Bitcoin trading India 2021

The Extraordinary Power of Digital Assets

Cryptocurrencies as such have only been around since 2009. Since their introduction, numerous new coins have emerged, adding to the long list of options now available. This has led to a great deal of interest in trading cryptocurrencies as their market prices rise and fall rapidly.

In the early days of cryptocurrencies, the values of the various currencies, particularly bitcoin, varied greatly. Since they are purely digital assets, there was no direct value that could be assigned to them. This meant that their prices fluctuated greatly in the early years. Although the market still has the potential for large fluctuations, it has calmed down somewhat in recent years.

More stable currencies have made even more traders interested in the market. One of the most popular ways to do this is through exchanges. In these cases, traders exchange one asset for another through the market and hold them for a long period of time to take advantage of changing values. Not surprisingly, this has led to an increase in the number of new exchanges around the world.

As the market adapts, the exchanges at its disposal also change

What is a cryptocurrency exchange?

To review the stock market, you need to know how it works in general

A cryptocurrency exchange is a platform where you can exchange one cryptocurrency for another. Most exchanges also allow you to exchange your digital assets for other types of assets, such as regular fiat currencies.

Basically, the process is simple enough to understand. Just log on to one of these platforms, enter the currency and the amount you have and want to trade, and start trading. You trade with real people and exchange real goods with them. You can then trade your new assets with other people or keep them until their value increases.

These digital currencies behave like other assets in the market. They trade at an approximate market value, which is influenced by a number of external factors, primarily supply and demand. Since cryptocurrencies have no real value, prices are largely influenced by these external factors.

To fund your account on a cryptocurrency exchange, you need a cryptocurrency wallet. In it, you store your own coins and can then place them on the exchange market. You can fill this wallet with any currency that is accepted on the exchange, usually some cryptocurrency. This is why most major exchanges offer cryptocurrency wallets through their own system to help users protect their funds.

When you load that amount into the exchange, you enter a buy or sell order into the system. This is commonly called the order book. This is where all the buy and sell orders are published so that other traders can see what is happening. It is basically a service that connects the parties involved. When one party sees a buy or sell order that they want to participate in, they place an order. Each exchange will manage its market in a slightly different way.

Factors that affect the value of cryptocurrencies

Digital assets are not based on tangible assets and have variable value.

Before jumping into the major cryptocurrency exchanges, take some time to look at what factors have the biggest impact on the value of cryptocurrencies. While this list can never be truly exhaustive, it is beneficial to learn more about how these values can change.

  • Limited Supply. One of the largest factors currently affecting cryptocurrency, in particular bitcoin, is a limit on the available supply. This is significant because there is a fixed limit of how many are out right now and how many more can possibly be released. Due to the way crypto is created, the release of more coins becomes increasingly more difficult the closer it gets to the maximum.

For Bitcoin, the maximum possible number of coins that can be minted is 21 million. This is a low number for any coin and an important reason why it is so highly valued. When this limit is reached, and it will be soon, there will be volatility as the owners of the currency wonder what will happen when no more coins can be put into circulation.

  • Demand. The other side to the supply of crypto is the relative demand for that specific crypto. The more people that want to have and use cryptocurrency, the higher the value will go, if the supply stays the same. While supply is not fixed, there is an end limit and the demand will react to this as the limit gets closer.

The demand for each cryptocurrency depends on other factors, such as the overall benefits they offer and the regulations that apply to different currencies. If you know how much interest there is in these coins, you can predict how much the demand will affect the overall value.

  • Regulations. Tagging alongside the demand for crypto is the various regulations that have been created for this type of asset. In some regions, there are no regulations at all. This is because they are still relatively new forms of currency and have been less readily adopted by certain institutions. The more regulations that support these assets, the more likely their value will grow because they have more uses.

In other cases, regulations may restrict the use of these currencies. This will understandably affect the demand for these goods, as they lose some of their real value. The integration of cryptocurrencies will continue to change and grow, attracting and depressing value in the market in different ways.

  • Media. The news and other forms of media will always influence the value of assets on the market. This is because these sources of information are often highly valued and affect the way the general public will react to these assets. This affects the demand and subsequently the value of each crypto. Media is also easy enough to follow and react to, which makes it a popular form of trying to predict these price shifts.

