What is BitMEX? 

The idea of ​​​​creating a powerful trading platform BitMEX came to Arthur Hayes, Samuel Reed and Ben Delo over a couple of beers and six months later a beta version of the program was developed, which, in their opinion, was supposed to make it easier to work with bitcoin and win the trust of users. The first year of its activity, the company was actively engaged in the promotion of its offspring in order to attract the attention of potential users and keep them. Representatives of the exchange held meetings with their fans, and technical support staff promptly answered users' questions. Also in 2015, the Chinaccelerator venture fund invested about $180,000 in BitMEX, which allowed the exchange to start working on expanding the range of services provided.

It is stable and offers maximum opportunities for profitable trading with digital coins. Today, the exchange is considered one of the largest on the market in terms of trading volumes. Users can profitably trade derivatives here (contracts that allow actions to be taken against an asset) or, in other words, bitcoin futures. The bitmex exchange contains many charts with information about the latest sales, quotes, and order book. These information windows can be moved and configured in any convenient way, which makes it possible to create your own comfortable workspace. BitMEX derivatives trading platform is a very popular trading platform and regularly appears in the media and, accordingly, leading positions in the ratings of trading platforms make it clear that users are clearly satisfied with the BitMEX exchange and trust it.

BitMEX  provides a wide range of different order types to appeal to a wider audience
BitMEX provides a wide range of different order types to appeal to a wider audience

Benefits of BitMEX:

  • Possibility of margin trading with high leverage.
  • Adaptive interface that can be customized "for yourself".
  • Simple registration procedure and anonymity.
  • High trading volumes.
  • Availability of detailed documentation on trading on the stock exchange.

BitMEX derivatives trading is profitable as the exchange does not charge any additional fees.

What are derivatives? 

The growing volume of exchange trading has led to the need for new instruments for operations in the financial market. Derivative financial instruments have opened up new horizons for earning. 

Many investors start their journey with relatively simple instruments: stocks and bonds. However, sooner or later they have to deal with more complex ways of earning money - financial derivatives or derivatives. Some consider them weapons of mass destruction, while others talk about the possibility of increasing income and reducing risk.

Now the derivatives market allows the investor to more effectively manage the portfolio. Derivatives are great for risk hedging (which is actually why they were created). Also, literally "embedded" in the contract, the margin allows you to increase your profits if circumstances are successful. An integral advantage of derivatives is the need to deposit only a certain part of the principal amount, which allows you to pay less than for the purchase of a real stock, bonds, etc. derivatives provide more opportunities in the market.

BitMEX  offers variety of derivatives contracts
BitMEX offers variety of derivatives contracts

What are derivatives for?

In today's world, companies are in need, for example, of risk hedging, flexible settlement terms with counterparties, increasing management motivation, and guaranteeing a minimum level of return on invested funds. All this can be done with the help of derivatives. To navigate the world of derivatives and find ways to use them that will not only help you solve your pressing problems, but also optimize your financial statements, you need relevant experience and knowledge.

Derivatives also allow you to achieve other goals that are not related to risk hedging:

  • receive income from the execution of the contract
  • speculate on the price difference of the contract itself
  • earn on arbitration - the simultaneous conclusion of multidirectional transactions in different markets
  • diversify your investments and not depend on one asset class
Trading room of BitMEX crypto derivatives trading platform
Trading room of BitMEX crypto derivatives trading platform

How does cryptocurrency derivatives trading work?

The BitMex trading terminal provides the opportunity to trade in various ways: using only your own Bitcoins, on a demo account or using margin (collateral). Experienced traders most often choose the third method, increasing their profits by several times. How does it work? The maximum margin (leverage, or leverage) on Bitmex for the Bitcoin cryptocurrency is 100x. This means that even if a crypto enthusiast has only 1 BTC, he can dispose of 20, 50 or even 100 BTC, having previously “borrowed” them using the exchange, but if you are still not sure about the risks and benefits of leverage, it is best to leave it at zero or at a very low level. A great way to learn more about leverage is to open a demo account.

BitMEX cryptocurrency derivatives trading is a very entertaining process, which also brings income.

BitMEX cryptocurrency derivatives trading
BitMEX cryptocurrency derivatives trading

How to trade BitMEX derivatives in India ?

Buy now BitMEX cryptocurrency derivatives in India and start earning today. To carry out transactions, a new client must perform the following steps:

  • Go through the registration and identity verification procedure.
  • Fund your BitMEX account.
  • Select the required order type.
  • You need to specify the amount of cryptocurrency that you want to sell or buy.
  • Wait for the order to be executed.
  • Get profit!

BitMEX derivatives in India have become popular as a large number of users have already purchased them.

How to register?

Registration on the exchange is the least intricate action. Any user interested in cryptocurrency trading will quickly pass it.

