Bitcoin trading aspects for Indian Traders

India is a large country with a huge population and great economic opportunities. 

Unfortunately, there are some disadvantages. 

For example, several employees apply for each workplace. Therefore, an entrepreneur can offer a reduced salary, and employees are forced to agree to such conditions. As a result, many Indian citizens have to work hard for a minimum wage, refusing pleasures.

But an intelligent person can find a way out of any situation. 

Today, the modern world offers a large number of opportunities. One of the ways that have brought millions of profits for many people is Bitcoin trading. A cryptocurrency that cost only a few cents today costs thousands of dollars. However, some users have a problem - Bitcoin is illegal. However, IQ Option customers have a winning position - the company creates the best conditions for bitcoin option trading and makes the path to financial independence as convenient as possible.

The story of how a small site has become a segment leader

Today, there are dozens of sites on the Internet that offer help to Indian traders. 

But IQ Option is one of the most popular and successful services of our time. 

However, back in 2013, only a few thousand people knew about the new company. That year, a platform registered on the island of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines decided to start operations. The main principles of the site were reliability, safety, and concern for the convenience of customers. Therefore, IQ Option quickly became popular and managed to win the competition from many platforms. Today, over 40 million users are registered here, including Indian traders who earn through Bitcoin, stocks, binary options and other assets.

Start trading Bitcoin right now
Start trading Bitcoin right now

Reasons Trader Chooses IQ Option

Competition is a good incentive for development. In the fight for the client, each company tries to offer the best conditions. 

For seven years, the IQ Option platform has managed to become one of the leaders in the segment and gain recognition from millions of traders. 

Because the company has a large list of strengths.


Tens of millions of customers - the most important indicator of the quality of the company. On the network, you will find many positive reviews about the platform (on thematic sites, forums, etc.). Millions of people, including traders, have become convinced of the convenience and reliability of the IQ Option website. You can also begin the path to success with a reliable broker.


The path to success will be safe - the hacker will not be able to crack your account, get passwords from your profile, information about transactions and credit cards. 

The modern SSL 3.0 protocol protects your security. Dynamic 256-bit code is constantly changing, so it is impossible to select a cipher. 

After reading the documents “Term & Conditions” and “Privacy Policy”, an Indian user will be able to learn more about their rights, safety, and responsibility of the company.


IQ Option always acts within the law. The platform was officially registered in 2013 on the island of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, has an international license to provide services, and its activities are controlled by reliable regulators. The company does not break the law and offers Indian traders to legally earn big money.

 Easy start

This is true - you can become a client of the IQ Option website quickly and safely. All that is needed is to be 18 years of age or older, Internet access and minimum start-up capital. The minimum deposit is $10, so the path to financial independence is open to all.

Registration on the platform
Registration on the platform

Nice official site

Registration and trading on the IQ Option website will be as pleasant as possible for an client. The page has 17 language versions (including Indian), which increases the degree of comfort. 

Besides, a nice design helps your eyes not get tired, and convenient usability - quickly understand the functionality, find the right section and start trading. 

Even those Indian users who do not have rich computer experience will appreciate the site’s capabilities thanks to the quality layout.


Trading is now available in any convenient place thanks to a high-quality mobile application. The program is available for download for free and works with all modern phones or tablets (iOS and Android). Good optimization and stable operation make it possible to provide an excellent connection even with the poor Internet, which makes trading as convenient as possible.

Large selection of assets

The IQ Option service cares about customer convenience and offers the user more than three hundred assets for trading. How to buy bitcoin in india? A client can buy Bitcoin on the site, and start making money on cryptocurrency or choose a different path. At his disposal are shares of well-known companies, binary options, currencies and currency pairs, precious metals and raw materials. Now you can make money in any convenient way, including bitcoin options trading India. Moreover, the minimum transaction size is only $1, so the path to financial independence is accessible to everyone.

Demo account

Special offer from IQ Option, which allows to reduce risks and minimize losses of real funds. After activating a demo account, 10,000 virtual dollars are credited to the deposit. Of course, this money will not bring real profit, but it will help to understand the basic principles of trading on the IQ Option, choose the best strategy and tactics for success.

How to open a demo or real account
How to open a demo or real account


It is time to replenish the deposit (the minimum limit is $10). An client of IQ Option can replenish an account using convenient, reliable and popular payment systems: Visa, Blockchain, MasterCard, Jaxx, Maestro, WebMoney, Skrill, CoinBase, Neteller and others. Moreover, the company does not charge a commission, and money is credited to the deposit in a few minutes.

Withdraw funds

The user has the opportunity to make a profit in any convenient way (the list of options is indicated above). But before that, the trader must go through the verification procedure. This is a security measure that guarantees that only the IQ Option client will receive profit and not a scammer who has learned passwords from the account. To do this, you need to provide copies of documents to security personnel. The procedure for analyzing a copy of a passport or driver’s license requires up to 36 hours.

Replenishment and withdrawal of the deposit
Replenishment and withdrawal of the deposit

Always open

Exactly this way, unlike standard currency exchanges operating on a Monday-Friday schedule, the IQ Option website is open 24/7. Therefore, an Indian client can make trading the main way to earn money or an exciting hobby after work that brings additional income.