There are more factors that affect the value of these goods, so please keep them in mind

 Stock market overview

There are many cryptocurrency exchanges today, and making a choice is harder than ever: each exchange has similar offerings, but with very unique compositions. Understanding what to expect from some of the major exchanges will help you find the one that best suits your type of trading.

A big part of a good cryptocurrency exchange is the level of security it offers its customers. This is especially important in an online environment, which is most of these exchanges. How you handle that exchange is a good indicator of how much you can trust and rely on them.

The environment in which you operate can be an important factor in your overall experience and success.


Coinbase is a very popular exchange. It was founded in 2012, just a few years after the launch of Bitcoin. This exchange is based in the United States and operates with all the necessary regulations that make it certified and trustworthy. It offers two different accounts, a standard account and a pro version.

Coinbase has quite high fees unless you use the Pro account. That Pro account also offers more charting elements and even some powerful indicators that track subtle changes in the market. However, Coinbase offers a wide variety of cryptocurrencies, so there is plenty of choice.

Despite the large selection, there are other exchanges that offer even more variety than this one. The Coinbase system is intuitive to use, so even new users will find it relatively easy to navigate. There are also insurance policies offered to customers to protect their cryptocurrency portfolios.

Overall, this is certainly a comprehensive cryptocurrency exchange that offers all the necessary options, especially for new users. With all the bells and whistles offered, you can be sure that you are in a good environment to work with cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrencies 23 types of digital currencies.
Commissions and fees For all transactions under $200, the following fees apply: $0.99 - for transactions under $10;$1.49 - for transactions between $10 and $25;$1.99 - for transactions between $25 and $50;$2.99 - for transactions between $50 and $200.For transactions over $200, a fixed interest rate comes into play. Its amount depends on the payment method.
Portfel  Free mobile and online. The advantage of this wallet is that transactions can be performed off the blockchain.
Payment method You can make deposits and withdrawals by bank card, bank transfer and various payment systems. SEPA transfers are available to EU citizens;
Security Two-factor authentication; All website traffic is encrypted using SSL cryptographic protocol; All wallet keys are protected with AES-256 encryption; Only 2% of your customers' cryptocurrency funds are stored online and are insured against loss;
Mobile Application Mobile applications for Android and iOS;


This cryptocurrency exchange has only been around since 2017. As a relatively young company, they have nevertheless managed to significantly expand their offering. What is perhaps special about this exchange is that they have deliberately focused their offering on a wide range of different cryptocurrencies, including over 150 options. There are even some fiat currency options, but these are much more limited than cryptocurrencies.

Binance has become one of the biggest names in the global foreign exchange arena, with huge trade volumes every day. The variety of assets and low fees have made it more than competitive globally. This has resulted in a large user base, and the company continues to grow at an impressive rate because of this.

Users can make deposits using cryptocurrencies or the handful of fiat currencies that Binance allows. This is an often underrated advantage that allows easier access for users around the world. Perhaps the only real disadvantage of this exchange is that it has a slightly more complex structure than other exchanges, and is perhaps better suited to those who have experience with cryptocurrency systems like these.

Cryptocurrencies 740 different pairs of cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies, including BNB's own token;
Commissions and fees Binance offers competitive transaction fees (commissions): 0.1% on each side of the transaction or 0.075% when using your Binance tokens (BNB);
Portfel  Trust Wallet mobile app;
Payment method Bank transfer, debit/credit cards, various P2P payment channels;
Security The exchange has launched the CryptoSafe Alliance (CSA). This initiative will bring together exchanges, blockchain protocols, cybersecurity experts, and compliance companies. It is the first comprehensive tool to monitor and protect against threats in a decentralized exchange environment.
Mobile Application The free app is available from the Google Play Store or the App Store.


The Kraken cryptocurrency exchange was founded in 2011. After a relatively early establishment, it has quickly become one of the most popular exchanges on the euro market. It is very well priced and offers a good mix of altcoins and fiats to trade. This choice of assets may not be their strongest point, but they provide other resources that support this.

Among the features Kraken offers are impressive charting instruments and even margin trading. This exchange is also aimed at experienced users, and the user interface can seem complicated to beginners. You may want to switch to this exchange when you understand more about the experience and the way to manage these trades.

This is definitely a first-class exchange that offers all the important features for advanced users. One notable drawback is that there are not many payment options with which you can deposit into your account. There are ways around this, but some people still find it annoying.

