The merchandise market is very volatile and the purchase price of goods changes significantly from time to time. To keep track of movements in the current market, you need a trading platform that has the appropriate attributes for trading commodities. The capabilities of a commodities trading platform in India can be described as tools or programs that enable you to trade in this industry. This is a choice of charts, technical indicators of the platform, the possibility of different types of trading.

Our trading platform is a software that will assist you in the execution of your trading decisions.

The platform's resources help you acquire and evaluate information, develop entry and exit points, monitor your requests, and track trends and volatility. Our trading platform also includes indices for trading such as MACD, RSI, line charts, histogram charts, bubble chart, moving typical convergence divergences, moving average trend lines, support and resistance levels. The commodities trading platform also allows you to execute stop losses and take profit at the right time.

Advanced indicators like RSI, MACD and Relative Strength Index can help you make more accurate money trading decisions. The advanced indicators also help the dealer find more information about the different prices of an item. Indicators give you important advice on which direction to trade at a particular time. This gives the trader a crystal clear view of the trend in value and can help him make a profit or loss on his investment.

There are many types of trading platforms. The choice depends on your need to profit from merchandise trading.The platforms can be standalone or can be combined with an internet merchant account. The qualities of each type of platform are different, and depending on your needs, you need to choose one of them. Platforms can be divided into two groups - basic and premium.

Fundamental platforms have no signs. They can show prices at specific intervals, but they cannot show complex data. These programs are mostly easy to use and understand.

Our online brokerage platform is considered premium as it provides more signs and trading tools that allow you to trade merchandises. The better you read the indicators, the more chances you have to make a profit.

Choose your commodities for trading
Choose your commodities for trading

Trading platforms give you the ability to exchange goods with confidence. You are not limited by your knowledge and abilities. The commodities  trading platform is currently a tool that helps traders trade efficiently and make fantastic returns on their investments. Among other things, you can also take video training on investments in various industries with us, the training section has more than 100 different lessons in which all the necessary data is collected. You will also see a large section with answers to frequently asked questions, this will help you save your time looking for this information on different sites.

If you still doubt that you can figure out how to set up trading terminals and indicators, we provide you with a demo account. You will learn how to make money on trading and investments, reduce risks, choose the most profitable assets, and much more. The demo version is suitable both for beginners who have never made money on the exchange, and for experienced market participants who want to work out new strategies.

Commodities trading platform in India
Commodities trading platform in India

Types of commodities

Traditionally, there are several different types of goods that are more widely accepted as being traded in foreign markets. Examples of such merchandises are Gold, Silver and Oil. While there are many different types and qualities of crude oil, two popular types of trading are Brent and West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude. Since these are slightly different blends of oil, prices vary depending on which one you are trading. They are presented on our platform.

The main theses of the investment strategy for working with merchandises:

  1. using raw materials, you can diversify your investment portfolio, as well as protect it from inflationary processes;

  2. the rate on a narrow market segment or on one merchandise item, as a rule, is ineffective;

  3. the cost of raw materials for investment is determined by geopolitical factors, as well as the influence of supply and demand;

  4. goods assets, such as physical gold bullion, can be directly owned by the investor, or the trader uses securities, mutual funds, ETFs or futures contracts to trade.

Merchandise trading is very simple in nature. The physical product is represented by merchandise brokers, which make trading easier, and you don't need to look for a supplier or a better price.

The essential advantage of physical products is that they are easy to sell in the marketplace. This aspect is very important for small investors and traders.

The practice of investing in such contracts is carried out on the commodity trading floor. From the physical trading floor, agents interact with traders and allow them to find suitable contracts to exchange. The mechanics of buying and selling are clearly visible to traders, since contracts are traded on the exchange. This makes the process clear and easy to understand.

As for the features of the futures market, they are widely available. Traders can trade in the futures markets, which gives them the opportunity to profit from fluctuations in the value of various commodities. Futures, in simple terms, is a contract that is fulfilled in the future; it is an agreement between the buyer and the seller of the goods, according to which the goods will be delivered to the buyer in the future, but at the price agreed upon now. And at this time, this product may not yet be. Futures exchanges are highly liquid, since the volumes are large. In addition, they are borrowed so that traders can make big profits as soon as the prices of the merchandise rise.

Another way to trade merchandises will be CFD contracts - this is a type of bet between two parties regarding the future value of a particular financial instrument (currency, stock, etc.), in which both parties undertake to settle an amount equal to the difference between the opening price and the closing price of the position. Hence, the term “CFD”. In simple words, if you buy such a contract and the price of the underlying instrument rises, you will receive the corresponding difference from the broker who sold it to you. On the other hand, if the price falls, the difference will be taken from your account.

Another way to trade an exchange-traded fund, aka ETF, is an investment portfolio, which includes various valuable assets. These can be stock indices, stocks of companies, securities, merchandises and currencies. This investment instrument, unlike mutual funds, has high liquidity; it is freely traded on stock exchanges throughout the day.

The commodity market is volatile and sensitive to some sudden changes. Prices change frequently from time to time. Given that prices tend to fluctuate widely, it is not possible for traders to pinpoint a specific date when costs will change.

Merchandise traders perform fundamental analysis and technical analysis to predict market movements. They tend to buy when the price is low, which is usually determined by an abundance of supply and a fall in demand. They sell when they believe supply outweighs demand, which can lead to a profit.

How to start commodities trading in India?

The first step to start a commodities business in India is to open a commodity trading account. This can be achieved online on our platform, which is a trusted and trusted broker. Once you have registered with the online commodities trading platform and opened your account, you can now start trading.

We advise you to gain experience in the field of investment, relying on our platform. In particular, here you can open a virtual account and try yourself as a trader.

Trading on a demo account is no different from real trading, exactly the same trading terminal is used as in real trading. You get the same quotes, you can place and withdraw orders, receive reports on deals, news, etc. All this 24 hours a day! Only virtual money. You get invaluable knowledge and experience completely free of charge, without risking anything! You will have $10,000, and you can use them and learn from them, but the profit cannot be withdrawn from this account.

Registering on the investing platform
Registering on the investing platform

Once you open a demo account for trading commodities, there are many opportunities for you to learn more about trading and the advantages and disadvantages of trading. You will be able to learn about the various terms and products that are associated with stock exchange games. Once you understand the basics of trading, you can trade in this industry, and you can even open your own trading firm if you want. If you open an account with an online trading company, you can trade from anywhere in the world.

We invite you to use our free mobile application, which will save you time and make your trading more efficient.

Select the type of account for work
Select the type of account for work

Another reason dealers open demo accounts to trade merchandises in India is so that you can learn the basics of trading even before you actually start trading in the open sector. This is very important as the dynamics of merchandise prices depend on market scenarios. You cannot predict the direction of this market without an adequate understanding of this product. Pros and seasoned traders are those who are able to predict the movement of the market without any inside information.

You also need to know how to read a chart and select a product at the right time if you want to understand how to trade products. If you are new to this field, you will not be able to identify trends and movements in the market. This is why you should learn the basics of merchandise trading.

Also, after registration, you can choose to open a real account, here everything is for real and be careful if you are a beginner, experienced players are not advised to start with huge amounts. That is why we propose to open an account with $10. Agree, this is a convenient amount to start with.

A big plus for investing in raw materials is the fact that this is a completely different market that is not related to the foreign exchange and stocks, so investors can use goods trading to diversify their portfolio.

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