of the crypto industry and exchange.

ApolloX is a platform for building decentralized e-commerce applications and services based on blockchain technology. The ApolloX platform was created by specialists working in traditional financial institutions, technology companies and leading cryptocurrency exchanges. The ApolloX project is a new platform for building decentralized applications and stores in the e-commerce market. With the help of blockchain technology, sellers and buyers will be able to use a model of complete protection of transactions and user data with minimal fees. In other words, ApolloX will allow you to quickly and easily create stores for the sale of services and goods, within which a unique transaction protection protocol operates. ApolloX can be useful in many industries. On the basis of ApolloX, you can create decentralized e-commerce markets, independent stores for the sale of goods and services.

One of the main advantages is solving the problem of trust and reducing transaction fees. Users will be able to buy services cheaper, and companies will be able to make money. And what can we say about honest reviews, which can be left only after the transaction that went through the blockchain. You just have to wait and watch the development of ApolloX on the market.ApolloX derivatives trading platform is a fast growing cryptocurrency exchange with the ability to trade without additional checks.

What are the benefits of the ApolloX hybrid CEX and DEX format?

  • The world's first hybrid CEX-DEX crypto exchange offering a wide variety of futures contracts with up to 100x leverage. Here you can choose your favorite trading method.
  • A fast and stable system operates here, in other words, you do not have to worry about platform delays.
  • High liquidity - High liquidity in the order book allows you to trade with minimal slippage.
ApolloX is a platform for building decentralized e-commerce applications and services based on blockchain technology
ApolloX is a platform for building decentralized e-commerce applications and services based on blockchain technology

The ApolloX cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform is very easy to use and provides the maximum number of trading tools for an effective experience, whether a beginner or an experienced professional.The crypto exchange offers partnerships to socially active clients who are represented on the Internet. These can be bloggers or owners of specialized portals. The exchange enters into a formal agreement with them. The partner's bonus can be 50%, 60% and 70% of the commissions of the invited referrals. ApolloX cryptocurrency derivatives trading is carried out on a daily basis and technical support specialists are always ready to help with any questions.

What are derivatives?

The first analogues of modern derivatives originated among the Babylonian merchants. Rice coupons became common in Japan in the 17th century, and options for flower bulbs in Great Britain and Holland. The first modern derivatives were launched on the London Stock Exchange in the 1860s. They gained widespread acceptance in the 1920s. Over the past few years, derivatives have been constantly present in the news pages of newspapers, being one of the reasons for the scandals associated with the bankruptcy of commercial companies. At the same time, multimillion-dollar fortunes were made with the help of derivatives.

The derivative itself is also an object of trade. It is also possible to conclude an agreement for the acquisition or transfer of any derivative within the agreed period at the agreed price, so to speak, a derivative for the sale of the derivative. As you can see, a derivative, being a financial instrument, is itself a derivative from other financial instruments. The main condition that makes a derivative - this is the invariability of the specified price in the contract. I would like to cancel that despite the fact that derivatives are considered a financial derivative, in fact, they are actively used in everyday life.

The purpose of financial derivatives is to create fictitious capital as well as to ensure its movement. At the same time, derivatives are fictitious capital in their purest form. In other words, the emergence of derivative financial instruments is the result of active innovation, which is directly related to the development and expansion of the use of capital in its fictitious form. Protection against risks of financial assets, which is the basis for the formation and operation of derivatives, is fully explained by an increase in risk when trading at the dialectical level. From which, in fact, it follows that the constant attention of market participants is focused on the control and limitation of new risks, which are based on the functioning of the derivatives themselves, as well as credit, investment, foreign exchange and stock transactions.

For investors, the most beneficial aspects of working with derivative financial instruments are:

  • the cost of financial transactions is reduced, since the costs in trade relations are falling;
  • minimization of the amount of investments required to work with this or that asset;
  • an impressive selection of tools;
  • the certainty of future income and probable losses increases - the value of the contract is not adjusted by market factors.

Buy ApolloX derivatives in India now and you will not regret it as it is a promising investment.

Advantages of ApolloX cryptocurrency derivatives exchange
Advantages of ApolloX cryptocurrency derivatives exchange

How does cryptocurrency derivatives trading work?

The cryptocurrency market in its development follows the path of development of classical markets. The difference is that the evolution of classical financial markets took several decades, and cryptocurrencies are moving many times faster. A wide range of instruments is already represented on the cryptocurrency derivatives market. All types of derivatives have the initial function of hedging investment risks. This is the main purpose.

It helps to launch a protective mechanism, where today the deal is made with a prospect for the future, provided that the price of the contract is stable. In any case, the parties have an advantage. When the concluded agreement is prematurely terminated by the depositor, his loss of money is minimal.

Other ways investors can use derivatives:

  • earnings on performance of a contract;
  • speculative profit received from the difference in the value of the selected derivative;
  • making a profit formed on the correction of prices of underlying assets. This is due to the high leverage integrated into the financial instrument. Even a minimal price movement gives the investor significant income;
  • income through arbitrage - multidirectional positions opened on different markets or exchange platforms.

ApolloX derivatives trading has become available to many users.