Step by step registration scheme:

  • On the main page of the official website of the exchange, on the top right, you need to click the “Registration” button.
  • A form will open, the special lines of which will need to be carefully filled out.
  • Then you will need to accept the “Terms of Use and Privacy Policy”.
  • Then you need to click on the “Register” button.

Registration completed. After transferring funds to the trading balance, the user can start trading cryptocurrencies by buying or selling futures contracts.

Registration in  BitMEX platform
Registration in BitMEX platform

Minimum deposit

The minimum amount to trade on BitMEX varies from product to product depending on the initial margin. For XBTUSD (for example) this is $1 USD * 1% (initial margin) = $0.01. With an XBT/USD price of $600, this equals 0.00001667 XBT.

Replenishment and withdrawal of funds

In the deposit section, copy the wallet address for replenishing with bitcoin (yes, you can replenish only through bitcoins). Crediting depends on the speed of the bitcoin network. On average, this can take from 1-2 hours to a day.

  • To replenish your account, you need to click on the balance and go to the “Deposit” section.
  • After that, a window will open with your deposit bitcoin address, to which you can transfer coins. The deposit will be credited together with one confirmation on the network, after which you can start trading on the exchange.

If the deposit of funds to the exchange is available around the clock, then the withdrawal occurs only once during the day, at 13:00 UTC. BitMEX does not charge any deposit/withdrawal fees (only the Bitcoin network fee is charged, which is set depending on the blockchain load).

Withdrawing earned funds is also simple. To do this, select the "Account" section, click on the "Withdraw Funds" button and fill in the fields: recipient's address, amount, commission. After verification, click "Submit" and wait for the receipt of funds.

Fees of BitMEX cryptocurrency trading platform
Fees of BitMEX cryptocurrency trading platform

List of BitMEX derivatives

BitMEX cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform trades the following types of contracts:

  • Perpetual contracts
  • Futures

The peculiarity of perpetual contracts is that they, accordingly, do not have a specific expiration date and these contracts have a funding rate that is paid every 8 hours.

In simple terms, if you trade for a price decrease (short), then while your order is open, a certain amount will be deducted from your balance every 8 hours. At the same time, the order can be opened until your balance runs out of funds or the price reaches the order liquidation level (liquidation price / margin call). If you place a bet on price growth (long), then in this case, the balance will be replenished every 8 hours until the deal is closed.

A Bitmex futures contract is an agreement to buy or sell a cryptocurrency at a specified time in the future at a predetermined price.

BitMEX cryptocurrency derivatives
BitMEX cryptocurrency derivatives

When it comes to trading on the BitMEX exchange, many people first of all mean by this margin trading with the possibility of using leverage.

Margin trading is when you can borrow funds from the exchange (for example, XBT) and open a deal to increase the price (long position, long) or decrease (short position, short), and if the price reaches the expected value, close transaction by selling XBT at a higher price - in the first case, or buying back XBT at a lower price - in the second. At the same time, taking the difference in funds from the purchase and sale (long) or sale-purchase (short), minus the exchange commission and the amount of the loan security. Those. a simple scheme of speculation - bought cheaper, sold more expensive, or vice versa - sold more expensive, bought back cheaper.

Also, futures trading does not require collateral in the amount of 100% margin, which allows trading them with large leverage up to x100. In other words, to trade $10,000, you do not need to have this amount on your account, $100 and x100 leverage are enough (which, of course, entails huge risks). All margins, purchases, payouts, and other settlements on BitMEX are in Bitcoin terms, allowing you to trade any contract using only XBT.

Up and Down contracts are the latest type of contracts presented on the BitMEX exchange, similar to options. It was released at the request of users who complained about the liquidation of perpetual and futures contracts. At their core, these are two different contracts, but we combined them into one paragraph, since they are similar in their features: Contract Up - earn on growth, Contract Down - earn on fall.

BitMEX crypto derivatives in India are as popular as in many other countries.

Advantages of  BitMEX crypto derivatives trading platform
Advantages of BitMEX crypto derivatives trading platform


The use of modern technologies, a profitable affiliate program, a serious approach to security issues and, as a result, the absence of hacks in the entire history of the exchange's existence - these facts make it competitive among its rivals and attractive to customers.

Of course, the exchange is trying to cover not only the segment of professionals, but also promising novice traders. The company has even developed a test environment to help novice players. The developers of the resource took the issue of ensuring the security of the exchange seriously, introducing such modern solutions (for example, two-factor authentication, SMS notifications, multi-signature wallets, PGP encryption, etc.) that allow you to reliably protect capital from fraudsters. Such a serious level of security confirms the serious intentions of the exchange in further work.

BitMEX crypto derivatives trading platform aimed at maximum development. It is constantly being improved, introducing new tools for successful earnings on cryptocurrency assets.In many issues, the site holds the lead: it offers the highest possible margin, minimal commissions, especially considering the discounts on the referral program. It also supports the most popular cryptocurrencies with huge trading volumes. BitMEX crypto derivatives trading is available around the clock, which is also a plus of this exchange.

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