Cryptocurrencies There are 8 chips available for trading;
Commissions and fees For transactions of less than 50,000 units of a currency, a commission of 0.16% is charged to the seller and 0.26% to the buyer. For amounts over 50,000 units, the commissions are reduced to 0.14% and 0.24% respectively;
Portfel  A cryptocurrency wallet is not offered on the website;
Payment method Cryptocurrency wallets and money transfers via bank transfer. It is not possible to make deposits/withdrawals via bank cards;
Security The exchange offers users two-factor authentication (2FA), PGP encryption, and a global settings lock that prevents account changes within a certain period of time;
Mobile Application Kraken Pro and Kraken Futures trading applications.


Bittrex was launched around the same time as many other exchanges, in 2014. Perhaps the biggest advantage that this exchange offers its users is the wide range of different assets that you can trade. This allows you to significantly diversify your strategies in the market.

Like many of the major cryptocurrency exchanges, Bittrex has connected wallets where coins can be stored securely. Bittrex also has extensive security and high-tech software to protect these online wallets and the platform itself.

Cryptocurrencies   More than 250 commercial pairs are available;
Commissions and fees Topping up your account in euro is possible via: SEPA transfer; international bank transfer; bank card.The withdrawal fee depends on the chosen cryptocurrency: in Bitcoin is 0.0005 BTC, in Ethereum - 0.00600000 ETH. There is a flat fee of 0.25% of the total amount of the order;
Portfel  No cryptocurrency wallet;
Payment method Bank transfers, credit/debit cards;
Security Two-factor authentication (2FA);IP verification requiring email confirmation of new IP address;   IP whitelisting;    Cold storage for 80-90% of goods;
Mobile Application There are two apps for Android and iOS, respectively: Bittrex Global and Bittrex.


Bitmex was founded in 2014 and has grown rapidly with tempting margin trading offers. They offer both open contracts and futures, the latter more akin to binary trading than regular exchanges. In the case of futures, they also offer leverage, which allows you to make money quickly, as well as lose it completely. This environment is probably best suited for more experienced users.

Bitmex offers good security, but the registration process is almost too easy. It is a reasonable compromise between added convenience and some additional risk. Overall, this cryptocurrency exchange has become a popular option, especially for margin trading.

Cryptocurrencies  55 commercial pairs;
Commissions and fees BitMEX does not charge any fees for deposits and withdrawals. 075% on the total amount of the order, while the Brokers    receive an additional 0.025% per transaction;
Portfel BitMEX cryptocurrency wallet;
Payment method Besides cryptocurrencies, BitMEX does not accept any other deposits;
Security Funds are stored in cold wallets; Two-factor authentication; Registration via SMS notifications;Multi-signature  Wallets for transactions; E-mail communication is encrypted using PGP encryption;
Mobile Application BitMEX Mobile will be launched in September 2020.


It was founded in late 2012 and is one of the first cryptocurrency exchanges in history. It has been a definite trend from the beginning and is now known for the margin trading it offers its users. The leverage they offer here allows for significant investments in the market. Like any margin trade, it can be a risky venture, but if you trade well, it can be very profitable.

Bitfinex does not have the largest number of assets you can trade, but it does have some fiat currency options, which it introduced in 2015 to diversify its cryptocurrency market. That exchange is also available to users around the world.

Cryptocurrencies More than 140 currencies and 300 trading pairs;
Commissions and fees There are no additional fees for deposits and withdrawals in digital currencies. When depositing $, you must pay a commission of 0.1%, but not less than $20; the minimum fee for withdrawing money from fiat is $60; with a minimum turnover per month, the trading fee is 0.1% for the creator and 0.2% for the taker;
Portfel Users can choose from three portfolios - Foreign Exchange Portfolio, Margin Portfolio, and Funding Portfolio;
Payment method In addition to cryptocurrencies, users can also make bank transfers and withdraw money to the card.
Security Only 0.5% of cryptocurrency assets are stored online to support daily transactions. The rest of the coins are stored in cold wallets, out of reach of hackers. In order for these wallets to be accessible, manual approval by several members of the administrative team is required;
Mobile Application Available.


Localbitcoins, another early start in the cryptocurrency exchange space, was founded as early as 2012. It is a unique exchange service in that it does not focus on volume trading, but operates as a peer-to-peer (P2P) service. This means that while it operates globally, its users traditionally trade more locally.

