The cryptocurrency market is becoming more and more attractive to a wide range of users, not only because digital currencies are the money of the future, but because you can make good money here with the right preparation. One of the advantages of digital money - cryptocurrencies allow you to transfer large sums of money over any distance with minimal time and money.

Buy Bitcoin - How to Buy BTC in India
Buy Bitcoin - How to Buy BTC in India

What is Bitcoin?

Many traders are becoming seriously interested in cryptocurrencies. They start looking online for information on how to trade it. The very first cryptocurrency in the world is Bitcoin. Bitcoin (BTC) is an electronic currency that can be used for online payments and as a digital asset for investment. BTC is issued and operates in a computer network distributed throughout the Internet based on complex mathematical algorithms and cryptography. In this article, we will analyze a step-by-step algorithm: how to buy Bitcoin in India correctly. Therefore, even if you are an absolute beginner in the market, everything will be clear to you.

How to earn on cryptocurrency?

It is not difficult to start earning on cryptocurrency if you approach the issue correctly. All you need is a computer and the Internet. As well as the necessary skills and abilities to analyze the situation on the crypto market.

It is advisable to start acquainting with cryptocurrency with the selection of a strategy. The key ones are investment and trade. In the first option, assets are purchased and not immediately sold. The second way is trading. A trader is a person who buys and sells digital assets. His goal is to make a profit in a short period of time.

Even a beginner can easily join the process, having enthusiasm and a desire to learn new things. Follow the instructions and dive into the world of trading right now!

Bitcoin in India - Learn how to earn on cryptocurrency!
Bitcoin in India - Learn how to earn on cryptocurrency!

1. Choosing an exchange or broker. The right choice will largely become the key to a successful start. Take control of your financial future now!

2. Registration online. The procedure for registering cooperation and opening an account is very simple. Everything can be done online without going to the office of the company. This greatly speeds up registration.

3. Training trading on a demo account. Almost all brokers and exchanges provide this service. This is a training mode where the trader does not risk his money. All operations on it are carried out only by virtual funds, while the quotes and the trading process itself are identical to the real market. On it you can also get acquainted with the appearance of charts, systems and tools.

4. Opening a real trading account. Making a deposit in a convenient way. Different exchanges offer different deposit methods. Some work only with digital currencies, others also support fiat currencies.

5. Choice of cryptocurrency and bet size. After training on small amounts, it is better to increase trading capital. In this case, you can adjust the strategy. We wish you successful investments!

Bitcoin wallet - save the purchased cryptocurrency!
Bitcoin wallet - save the purchased cryptocurrency!

Where to buy Bitcoin?

 Bitcoin can be bought and stored in anticipation of BTC appreciation (long-term investment) or traded (speculation) through a brokerage platform and exchange. Consider the two most popular ways where you can buy Bitcoin in India.

1. Specialized cryptocurrency exchanges.

Binance - the number one leading project in terms of the volume of operations and the number of active traders. Binance is a relatively young crypto exchange that began to gain popularity at lightning speed and quickly settled in the first positions of the world ranking. 

Huobi - is one of the top Chinese crypto exchanges and ranks second in the world ranking in terms of trading volume. In addition to large trading volumes, Huobi has gained fame due to its wide listing.

Okx - positioned as “the most trusted digital asset exchange”. Some of the main functions of the exchange include spot trading and derivatives trading. OKEx is characterized by relatively low commissions. 

All presented exchanges have high liquidity, so they can buy BTC in India with almost any amount in the account. Use your chance to earn today!

Buying Bitcoin on the exchange right now is very easy. It is impossible to conduct transactions with Bitcoin on the exchange without a special wallet. First you need to create a cold or hot cryptocurrency wallet for safe storage of electronic funds. A crypto wallet can be hot or cold. Investors often use both types of wallets for cryptocurrency transactions.

1. Hot Wallet – it is a hot cryptocurrency wallet that has a permanent internet connection. They are mobile, desktop or can work directly from the browser. They allow you to instantly buy or sell coins and tokens without the need for additional settings. For example, IQ Wallet (multi-currency wallet) and Coinpayments wallet.

2. Cold Storage – a cold wallet that does not have a permanent internet connection. Connection to the network is carried out only for a few seconds at the time of the direct transaction. It involves storing the currency offline under the protection of a reliable personal key. For example, Trezor wallet.

The benefit of a cold wallet is security. No hacker will be able to steal the cryptocurrency since he does not have direct access to it.

2. Brokerage platform.

Over the past years, the IQ Option online trading platform has gained a good reputation in the market. The company is one of the most modern brokers, which provides its own, convenient trading platform, developed by professional traders. A distinctive feature of IQ Option is the ability to trade away from home, wherever you are. The platform is available for any device, like a computer or smartphone.

Use technical support
Use technical support

IQ Option has a clear interface, thanks to which you can customize the platform for yourself - from the type of chart to the design.

