Buy Ethereum Classic (ETC) - how to invest in Ethereum Classic in India

Over the past few decades, the world has been rapidly moving from fiat money to digital money. Our calculation means are not unique metal discs with drawn portraits, and not paper rectangles with watermarks and unique numbers. Today, a means of calculating transactions is a set of zeros and ones stored in a specific memory location on the bank's server.

What is Ethereum Classic?

Ethereum Classic is a blockchain-powered cryptocurrency. It is the digital currency of a smart contract and a hard fork of the original Ethereum blockchain that is creating waves in the cryptocurrency universe. Ethereum Classic (ETC) emerged in 2016 as a result of the Ethereum (ETH) hard fork.

Information about ETC on the Investment platform
Information about ETC on the Investment platform

The goal of the project is to keep the original Ethereum decentralized, immutable, and uncensored.

A year ago, many considered Ethereum Classic "stillborn", but this turned out to be far from the case. ETC is still in the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. An ardent supporter of Ethereum Classic is the world famous crypto enthusiast and head of the Digital Currency Group Barry Silbert. Largely thanks to his efforts, the ETC cryptocurrency appeared in the professional computer system Bloomberg Terminal.

Ethereum Classic has a limit of 210 million tokens, which is another outstanding feature. It's part of monetary policy that makes it look like Bitcoin, the world's first and largest cryptocurrency. Last year, in 2020, Ethereum Classic Labs took a big step by allowing participants to access the fast-growing Defi (Decentralized Finance) marketplace.

ETC trading conditions
ETC trading conditions

How does Ethereum Classic work?

Like most cryptocurrencies, Ethereum Classic is an open source platform for public use. A smart contract is the main way a coin works. It supports peer-to-peer transactions by operating under predefined conditions that are automatically enforced when participants transact in the ecosystem. It also provides a Turing complete virtual machine called the Ethereum Virtual Machine that runs scripts on instruction sets.

What makes Ethereum Classic unique?

Ethereum Classic software tracks every stage of transactions on the network. A smart contract eliminates human error and significantly minimizes the chances of third-party interference and fraud. This is mainly why the network is seen as a reliable platform for negotiating agreements between parties in virtually all parts of the world.

Where to buy Ethereum Classic?

If you are interested in buying Ethereum Classic, then you should know where to buy Ethereum Classic in India. This is very easy and simple to do!

You can buy ETC through an online brokerage platform using cryptocurrency CFDs, which opens up great opportunities for a trader. The trader does not buy the asset itself, but simply bet on the price movement. Regardless of whether the price of a cryptocurrency goes up or down, a trader will be able to earn money without owning, buying or selling the cryptocurrency itself.

Another way to buy Ethereum Classic in India is on any major cryptocurrency exchange, including Binance. A trader can only open buy deals and make money on the growth of the asset.

Popular crypto exchanges: 

1. Binance

2. Okex

3. Huobi.

How to start investing in Ethereum Classic in India?

At the moment, cryptocurrencies are subject to standard market laws and are governed by the simple impact of supply and demand on them. The number of participants in the crypto market has long gone beyond the limit of a million people, so this market will not be able to disappear so easily in the near future. Start Investing in Ethereum Classic in India Now!

How to invest in Ethereum Classic (ETC)?
How to invest in Ethereum Classic (ETC)?

Benefits of cryptocurrencies:

  • Anonymity. All that is known about a participant in the chain is the digits of its public key. No personal data is transferred anywhere, and it is not requested; they are simply not needed. This quality of the crypt is very valuable in our age, when information has become the "oil of the 21st century".
  • Lack of intermediaries in transactions. Since all data changes are made programmatically, no bank employees, depository employees and other "third parties" are required in the process. It does not take a long time for the process itself (with bank transfers, sometimes the crediting period is 3-5 working days due to verification procedures). Payments in cryptocurrency have no boundaries.
  • Impossibility of falsification and theft. The simultaneous storage of data on multiple computers in different parts of the world and the transparency of exchange operations makes it impossible for any forgeries, as well as transfers without confirmation by all participants. Moreover, the more participants are involved in the process, the more reliable the system becomes.
  • Decentralization. The emergence of cryptocurrencies is not regulated by any banks, reserve systems or governments. The absence of a single central data custodian (for example, a central server in a bank) also excludes a situation in which one accident will disable the entire payment system.

Cryptocurrencies have become one of the most sought-after assets in the market over the past few years.