Through this platform you can meet other traders and conduct your exchanges. To facilitate these trades, they provide a fiduciary account and maintain strict wallets for their members. This creates an environment of trust, especially for novice traders who are not yet interested in trading large amounts. Localbitcoins exchange rates can be a bit high compared to other options.

Cryptocurrencies Bitcoin;
Commissions and fees The site does not receive commission from the buyer. Sellers are charged a flat 1% commission on each sale.
Portfel  Bitcoin;
Payment method Bank transfers, bank cards, electronic systems;
Security Transaction security is provided by the escrow method, which has proven to be very effective; users' accounts are protected by two-factor authentication.
Mobile Application


Poloniex has grown well as a cryptocurrency exchange since 2014. Its offering includes over 100 cryptocurrency pairs and a secure environment where users can manage their transactions. Fees are also relatively low, with certain factors contributing to these costs. One such factor is trading volume, with higher volumes being rewarded with lower fees.

They also split the Creator's and Borrower's fees in the marketplace. The creator creates the item and the taker closes it. Creators have lower fees, which probably leads other users to work on more items. There are other features that help users navigate the platform, from live chat windows to data analysis tools.

Cryptocurrencies More than 100 currency pairs
Commissions and fees All deposits are possible without additional fees; the withdrawal fee is fixed and depends on the type of cryptocurrency; trading fees range from 0 to 0.25%; brokerage fees range from 0% to 0.15%; hosting fees range from 0.1% to 0.25%; the higher the volume of transactions completed in a month, the lower the fee for all transactions completed subsequently;
Portfel  Ja;
Payment method Topping up with a bank card or withdrawing to a card is not possible for users in some countries;
Security The administration strongly recommends that you equip your account with two factor authentication;
Mobile Application Available at.


Kucoin is a Singapore-based exchange that was only founded in 2017. Compared to many leading platforms, it is a young company. Despite this, the developers behind this company certainly have no shortage of experience in cryptocurrencies and they showcase this knowledge in their platform. As a result, it has grown rapidly and is now used in many countries around the world.

In terms of security, Kucoin says it has implemented systems equivalent to those used by banks, creating an environment that is protected at the highest level. This is done through extensive encryption and multi-level authentication. While this is impressive, it is perhaps too early in the career of this young cryptocurrency exchange to say how secure it all is.

Cryptocurrencies More than 200 currencies and over 450 trading pairs;
Commissions and fees All deposits are free on site and there is a flat fee for withdrawals; KuCoin offers a flat trading commission of 0.10%, which is lower than the industry average.
Portfel  The inside of a cryptocurrency wallet;
Payment method Variety of payment methods supported by P2P fiat services;
Security The Exchange offers you the ability to establish two-factor authentication via Google Authenticator.
Mobile Application Available at.

You have many options to contact the support team and in many different languages. For companies that have not been around as long as many others, there is still some risk involved. However, the longer Kucoin remains without dramatic incidents or security breaches, the more trust it will have with merchants around the world.


This is an Austria-based exchange that was founded in 2014. It was originally called Coinimal, but has since changed its name to Bitpanda. Their entire mission is to make cryptocurrency trading as easy as possible for everyone. They use an intuitive platform that is easy to access and navigate. Whatever they are doing, it seems to be working, as they currently have over a million users.

Although Bitpanda focuses on cryptocurrencies, it also offers trading of some metals, such as silver and gold. Bitpanda also has several tools and features that make buying cryptocurrencies even easier. This includes a fully automated trading platform. You can trade between cryptocurrencies and metals, with the assurance that they are backed by Switzerland.

In addition, Bitpanda has many other branches that open up interesting sides of the market to explore. This helps you save better, increase turnover, and even bring in Bitpanda's own tokens. Like other internal tokens, they can be used for various benefits, such as reducing transaction fees. The fees for this exchange are relatively low.

Cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more than 30 digital assets;
Commissions and fees Service trading commission depends on the type of currency and the type of transaction. When you buy bitcoin you pay 1.49%, when you sell - 1.29%; commission for reloading and withdrawal is fixed for each currency and is withdrawn from your account;
Portfel  Bitpanda cryptocurrency wallet
Payment method You can pay by bank transfer, credit card, or through electronic payment systems;
Security Bitpanda refers to systems that manage user wallet keys and also offers the following security measures: Cold storage of the background; session control. Each login attempt from a new device requires two-factor authentication confirmation; email authentication and approval;
Mobile Application Ja.


