Electronic money was to become another way of exchanging goods and services in the virtual space. Virtual money is used to pay for online purchases. The essence of cryptocurrencies is that virtual money has no physical form. And to create them, you cannot do without powerful computer software and video cards. This is how bitcoin appeared - the world's first decentralized digital currency and payment system.

What is NEO?

NEO is an independent blockchain platform for working with digital assets and smart contracts (Smart Contracts). Its prototype, the AntShares cryptocurrency, was created by developers Da Hongfei and Erik Zhan in China in 2014 and renamed NEO in June 2017. The platform uses two different tokens. The first is called NEO, the second is GAS (gas).

Neo website
Neo website

NEO's main goal is to become a digital, decentralized platform for converting real assets to their digital equivalent through smart contracts.

NEO theoretically describes its concept as Smart Economy System - digital assets + digital identity + smart contract = smart economy.

Features of NEO cryptocurrency:

  • Digital assets. Through the use of smart contracts, traditional assets can be digitalized and stored securely on the blockchain.
  • Digital identification. The NEO cryptocurrency generates digital identities for individuals and organizations. To use them, you need to pass multi-factor authentication.
  • Smart contracts. NEO uses the concept of smart contracts. The difference is that Ethereum is based on its own proprietary programming language Solidity, which greatly raises the barriers to entry for developers wishing to join the Ethereum ecosystem. NEO is a cross-platform solution. You can write code for the platform in C #, VB.Net, F #, Java, and Kotlin.

Project Partners NEO Global Capital (NGC) is an investment arm that invests in inspiring blockchain-related projects. Parent company NEO Onchain maintains a close relationship with China's leading e-commerce company, Alibaba. Microsoft and NEO have teamed up to digitize real assets like evidence, intellectual property, and medical records. AGRELLO partners with the project to create legally binding smart contracts based on artificial intelligence.

Where does NEO come from?

All NEO cryptocurrency coins were mined using premines, i.e. all at once. As a holder of NEO on a wallet, you can receive NeoGas tokens (note that storage on exchanges does not count). The minimum amount of coins you need to have is 2000 NEO, which will bring you 1 GAS every 24 hours, i.e. if you have 10,000 NEO on your balance, then you can receive 5 GAS daily. 

Facts about Neo
Facts about Neo

How does NEO work?

The Neo cryptocurrency smart contracts system is called NeoContract and runs on the NeoVM virtual machine, which was created by developers from scratch. Its peculiarity is that, unlike, for example, the Ethereum virtual machine, it is very lightweight and, moreover, is very similar to the JVM (Java virtual machine). Due to its lightness, NeoVM can execute all instructions of smart contracts in real time without delay. In addition, its functionality in the future can be expanded through the integration of some JVM options (perhaps this is how the developers hope to achieve a network speed of 10,000 transactions per second).

What makes NEO unique?

Another plus of NeoVM is that developers can create smart contracts in several languages, including popular languages ​​such as, for example, Java, C #, Go and Python. This is a significant advantage of the Neo cryptocurrency over Ethereum, whose virtual machine only supports smart contracts written in the special Solidity language.

Where to buy NEO in India?

How to buy NEO?
How to buy NEO?

The growing interest in making money effortlessly is leading to the emergence of various ways to make a profit in the cryptocurrency market. As the safety of the offered products grows, they become a worthy and reliable source of income. Try it and you will definitely succeed!

It's easy to buy NEO in India! You can buy NEO on the brokerage platform. Choose a broker with low commissions and a reliable trading system. After all, proper preparation will in many ways be the key to a successful start. On the online trading platform, you will be asked to buy NEO through a CFD product that is popular in markets around the world. This makes them highly available and traders can profit from the change in the value of the cryptocurrency. CFD is a contract whereby a trader does not need to purchase the cryptocurrency itself. The system fixes the value of the asset at the time of the contract execution and the user's forecast.

You can buy NEO through one of the cryptocurrency exchanges by opening a wallet and creating your account on a cryptocurrency wallet. The exchanges are easy to use, have a large volume of purchases and sales, and offer a variety of payment methods.

How to start investing in NEO in India?

As with any investment instrument, there are certain rules in the field of investing in NEO that will allow you to earn stable income. Consider the advantages of cryptocurrencies and some recommendations that will allow you to minimize losses and start receiving a more stable income from investments in digital currencies.

