What is BTSE? 

BTSE derivatives trading platform includes a set of financial services that complement each other and enhance the personal and professional experience of its users. The exchange was founded in 2018 and currently trades with the best digital currencies through the spot and futures markets, and also offers its own exchange token - BTSE. The exchange has many advantages:

  • fully Autonomous Infrastructure.
  • 1+ million orders per second.
  • horizontal scaling.
  • 99.9% of funds are in cold storage.
  • own BTSE token.
  • almost zero downtime with hot updates.

Most crypto traders find that desktops provide the best experience for their trading. The computer has a larger screen, and larger screens can simultaneously view more of the important information that most traders base their trading decisions on. The trading chart will also be easier to display. However, not all crypto investors require desktop computers to trade. Some prefer to trade cryptocurrencies through a mobile phone. The BTSE trading platform is also compatible with mobile devices. The aim of the exchange is to integrate digital assets with the existing infrastructure of the financial world, using the decentralization of cryptocurrencies to increase convenience and accessibility. The exchange has also developed a referral program for its users.With the BTSE referral program, you can earn commission not only by referring your friends to BTSE, but also through friends of your friends and friends of their friends - there are no limits on your referral levels on BTSE. Under this program, every friend you refer starts with a 30-day discount on their trading fees, including their trades on the BTSE spot and futures markets.

BTSE crypto derivatives trading is a good financial instrument
BTSE crypto derivatives trading is a good financial instrument

What are derivatives?

Thousands and possibly millions of futures contracts are concluded every day around the world. The phenomenon has become so widespread that it has even become one of the main causes of the recent financial crisis. Despite this, traders on all continents continue to hedge risks and earn money by buying and selling derivatives.

Derivative financial instrument (derivative) is a financial instrument based on obligations in relation to other investment assets or goods.

Why does an investor need derivatives?

Try to mitigate market risks arising from transactions with underlying assets - that is, use a hedging strategy in which you can make a deal on predetermined conditions.

The derivatives market provides ample opportunities for implementing various trading strategies, including speculative ones.

There are also additional opportunities here: to complete a transaction, you do not need to pay the full cost of the contract, providing only the amount of collateral (GA). For example, it can be about 10-20% of the transaction amount. The size of the GO is set by the exchange.

Due to the blocking of only GO, the so-called leverage effect appears - compared to the purchase of the underlying asset, you can buy more derivatives for the same amount. Both risks and returns increase proportionally.

Another common use of derivatives in crypto trading is to speculate on asset prices without buying the underlying asset. Traders can buy a futures contract instead of buying real crypto. This means that a trader only needs to spend a minimum amount to gain access to the market. Thus, as the price of the underlying asset fluctuates, the trader can adjust their position accordingly. Most traders will use put options to manage their risk.

Important: speculative aggressive strategies entail increased risks. It is worth carefully assessing the share of capital that an investor is willing to risk. An important condition, especially for a novice investor, is the ability to correlate risks and manage them as part of their portfolio strategy. It is necessary to monitor the sufficiency of funds for GO so that the broker does not forcefully close the position.

Advantages of derivatives:

  • Reduce financial risks.
  • They give more room for speculative politics.
  • Provide leverage, as they are often purchased on margin.
  • They provide an opportunity to earn on the sale and purchase at a low cost of a derivative asset.
  • Simplified accounting and tax accounting.
  • Guaranteed receipt of material values in the future.
BTSE crypto derivatives trading
BTSE crypto derivatives trading

BTSE cryptocurrency derivatives can be bought by anyone with any trading experience.

What is crypto derivatives exchange? 

An exchange is a platform where trading of various assets is organized. The types of assets are basic and derivatives. Derivative financial instruments (derivatives) are a contract under which the parties acquire the right or undertake to perform agreed actions in relation to the underlying asset. Actions include: the ability to buy, sell, provide, receive goods or securities. Now some exchanges also offer the ability to buy and trade derivatives. Choosing the right derivatives exchange depends on what the trader needs from the market. Unlike traditional markets where each broker offers the same derivatives traded on the same exchange, each cryptocurrency derivatives exchange has its own products.

How does cryptocurrency derivatives trading work?

In its simplest form, if we consider derivatives trading, then we can say that this is an exchange of contracts that obliges both parties (buyers and sellers) to sell or purchase an asset at a certain date in the future.

