Most modern people prefer to get information from video files. As they say, it is better to see once than hear a hundred times. And today's teenagers don't like reading at all, but they are happy to spend time on Instagram Live. If there is an increased demand for a service, it means that you can earn money on it. But only the current content distribution model cannot cope with the loads.

At the same time, it should be noted that most of the income from broadcasting video materials on the Internet is distributed among advertisers and intermediaries. There is also a rather low level of broadcast quality and a high cost of advertising embedded in streaming video.

Video streaming problems
Video streaming problems

The Theta Token crypto project is trying to solve these problems by introducing blockchain technologies to form a decentralized structure responsible for the redistribution of streaming video content. The platform is based on the concept of using decentralized nodes, as well as the principle of using the free computing power of the computer equipment of the crypto network participants.

Below we will look at what the Theta project is, how it functions, and how you can invest in Theta cryptocurrency in India.

Theta cryptocurrency
Theta cryptocurrency

What is Theta? 

The company is run by graduates of computer science and electronics Theta Mitch Liu, Zeiyi Long and Ryan Nichols. In 2017, they put together a highly professional and close-knit team, but the list of consultants is especially impressive. The sponsors and partners of the project are Samsung, ZMT Capital, Sony, DCM, ZNN.

Formation of advanced infrastructure and the use of advanced technical solutions within the framework of Theta, it is planned to implement live broadcasts, broadcast educational programs, as well as conduct video conferencing and download video content.

Company partners
Company partners

In general, the infrastructure of the Theta Token crypto network operates according to the following principle:

  • Users, acting as creators of video content, upload it to the crypto network, after which they set certain conditions for viewing it.
  • By watching videos published inside the crypto platform, users will automatically provide the cryptosystem with a part of the computing power of their computer so that other participants can access other video content posted on the Theta site.
  • Users, for taking part in supporting the project, will receive a reward in the format of a crypt. The more the user supports the platform, the more THETA coins will be credited to his personal account.
  • Thanks to such a structure of user interaction with the Theta Token platform, the video platform operates at a high speed and the excellent quality of streaming video is maintained, which increases the interest of users in gaining access to such a web service.

Users will be able to get the opportunity to earn additional income by maintaining the crypto network and viewing ad units integrated into streaming video.

Theta offers progressive solutions to emerging technical problems
Theta offers progressive solutions to emerging technical problems

How does Theta work? 

The Theta ecosystem is divided into two levels. The first level is the global video content delivery network. The second level is a block chain, internal tokens, which serve as a reward for participants. Each user can make his PC one of the network nodes for transferring video materials. And it is certainly not free, for video hosting services you receive payments in digital tokens.

What makes Theta unique? 

The distinctive features of Theta Token include the use of a unique protocol for reaching consensus Proof of Engagement. This decision made it possible not only to exclude the possibility of fraudulent actions on the part of individual users, but also guarantees a fair redistribution of reward in the form of a crypt.

Where does Theta come from? 

For the extraction of Theta, it is enough to have a personal computer. In general, THETA mining is about launching video content hosted on the Theta site. Watching the video, users will give a part of the computing power of their computers for which they will receive a reward.

Open source platform
Open source platform

Where to buy Theta? 

It is very easy to buy THETA! All you need is to stock up on money and spend some time on self-education. There are several ways to buy Theta in India: exchange and online brokerage platforms. When buying Theta through exchanges, a trader can only open buy deals and make money on the growth of the asset. Short positions are allowed only if there are already open long positions. Through the online trading platform, a trader can trade Theta with cryptocurrency CFDs, which opens up more opportunities for the trader. You are not buying the asset itself, you are simply making money from price movements.

You need a minimum of funds to buy Theta in India via CFDs - significantly less if you are dealing with cryptocurrency directly. About $ 10 is enough to make the first deal. So go for it, we wish you successful bidding!

How to start investing in Theta in India? 

Cryptocurrencies are known for fast price movements. They are a highly volatile tool that is gaining in value as they become more widely adopted and in the news about possible government regulations and security concerns. The main advantage of investing in Theta in India via CFDs is that traders can profit from both falling and rising prices.