IQ Option has excellent customer support in multiple languages. This ensures that they can communicate comfortably with all of their customers. In addition, traders can contact their support team via email, phone or even live chat. Functions are available both on a practice account and on a real one.

Over the years, IQ Option has managed to earn a good reputation for itself. The trading platform was able to demonstrate what it means to be an honest online broker. Over the years, this broker has managed to earn a good reputation. The broker has won numerous awards. Therefore, we can say with confidence that IQ Option can be trusted with your investments.

Advantages of the IQ Option platform:

  • Over 20 instructional videos
  • 24/7/365 support
  • demonstrative account
  • Secure deposit and withdrawal methods
  • Two-factor account authentication
  • Many tools for trading on various financial markets
  • Extensive opportunities for margin trading
  • Qualitative market analytics
  • Negative balance protection
  • Quick withdrawal of earnings
IQ Option has been honored with numerous awards
IQ Option has been honored with numerous awards

First of all, a new user needs to register online, pass verification (if required), make a deposit and start trading. When the registration is successful, select the type of account, which will determine the amount of leverage, minimum deposit, spreads, and more. Invest in cryptocurrency as much as you don't mind losing. Don't invest your last savings. Follow the beginner's guide step by step. Don't miss your opportunity to start earning! 

Registration at IQ Option
Registration at IQ Option

Broker IQ Option offers its clients to invest in BTC through a convenient CFD contract product, which is popular in markets around the world. CFD is a contract in which the trader does not need to purchase the cryptocurrency itself. Simply put, the user simply speculates on the rise and fall of BTC rates without directly owning the cryptocurrency. On the CFD trading platform, transactions are executed very quickly and will allow you to bet not only on the growth, but also on the decline of the BTC cryptocurrency.

On the trading platform, you will not have a limit on operations with contracts for differences in the prices of cryptocurrencies. You can invest in BTC in India through CFD contracts around the clock. Cryptocurrency CFD trading has a number of advantages:

  • you can open deals both for growth and for decline;
  • anyone can trade, and if you wish, you can even practice on a free demo account (virtual $10,000);
  • in order to start real trading, it is enough to have a small deposit, on average it is from $10;
  • broker support in the form of leverage, which will allow you to earn decently even with small investments;
  • better liquidity: CFDs do not require conversion to fiat currency. Therefore, you can simply request a withdrawal and the broker will approve it;
  • licensing and Security: CFDs are regulated contracts licensed by a legal authority.
Select the type of account for work
Select the type of account for work

Regardless of the chosen method of buying BTC, the trader has the option of trading with leverage (or margin trading). With the right organization, margin trading can be extremely profitable. Margin trading is trading using borrowed funds. This financial instrument allows you to trade with a limited budget due to leverage, using your own deposit as collateral.

The essence of margin trading is that a trader, using the power of leverage, has the opportunity to make a profit many times greater than that which would be present when trading exclusively with his own funds.

How to invest in Bitcoin in India?

Cryptocurrency trading is a skill that requires some practice and knowledge, as well as knowledge of technical and fundamental analysis. It is important for the participant to understand the principles of cryptocurrency trading and feel the market.

The main components of cryptocurrency trading include:

  • Charts are the main visual indicator of the course movement, which the trader focuses on. Using this instrument, a market participant sees a change in the value of one cryptocurrency relative to other money.
  • Placing orders: stop loss and take profit. Stop Loss is a conditional order that allows you to automatically sell/buy BTC at a price below/above the current market price if it drops to a specified level. Take profit is a pending order (application) for profit taking. Upon reaching a certain price value, this order is triggered and you close your position and take profit.
  • Support and resistance are lines that limit the price movement at the bottom (support) and at the top (resistance). As a rule, the price is in this range, but it can break through the indicated levels, after which the rate continues to move in the same direction or reverses. The movement of the lines (the level of their slope) determines the current trend - the price trend (up or down).
  • Operations history. By this parameter, one can judge the trading volumes on the stock exchange relative to the pair of interest. The study of this information allows the trader to determine the interest of market participants in a particular asset.

Some beginners work intuitively, while counting on large earnings. Successful bitcoin trading requires a strategy. Experienced market participants compose their systems, and then adjust them and bring them to perfection. Beginning market participants can use existing systems.

It doesn't take much investment to buy Bitcoin in India, just some free time! Profitable trading!

Exchange trading strategies are conditionally divided into two categories - based on fundamental and/or technical analysis. In the first case, the trader focuses on market news and places orders taking into account possible price changes, and in the second case, he focuses on technical analysis figures (patterns). These strategies can be combined to be more effective. Also, in the process of trading cryptocurrency, it is recommended for beginners to use signals - information provided by special programs or analysts.

To buy BTC in India, choose a method based on the amount of free time and money you want to spend on making a profit. Cryptocurrency trading opens up great opportunities for a market participant. To make a profit, you need to make an effort, gain basic knowledge, and only after that, you will be able to ensure effective trading. Start right now! We wish you profitable transactions!

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