Thanks to the IQ Option, trading has become not only profitable but also comfortable. Each user can add to the chart those indicators and signals that he considers useful. A wide range of customization options is another major advantage of the platform.


An interesting way to evaluate your strengths, compete with other traders and earn big money. An Indian user can choose any tournament, buy a ticket ($4-20) and receive a deposit of 1000 virtual dollars. The main goal is to earn a maximum profit for the tournament period (weekend, week, month). The most successful traders receive part of a large prize pool ($3000-20000).


Knowledge provides an opportunity to increase the percentage of successful transactions. We recommend that you visit the special section on the site (the link is in the footer of the page), which contains important information. Here, the user can learn how to buy Bitcoin in India, read about the latest trading news, articles with analysis of popular strategies and tips of professional traders.

Bitcoin Trading Information
Bitcoin Trading Information


Each user has the opportunity to download, install, configure and connect a special robot to the IQ Option site. The program has a large set of settings and can work around the clock. Now the robot will analyze options 24/7, offer the best deals and identify the ideal expiration time. This approach allows you to get the best returns on cryptocurrency options trading India.

Premium Clients

IQ Option offers more than competitors. For example, an Indian user can open a premium account and get additional features. Now he can withdraw profits earlier and faster, insure transactions, receives personal manager advice, takes part in special tournaments and much more.

The story of how Bitcoin appeared

In the modern world of globalization, responsiveness is very important. 

The ability to send money from India to Canada or another country is much appreciated. But banking systems can process payments for a long time, analyze information and even freeze transfers. Therefore, a group of Japanese developers in 2008 decided to fix this problem. Bitcoin is the first and most expensive cryptocurrency - a special electronic data unit that can be instantly transferred from one point on the planet to another.

You can run the cryptocurrency management program on any computer, and every Indian trader can control Bitcoin to benefit from crypto options trading India. In 2009, 1 Bitcoin cost only $0.1, but by 2012 the cost of the coin had grown to $20,000, and today it has stabilized and amounts to about $10,000.

The most popular cryptocurrencies
The most popular cryptocurrencies

 Bitcoin F.A.Q.

 What are the benefits of Bitcoin?

Today, cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin are very popular all over the world. This was made possible thanks to some features of the coin.
• Confidentiality. No personal data of the wallet owner are tied to a virtual currency wallet. Besides, you can create a new address for each new transaction with Bitcoin - so it is impossible to track operations, freeze or block them;
• Opportunity to earn on fluctuations. The exchange rate changes every day. An experienced trader can give the correct forecast and make big profits by trading on binary options or the Forex market;
• The lack of influence on the exchange rate of Bitcoin by the banking system. No one controls Bitcoin. Also, unlike banking services, the Bitcoin system works without interruptions and around the clock.

Cryptocurrency is available for purchase almost all over the world. Each trader has the opportunity to purchase coins in various ways.
• Exchange. It offers a good cryptocurrency rate, it may take several hours to process a transaction;
• Services like Askion or BestChange. A convenient and fast way to buy cryptocurrency. But the cost may be less than on exchanges;
• Programs Blockchain, CoinBase, Jaxx. A great option - IQ Option collaborates with these applications.

Bitcoin is the most famous cryptocurrency. Such digital currencies do not have any coins or banknotes, unlike traditional currencies. Therefore, the value of coins depends on several factors.
• Halving. Each time after mining 210,000 coins, the reward for miners is halved. Another halving should happen in mid-2020, which will entail an increase in the value of coins;
• Popularity. The greater the demand for cryptocurrency, the greater its value. Therefore, the emergence of new competitors causes an outflow of customers and slightly reduces the price of one coin;
• News background. Various sanctions can lower the rate of cryptocurrency, while benefits or special laws can increase it.

Any IQ Option client can make money on Bitcoin. The platform offers a wide range of features.
• Earnings on course changes. Here the principle works - “buy cheaper, sell more expensive”. Each user who knows how to analyze the situation can buy Bitcoin at a lower cost and sell at a higher one. The Forex market available on the IQ Option website is suitable for this method;
• Call/Put. A classic binary option where the trader must determine what the dynamics will be after a while. If the course moves up, he selects the “Call” option, if down - the “Put” option;
• Touch/No-touch. Another popular option from the list of binary options. But here there is a certain meaning and it is necessary to predict whether Bitcoin's price will touch this mark (touch) or not (no-touch);
• In/Out. An option where there are two boundaries of value (upper and lower) that form a range. The task of the trader is to determine whether there will be a value in these boundaries after the expiration date (In) or leave them (Out);
• Spread. A tool for professional traders. Because here it is necessary to indicate not only the direction but also the specific value of Bitcoin in the future. However, it attracts a large percentage of profits.

Unfortunately, Bitcoin is not legal. The use of cryptocurrency is limited here - coins cannot be used to buy goods or pay for services. But there is good news. IQ Option company legally operates in the country, which means that an trader can legally earn money on cryptocurrency. The client of the service uses Bitcoin for trading and the conclusion of transactions, and the profit can be withdrawn in any convenient way in another currency. Thanks to the IQ Option platform, you have a convenient path to financial success.

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