The main goal is to earn on dividends or interest. It's an axiom! However, as well as the fact that the value of an asset varies depending on various factors. And it is difficult to predict these changes. There is a risk that in the future the price may turn out to be extremely unfriendly for those who have invested their funds.

In every transaction there is a seller and a buyer. But there is an option to reduce risks and secure the buyer-investor. The seller can offer an alternative to a cash (standard) deal - an urgent deal. It differs from the standard one in its shape. Under such an agreement, the seller promises to provide selected assets within a predetermined period, in the amount determined by the parties involved in the transaction. In turn, the buyer undertakes to purchase them at a predetermined and unchanged price, which is prescribed in the contract. In recent years, for a number of reasons, there has been great interest in crypto derivatives, but it is worth noting that derivatives trading has its advantages and limitations.

BTSE crypto derivatives exchange
BTSE crypto derivatives exchange

How to trade BTSE derivatives in India?

BTSE cryptocurrency derivatives trading can be an additional income. Starting such trading in India is quite simple. And for this you will need:

  • go to the home page of the exchange.
  • go through the registration process.
  • open an account.
  • replenish the deposit.
  • analyze the market.
  • choose the most relevant type of derivative for yourself.
  • make a purchase.

BTSE derivatives in India is a stable income and a good investment.

Registration on BTSE crypto derivatives platform
Registration on BTSE crypto derivatives platform

How to register for BTSE?

For those who use the BTSE application, you need to do the following:

  • Go to registration page.
  • Click on the “person” icon in the upper right corner.
  • Then click "Register".
  • Next, you will need to enter the requested information (Username, Email address, password - it must contain at least 8 characters, if there is a referrer, click "Referral code (optional)" and fill it out).
  • Make sure everything is clear and that you agree to the Terms of Use, and after checking the correctness of the information entered, click "Register".

After submitting the form, please check your inbox to confirm your registration. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please check your spam folder in your email. Click the confirmation link to complete your registration and start using cryptocurrency trading.

Everything!!! Congratulations!!! Account successfully registered.

BTSE crypto derivatives list
BTSE crypto derivatives list

Does BTSE have futures?

BTSE cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform also offers leveraged trading to its users.They offer both perpetual (i.e. futures without an expiration date) and futures with an expiration date.

Index futures are futures contracts based on a financial index. The price of index futures is derived from an underlying index that measures the price movement of a single or basket of assets.

Why trade index futures?

Index futures, which derive their price from a basket of assets, allow you to control your exposure to the price movement of multiple assets at once. This makes index futures a popular and useful tool in derivatives trading to hedge against overall market volatility.

BTSE currently offers three different index futures products.

The exchange has Fully Customizable Futures Contracts. BTSE has upgraded traditional futures trading to Futures 2.0, next-generation futures contracts that adapt to the trader's needs.

BTSE 2.0 futures provide a critical technological innovation that other bitcoin futures options do not provide today: margin and multi-asset settlement.

BTSE crypto futures trading is a very common income among traders.

BTSE is currently the first exchange to open such boundaries. Here you can choose and combine your margin and settlement assets, as well as freely develop your futures contracts.

BTSE crypto futures in India are available now and their purchase takes a minimum amount of time.

What leverage does BTSE offer?

For its users, the exchange offers a maximum level of leverage, which is 100x (i.e. one hundred times the corresponding amount).

BTSE is the exchange token running on Liquid, a Bitcoin sidechain-based settlement network for traders and exchanges
BTSE is the exchange token running on Liquid, a Bitcoin sidechain-based settlement network for traders and exchanges


BTSE is a derivatives crypto exchange whose price depends on the value of another asset. It offers several types of trading and other services, a convenient terminal with instant processing of applications. Its tools make the platform a hybrid between a classic crypto exchange offering spot, margin and futures trading and a fiat-to-crypto exchange. You can participate in derivatives trading. I would also like to note that here, in addition to depositing cryptocurrency on the platform, BTSE also allows you to deposit fiat using a bank transfer, credit or debit card. The company has also developed its own service tokens for the convenience of traders. A large number of users are satisfied with the work of the exchange, as it offers minimal commissions, the order processing speed is quite high, and the level of security is at the highest level. BTSE derivatives trading is very transparent and has no hidden fees. And if we summarize all the above information, then we can conclude that BTSE is a reliable exchange and offers good conditions for working on this platform.

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