There is no risk-free investment, but there are simple rules when working with cryptocurrencies that will help secure your capital:

  • To buy / sell / exchange cryptocurrencies, choose only reliable and time-tested services;
  • Choose your assets carefully and diversify your investment portfolio with different coins;
  • Connect two-factor authentication and protect the wallet in other available ways;
  • Pay special attention to storage: it is better to store private keys and the seed-phrase from the wallet with assets offline (write it down on paper or in another safe place, etc.).

Pros of invest in Theta:

  • The growing popularity of cryptocurrencies;
  • Ease of entering the market: even a beginner can become an investor;
  • You can start with any amount;
  • Liquidity;
  • Wide range of assets;
  • High potential profitability.

Most professional investors, for greater reliability, advice to diversify their investments, that is, distribute them in different areas and assets. When investing in cryptocurrency, investment risks increase due to the specific features of digital money: the extreme volatility of the cryptocurrency market.

There is a pattern when investing in Theta in India: the higher the risk, the higher the potential return, while the low-risk investment implies a lower return.

To analyze the cryptocurrency market, traders use both fundamental and technical analysis. Fundamental analysis is designed to assess the real value of an asset, to determine how much its price at the moment corresponds to the realities of the market. When using fundamental analysis, there are risks of misinterpretation of a specific market situation. You also need to be able not only to collect information, but also to use it correctly.

Technical analysis is a set of tools for predicting the likely price changes based on the patterns of price changes in the past in similar circumstances. The basic basis of technical analysis is the analysis of price charts and the order book. Many charts are also used to display price over time. The analysis itself is partly based on mathematical and statistical calculations.

Using indicators for technical analysis
Using indicators for technical analysis

Technical analysis does not consider the reasons why the price is changing its direction. It takes into account only the fact that the price moves in one direction or another, being within a certain period of time within a certain price interval. Thus, the following statistical indicators of trading are used as primary information for technical analysis:

  • price;
  • trading volume;
  • balance of supply and demand.

Technical analysis can organically complement fundamental analysis. It should also be remembered that when investing in Theta, the psychological component is extremely important, which is especially relevant in conditions of increased volatility.

Is Theta a good investment? 

Theta is one of the few blockchain projects that aims to solve a specific problem and has already achieved certain results on the way to this goal. Its assets include already operating services with millions of monthly audiences and a steadily developing network, thanks to which the process of delivering high-quality video content to anywhere in the world becomes much faster and cheaper. All this attracts traders to invest in Theta.

Benefits of investing in Theta cryptocurrency
Benefits of investing in Theta cryptocurrency

Should traders invest in Theta? 

Theta is in the top 25 in popularity. The coin has prerequisites for the price growth. The already achieved result (an increase in value from a few cents to almost $ 16) shows that the token can be of interest to both long-term investors and traders.

How to buy Theta right now? 

To start trading CFDs on Theta in India through the trading platform, you need to open a brokerage account from which purchases will be made. After choosing a broker, you need to register online. When registering, indicate your real data. All services of the broker will be available to you immediately after registration. Before opening the first trade, you will need to fund your brokerage account. It's easy and free!

Register on the platform
Register on the platform

If you decide to buy Theta in India through an exchange, then you need to create your account on a crypto wallet. It's easy to do! But remember that trading on an exchange requires a deeper understanding of the nature of cryptocurrency.

Demo account 

If you are just starting to trade, we recommend that you first open a demo account, trading on which is carried out not with real, but with virtual money. There is an opportunity to open such accounts on every trading platform, because they are interested in creating the most favorable conditions for newbies. Here, only a competent trading system can give you confidence in your work!

You can start with a demo account or go straight to a live account
You can start with a demo account or go straight to a live account

Real account 

To start making real money, you must fund your deposit with cash. Today, you can use one of many payment systems. It usually happens as follows: you go to the broker's website where you will trade. There you click on the button "Deposit" or "Replenishment of the account", and you are offered one of the payment systems. Try it, Happy Bidding!

Choose a convenient way to fund your account
Choose a convenient way to fund your account
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