ApolloX cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform
ApolloX cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform

How to Trade ApolloX Derivatives in India?

ApolloX crypto futures in India is acquired by many traders. How to start trading derivatives?

  • First, you need to choose a broker.
  • Complete the registration procedure on the official website.
  • Then open a trading account and replenish the deposit.
  • Then select the type of derivative.
  • Analyze the market.
  • Buying a contract.

The general ApolloX trading interface is very intuitive and easy to use. As for the places where derivatives can be traded, most of the exchanges where less than 20% of this type of assets are traded are available to ordinary investors.

How to register on the ApolloX trading platform?
How to register on the ApolloX trading platform?

What leverage does ApolloX offer?

Before explaining how to open and close a position, as well as other features of ApolloX, it is important to know what leverage is.

Leverage allows you to open positions that are larger than your current account balance. The exchange "lends" money to the trader depending on the multiplier used.

The default leverage multiplier on ApolloX is 20x, but you can customize it. The higher the leverage multiplier, the lower the notional value of your position. Click the [20x] icon. ApolloX offers up to 100x the leverage on the BTC / USDT perpetual contract, which means that you can open a position 100 times more than the funds on the account.

How do I deposit funds to ApolloX?

Deposits and withdrawals can be used to transfer coins between ApolloX and other platforms or any type of crypto wallet. How do I deposit funds?

  • Log into your ApolloX account, select [Wallet] -> [Funding] and click on [Deposit].
  • Select the type of coin and select the deposit network to which you will need to make a deposit, and click on the icon (the meaning of which is copying) in order to copy the address.
Path to deposit funds to ApolloX
Path to deposit funds to ApolloX

What futures contracts does ApolloX support?

In the crypto industry, the futures market is a rapidly growing sector that generates trillions of trading volumes every month. Like stock options or commodity futures contracts, crypto futures can provide protection against volatility and adverse price movements. Crypto futures also act as a tool that investors can use to speculate on future cryptocurrency prices or hedge against cryptocurrency price changes.

Benefits of trading crypto futures:

  • Flexibility: Holders of cryptocurrencies can speculate on the price of cryptocurrencies in order to make a profit. You can use USDT to open a crypto futures position and you can choose to calculate your profit in USDT. 
  • Leverage: Get significant exposure to a particular cryptocurrency with only a fraction of its total value. Leverage can increase small price movements to create profits that justify your time and effort. 
  • Liquidity: Cryptocurrency futures markets are extremely liquid.

The USD (S) -M Perpetual Futures Contracts on ApolloX are linear futures products that are quoted and settled in USDT and not in reverse contracts.

A perpetual contract is a special type of futures that has no expiration date.

ApolloX Perpetual Futures uses the latest price and stamp price to avoid price spikes and unnecessary liquidations during periods of high volatility.

ApolloX crypto futures trading brings good earnings and has positive feedback from users.

ApolloX Perpetual Futures use the latest price and mark to avoid price spikes
ApolloX Perpetual Futures use the latest price and mark to avoid price spikes

Does ApolloX have a future?

The e-commerce market is one of the fastest growing in recent decades. Interestingly, cross-border trade will grow at a faster pace than domestic e-commerce, which is one of the core activities of the Apollox platform. Is ApolloX Needed for Customers? As long as there are bad reviews in online stores, as well as customer complaints about unscrupulous sellers, the answer is obvious - of course it is necessary and relevant! The increase in the volume of e-commerce will lead to the emergence of a large number of scammers who want to profit from gullible buyers, so ApolloX is certainly necessary for users. The platform will operate, in fact, in several adjacent markets, including a marketplace for goods, where the company will have to deal with competition.Nevertheless, the project has obvious advantages that will allow, if not to become a leader, then certainly occupy a certain niche in this business sector. ApolloX is well positioned to compete successfully in the e-commerce market. There should be a factor in the presence of a trend to increase the security of transactions for sale and purchase, as well as the use of blockchain technology at the heart of the system. In addition, the team has already announced that there are agreements with a large number of online stores on the integration of ApolloX solutions, as well as on the participation of a number of reputable investors in the project.

ApolloX derivatives trading platform is available in mobile App
ApolloX derivatives trading platform is available in mobile App


ApolloX provides favorable conditions for trading perpetual contracts. Few pairs are presented, but the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world market participate in them. The site works stably even at peak loads, no complaints on the technical side. ApolloX supports several different types of orders, from which you can choose, depending on the strategy that is more interesting and, accordingly, on the purpose of the trade. Clients are provided with a free multicurrency wallet, which can also be used to deposit fiat funds. The main advantages are a low entry threshold (easy and free registration), profitable trading commissions (zero for a maker, 0.08% for a taker), low commissions for withdrawal (depending on the asset), and the presence of leverage up to x100. Given the significant trading volumes and constant progress of the site, at the moment it can be assessed as one of the most promising projects on the market. During the testing of the site, no technical failures were identified. Also, the experts did not find any software or hardware vulnerabilities. The exchange has not been hacked before, its stability is assessed at a high level. Protection meets modern standards.ApolloX cryptocurrency derivatives are popular in many countries and their popularity is growing every day.

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