The pluses of cryptocurrency include:

  • What is the meaning of cryptocurrency? In complete confidentiality. No one observes e-money transactions. The owners have complete freedom of action. There are no restrictions on the implementation of transactions.
  • Versatility. An electronic wallet can be created on any computer or smartphone.
  • Cryptocurrency cannot be counterfeited.
  • Insignificant commissions for making transfers between the same types of wallets.
  • The transaction speed is several minutes.

Cons and risks of cryptocurrency:

  • Lack of stability. The range of exchange rate fluctuations reaches large upper and lower values. Due to the high volatility, you can make money quickly and easily incur significant losses.
  • Virtual money has not received official recognition in all states. The legal regime varies from country to country. At any time, in a certain territory, cryptocurrency can be banned.

If you choose to invest in NEO in India through an online brokerage trading platform, fundamental and technical analysis options are available to you. Any strategy should be based on an adequate analysis of current positions and factors that affect the price of the traded asset. The more complete and high-quality the digest is, the more convenient it is to create analytical analyzes on the working field / chart and build figures.

How to start investing in NEO?
How to start investing in NEO?

Technical analysis is based on predicting behavioral patterns that are repeated from time to time in the market. That is, the trader, as a rule, does not care what the company is doing, what plans it has for the future, who is in charge of the company, etc. He is only interested in the chart and the figures formed on it in the current period of time. Fundamental analysis is an analysis of the company's profitability, its production capacity, cash flows, liabilities (company debts), the amount of dividends paid, etc.

When investing in NEO, successful trading traders constantly use their man-management to ensure that their trade is professional, stable and gives steady growth. In simple words - this is a set of clear rules that minimize the risk of waste and loss of stress.

Money management is the ability to distribute the means for investments in such a way as to minimize risks, preserve and increase capital. This is also the ability to remain in profits in the presence of unprofitable transactions.

In managing the risks, it is necessary to take into account at once two factors - the risk as such and the imprisonment for it. Most newbies focus only on one of them, which by itself leads to a legitimate rule. It is necessary to learn to relate one to another, to take into account and the percentage of profitable transactions, and unprofitable ones, constantly maintain the proportion that the profit overlaps the losses.

The first task of the manager is to ensure that the investor survives on the market, so that he can avoid a big risk with me, which can potentially lead to a crash. Another goal is to provide a small, yo steady stream of profits. The third is to bring the third to the top. If not always happens what is associated with the second and third, then the first point should be followed in both!

The main principle of man-management: do not risk all the state!

To develop a grammatical system for managing risks simply - it is sufficient to prescribe your rules, calculate the acceptable amounts of losses and limitation. It is difficult to stick to it, but here everything will be correct, if in time to notice the deviations from the chicken and return to the lost position. The simpler the rules, the easier it is to observe them. It is not the rules themselves that make you successful, but the ability to follow them. So go for it, successful bidding!

Is NEO a good investment?

Chinese cryptocurrency NEO has all the advantages of digital money: decentralization, encryption, lack of government control. High competitiveness allows NEO to stay in the first positions of the rating.

Should traders invest in NEO? 

Every day, at least several new cryptocurrencies appear in the crypto space, but only a few of them reach the stage of a full-fledged product, even less become known and are in demand.

Cryptocurrency Neo has managed to achieve success and take a fairly high position in the rating. NEO is often referred to as "China's Ethereum", most often due to the fact that it also provides advanced smart contract creation capabilities.

Platform to buy Neo
Platform to buy Neo

How to buy NEO right now?

Follow the tutorial on the site step by step. And you will become the owner of your first Neo right now! It is not necessary to have a specialized education, but it is important to delve into the topic and learn the intricacies of cryptocurrency trading.

You can invest in NEO on loans using them as collateral. Leveraged transactions are those transactions, the volume of which exceeds your own funds. Leverage is a multiplier: it multiplies both your risk and your potential profit. With a leverage of 1: 5, you will earn 5 times more, but you will also lose 5 times more.

Essentially, leverage is a measure of how the broker or exchange assesses the risk of changes in the price of the collateral.

If you trade NEO on an exchange, then you can store coins on it, but you need to be careful with this. Of course, this is quite convenient and you do not have to move them from your wallet to make a deal and vice versa, losing hard-earned money on commissions. However, the disadvantage of such storage is less security. In addition, by leaving coins on the exchange, you will not receive "gas" from them.

NEO trading conditions
NEO trading conditions

Investing in cryptocurrencies is an investment tool that is capable of generating super profits: doubling your investments or getting several hundred percent of the profit. However, the risk of losing half of the deposit is also very high. Therefore, we advise you to deliberately distribute risks and conduct a preliminary analysis so that investments remain as safe as possible and at the same time profitable. We wish you a successful investment!

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