Online trading is a very popular method of making money in today's world. 

Thousands of people in India, day in and day out, are trying to increase their wealth by buying and selling different assets. And with the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, traders have turned their attention to them.

In fact, the cryptocurrency space offers great opportunities for both novice and experienced investors and traders. In turn, online trading exchanges are doing their best to provide their clients with a comfortable and secure trading environment, as well as offering features such as margin trading, futures trading and more.

In this review, we take a look at the Bitget cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform.

What is Bitget?

Bitget is one of the world leaders in crypto derivatives trading, including futures contracts.

Being the absolute leader in Korea and Japan, since 2020 Bitget has been actively developing in the markets of North America, Europe, CIS and others.

Today, the exchange is used by around 2 million traders and investors around the world, and India is no exception. The marketplace has a mobile and a desktop application. The desktop one replicates the website. The Bitget derivatives trading platform is smart and professional.

The interface of the platform is simple and intuitive for participants of different levels of training, which is a big plus.

Bitget offers four main areas: 

  • Future contracts trading.
  • OTC trading.
  • Spot trading.
  • Copying trades.

The functionality of Bitget's copy trading platform allows you to evaluate strategies of different traders, select the appropriate ones to copy in your account and flexibly manage your settings to minimize risks.

Bitget cryptocurrency derivatives exchange
Bitget cryptocurrency derivatives exchange

According to the CoinGecko resource, the exchange has a high reliability rating. There are 145 cryptocurrencies traded on it.

On Bitget, you can buy BTC, ETH, USDT, XRP and other coins in a few clicks using classic payment instruments.   All you need to do is go to the "Buy Cryptocurrency" section and select the currencies to be exchanged. The cryptocurrency is deposited to the appropriate Bitget account wallet within minutes.   An interesting feature is the ability to purchase digital coins via Google Pay and Apple Pay. This allows for a few clicks on the smartphone to complete the transaction, rather than entering card details.

The Bitget derivatives trading platform has its own upgraded token (BGB). By using it, users of the platform receive benefits such as:

  • Discount on spot transaction fees.
  • Discount on order execution fees.
  • Using a token for interaction between subscribers and copy traders.
  • Rewards for the affiliate programme.
Bitget mobile app
Bitget mobile app

Bitget provides users with the ability to manage their assets with a single USDT account. Exchange clients can choose USDT as the margin to trade multiple trading pairs with one total balance in USDT for all accounts, including PNL calculation, margin used and risk calculation. This tool will suit professional traders for whom ease and speed of execution is important. This type of account is the most popular on Bitget.

Interesting fact: The press service of the cryptocurrency exchange Bitget reported that it has signed a partnership agreement with the famous Italian football club Juventus.

The contract will help strengthen the exchange's international reputation. As part of the partnership, Juventus players will wear uniforms with the Bitget logo.

Copy Trading
Copy Trading

What are cryptocurrency derivatives?

A trader does not have to buy cryptocurrency in India directly. There is a great alternative - crypto derivatives. Let's take a look at what this popular financial instrument is all about.

Bitget cryptocurrency derivatives are contracts by which parties acquire the right or undertake to perform certain actions in respect of digital coins, i.e. to buy or sell digital coins at a fixed price. A derivative allows a cryptocurrency to be traded without actually sending it from the seller to the buyer. Simply put, derivatives trading is betting on the rise or fall of an asset. If the asset rises in value, the trader wins, if the asset falls in value, the trader loses. It is no secret that the cryptocurrency market is fraught with risks of financial losses caused by price fluctuations, because no one knows what they will be at any given moment. A derivatives contract is a kind of insurance for traders. Of course, entering into such an agreement does not exclude risks completely, but it can reduce them.

Bitget cryptocurrency derivatives trading allows the use of leverage. These are monetary assets, which are provided by the exchange. They are proportional to funds on the trader's exchange account. It allows you to sell a certain amount of contracts for a large sum of money at one time.

Derivatives do not exist by themselves. They are derivatives inseparably linked to the value of the underlying assets, and there can be more than one.

Derivatives are necessary to traders for two reasons: 

  • They minimize risk and allow speculation on the price of an asset without physical possession of the asset itself. 
  • Cryptocurrency derivatives allow traders to play the market without being distracted by the difficulties of buying tokens.

The current state of cryptocurrency derivatives is extremely promising. Professional investors see great opportunities in these contracts for good reason.

How does cryptocurrency derivatives trading work?

Bitget derivatives trading in India gives traders and investors great growth prospects when approached intelligently. Taking some time to learn and understand the cryptocurrency market is essential for successful contract trading. It will be useful to know how digital money works, how its value is secured, why it is volatile. Believe me, the time spent will definitely pay for itself!

So, there are several types of derivative contracts for digital coins: futures, options, swaps, CFD. Let's take a closer look at them.

Bitget trade room
Bitget trade room


Bitget crypto futures in India are particularly popular right now.

Such a contract fixes the price of a coin in the future.  This is the price at which the seller will sell, and the buyer will buy at a later date. 