CoinMama is another good exchange. Founded during the golden age of cryptocurrency exchanges in 2013, this company has used its experience to its advantage. It is important to note that while it is still technically an exchange, there is no actual exchange. Instead, you are buying and selling cryptocurrencies on and off Coinmama itself.

They offer a decent range of options in terms of payment goods and services. There are also high limits for buying bitcoin using credit or debit cards. These high limits come with comparable fees. The platform itself is multilingual, as it is designed for a large global market.

Cryptocurrencies Die Plattform vertreibt Bitcoin, Ethereum. Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Qtum, Ripple, Ethereum Classic, Cardano, Tezos e EOS;
Commissions and fees There is a 5% service fee when using credit or debit cards, plus the platform fee is 3.90% for buying coins and 0.9% for selling them;
Portfel Nie;
Payment method Credit/debit cards and bank transfers; supports SEPA and SWIFT payments;
Security Coinmama is a reputable company with a secure website that uses Trust Guard and Comodo technologies. Both sites have confirmed that 256-bit SSL encryption is actively used on pages containing personal information;
Mobile Application Ja.

This is another ideal exchange for beginners, thanks to its intuitive interface and global reputation. The only downside to this is that users must have their own cryptocurrency wallet. This is not a bad thing, just a bit more inconvenient, especially for new users. Another factor to consider is that the support available is somewhat lacking and does not offer as much practical help as other providers.


This exchange was founded in 2015 and is based in the United States. The first thing you should know about this platform is that it serves as many countries as possible, but mainly Europe and the United States. This system, which calls itself the "Uber" of cryptocurrency exchanges, has a very simple model. The security features are of good quality and the usage fees are quite low.

The main feature of Paxful is that it is another P2P exchange. Each trader on the platform creates his own portfolio with information about his trades. This way you can check who you are trading with and make sure it is a credible candidate.

The biggest drawback is that investors can only sell bitcoins on this platform. There are many different payment methods and many currencies are accepted to buy bitcoins, but you can only sell bitcoins. There are no fees for buying, but there is a fixed 1% fee for each sale. Even with all the payment services that Paxful accepts, the fancier ones will probably have higher fees in the form of reduced exchange rates.

Cryptocurrencies Bitcoin i Tether;
Commissions and fees There are commissions for selling cryptocurrencies:0.5% for bank transfers; 1% for debit cards and electronic payments; 3-5% for gift cards; There is no commission for buying cryptocurrencies; Paxful charges a fee for transferring funds to an external wallet. $ 0 - $ 9.99 = 0.0001 BTC $ 10 - $ 19.99 = 0.0002 BTC Over $ 20 = 0.0005 BTC
Portfel The Paxful Wallet app makes it easy to store and manage coins in your mobile cryptocurrency wallet;
Payment method More than 300 ways to buy coins, including bank transfer, credit and debit cards, PayPal, Western Union, and even Amazon, iTunes, or Steam gift cards;
Security The security of the system is ensured by two-factor authentication, the deposit, and a mandatory verification procedure when working with large sums of money.
Mobile Application Paxful Wallet for Android and and iOS.


Based in Denmark, HitBTC was founded in 2013. The main feature of this exchange is the large number of assets available to its clients. Reportedly, there are over 800 pairs that you can trade. This allows you to trade some of the most obscure and lesser-known cryptocurrency options in the world. This is ideal for diversifying your investments and benefiting from small increases in each option.

They offer a demo account to test the platform and several other features to make the market even more exciting. One of the most important features that this exchange has worked hard on is the security of their clients. This is obviously an important part of any online trading experience. They have high liquidity and allow you to trade large volumes.

HitBTC only allows you to deposit specific cryptocurrencies and does not accept fiat options for them. However, HitBTC does offer a built-in system that allows you to buy these cryptocurrencies using debit or credit cards as a deposit. Overall, this is a highly rated exchange, and for good reason.

Cryptocurrencies There are 800 currency pairs traded on the platform today;
Commissions and fees No deposit commission and fixed withdrawal commission depending on currency;HitBTC uses a tiered system to calculate trading fees. The more a user trades, the lower his commission;
Portfel There is no cryptocurrency wallet;
Payment method The HitBTC exchange can only be powered by digital currency;
Security The platform offers two-factor authentication, high-level encryption technology, and cold storage;
Mobile Application Nie.

There are many good cryptocurrency exchanges on the Internet. I hope you now know what some of these platforms offer and which ones are best for you.

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