Five ways to invest in Ethereum Classic

Long term investment 

This is the most common way to make money on cryptocurrencies. Most investor traders buy coins and wait for their value to rise.

For long-term investment in Ethereum Classic, it is better to invest funds that the investor does not need to live in the near future. Otherwise, if you urgently need to withdraw to fiat, cryptocurrency assets can be sold at a low price, and the strategy of such an investment itself will be a failure.

Short-term investments

This method is suitable for those who are not ready to wait a long time for profit from investments. The strategy is as follows: an investor splits the existing capital into parts and buys cryptocurrency for it over a period of time. If the price for it decreases, then such a drop should be used to purchase new coins. Thus, the investment price is averaged and the average purchase price decreases.


If a person is not ready for long-term deposits and wants to earn as soon as possible, then he should choose a trading strategy. Trading - trading in cryptocurrencies is an operation of speculating on the movement of cryptocurrency prices or buying and selling basic coins through an exchange.

Ethereum Classic (ETC) trading platform
Ethereum Classic (ETC) trading platform

Earning dividends on cryptocurrencies

If you have certain crypto investments, you can lease your assets to exchanges. That is, lend your assets at interest. This is similar to dividends in the stock market.

Post-mining or Proof of Stake (PoS)

As such, mining on hardware is already a bit outdated. Mining equipment is expensive and also consumes a lot of electricity. In addition, power outages and equipment breakdowns must be taken into account. Therefore, a new trend has emerged - the concept of Proof of Stake (PoS) as post-mining. According to PoS, a person can mine or confirm block transactions depending on the number of coins they own. This means that the more coins a miner owns, the more opportunities he has for mining.

In essence, this is the same "mining" that gives the investor a percentage every hour. Now in this area comes about 40% per annum.

In the current economic instability, investing has become a basic human need and is practically equated with survival. We all remember well the spring quarantine in 2020, the “forced rest” and have already enjoyed the lockdowns. At such moments, the value of investing is especially acutely realized and the question already arises not “yes or no”, but “how and in what”.

Investing in Ethereum Classic is just gaining momentum. It is very simple, accessible to everyone and quite beneficial. At the same time, you need to follow simple security rules and choose reliable services. We wish you only a profitable investment!

Is Ethereum Classic a Good Investment?

In general, the growth of Ethereum Classic intensified strongly in the spring of 2017, following the launch of the Ethereum Classic Investment Trust. Further growth of Ethereum Classic is expected to be stable, if only thanks to the balanced monetary policy of the project, which provides for the limitation of emissions and a decrease in the block reward. In particular, the total number of coins will be approximately 210 million, but no more than 230 million; As for the reward for the mined block, it will be reduced by 20% after block number 5,000,000 and will decrease by 20% thereafter after every next 5 million blocks.

Should traders invest in Ethereum Classic? 

Ethereum Classic experienced a surge in popularity and peaked in May 2021. According to the forecast of the respectable platform Digitalcoinprice, in 2025 the price of the coin will average $ 190. He also predicts that the coin will be worth a whopping $ 284 over the next seven years (2028).

How to Buy Ethereum Classic in India Right Now?

The Internet is becoming a favorite destination for traders due to its favorable business environment and growing entrepreneurial opportunities. If you want to start making profits right now, then start investing in Ethereum Classic through the online CFD brokerage platform. You will need to go through a simple registration procedure and replenishment of the deposit to buy ETC. With the help of CFDs, you can earn on "predictions" of the behavior of the cryptocurrency rate. To do this, the investor needs to place a bet on which direction the asset price will go.

If you decide to buy ETC in India through the exchange, then go through verification immediately, as this reduces all kinds of problems that may arise in the process. When you invest in Ethereum Classic in India through the exchange, you will buy the coins themselves. You will need to create an account on the exchange, deposit the full value of the asset to open a position, and store the cryptocurrency tokens in your own wallet until you are ready to sell them.

How to buy Ethereum Classic?
How to buy Ethereum Classic?

Exchanges have their own characteristics, you have to master the technology and learn to understand the meaning of the data. Many exchanges also have deposit limits and account maintenance can be very expensive.

The purchase of Ethereum Classic itself is straightforward. You can master the platform or exchange, and the required minimum of their capabilities, as well as create a reliable wallet, literally in one day. Don't miss your opportunity! Find Invest in Ethereum Classic in India Now!

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