That is, the buyer agrees in advance with the seller and makes an upfront payment so that the other party, by a predetermined date, will transfer a certain amount of digital coins to his cryptocurrency wallet, at a rate fixed at the time of the transaction.

In this case, the market value at that time has no effect on the execution of the terms of the derivative.  There are also open-ended futures. These have no specified sale date for the cryptocurrency. Digital coins can be redeemed at any time.

Each future has a set of specific conditions. These include:

  • Name of the futures contract;
  • Size, i.e. the number of assets to buy or sell;
  • The purchase price of the asset at the time the contract is executed.

Bitget crypto futures trading not only allows you to maximize profits. But it also provides an opportunity to reduce risk and costs.

Bitget futures info
Bitget futures info


Options are a powerful tool in the hands of a cryptocurrency trader. They allow you to implement strategies that are not possible with other tools.

Options are contracts that allow the trader to buy a cryptocurrency at an agreed price and volume, but are not obliged to do so. However, such a derivative has a limited validity period. The investor can refuse to redeem the asset if the price is not favourable to the investor at the time of the contractual obligation. The main advantage of an option is its asymmetry. When you buy an option, you risk a limited amount and potentially reap unlimited profits, and scenarios with low probability of exercise can pay off handsomely. As we know, the higher the risk, the higher the potential reward. 

There are two types of options:

  • Call option, which gives the right to buy. Its price rises as the rate rises.
  • Put option, which gives you the right to sell. Its price rises as the rate falls.

You must know that by buying an option, you want the rate to go in your direction. If you bought a Call Option and the price stagnates, your option will gradually lose value. When the expiry date comes, it might not bring you any profit.


CFD is an agreement between a trader and a broker. If a trader buys a CFD on a cryptocurrency, he does not own the asset itself. He only owns the contract, which specifies the price at which he bought the coin. At any time, the trader can close the position and return his contract to the broker. If his forecast is correct, he will get a corresponding reward. In the case of an error, the same amount will be deducted from his account. With CFDs, traders can bet on both rising and falling prices.

Since the basic idea behind CFD trading is to pay out the difference in price between the start and end of a trade, it is important to understand and ensure that the online exchange uses reliable trading data for displaying and executing prices.


A swap is a more complex buy and sell scheme. In it, a trader first buys an asset at an agreed price and then sells it back after a certain time. Consequently, there are two stages to the contract: there is an initial exchange of a digital coin for fiat or two types of cryptocurrency, and then there is a refund. This closes the contract.

Swaps are a tool used by prepared investors. They allow you to minimize risk or have opportunities not available to options and futures. When used wisely, this tool allows you to maximize profits and minimize losses.

How to trade Bitget derivatives in India?

The digital asset market is evolving along the same lines as traditional markets, only much faster. And derivatives are making it easier for investors to interact with cryptocurrencies, providing more opportunities to make money while improving the underlying asset. It becomes clearer, more accessible and more versatile. 

Let's take a look at how to trade Bitget derivatives in India.

You can have Bitget derivatives trading as early as today, but you need to register on the platform to do so.


You need to go to the platform's website and fill in the special form in the "Registration" section. Simply follow the instructions. When you create an account on Bitget you have two options: you can use your phone number or your email address, if you prefer. If you provide your phone number, you will be allowed to use it for receiving confirmation passwords or for API management. You can also monitor your account activity in the app and check if there is any unauthorized activity.

When registering on the platform, you need to provide all the contact details and open a personal cabinet. Make sure you come up with a strong password with a complex combination of characters.

You can choose not to be verified, but then the withdrawal amount will be much lower and some services will not be available. You should be aware that the identity verification procedure does not pose any threat to your personal safety, as all your data is safeguarded. 

Account verification is done by entering and checking personal data: passport or ID card, bank card, other documents.

Bitget registration
Bitget registration

Demo account

After the registration process you will be offered a free demo account, which is required for learning how to trade, training in trading, and mastering new strategies.

Having a demo account helps new traders get up to speed with the technicalities. It is important to keep in mind that this account is separate from the real one, and operations on it are conducted with virtual coins. Here you will learn all the technical analysis tools and learn how to place orders. 

A market order, trailing stop, stop loss and take profit level are all available for selection. The process of trading with leverage is also set here. 

By fully mastering all the skills of trading on a demo account, you can greatly guarantee yourself a solid foundation for making money in such a volatile and marginal market as cryptocurrency.

Real account, deposit and withdrawal of earnings

You can switch to a real account as soon as trading on a demo account becomes clear and convenient. And for that you need to make the minimum deposit, set on the terminal.

You can top up your balance on the Bitget cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform by transferring any of the cryptocurrencies supported by the exchange from your personal wallet to your account on the exchange.

Exchanger supports service of exchanging fiat money into cryptocurrencies. To do so, you need to log in to your personal cabinet, select the amount and buy it. The commission depends on the type of currency. It is possible to withdraw earnings to your own cryptocurrency wallet.

This concludes our review. We hope you found it useful. We wish you profitable trades!

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