What is Crypto.com? 

Crypto.com was established in 2016 under the name Monaco Technologies. Chris Marszalek, the founder of the project, gathered a team to create a product that allows you to spend cryptocurrency anywhere. In 2017, the company launched its own MCO token. It has raised $26 million from private and institutional investors.

In 2018, a rebranding took place and the Monaco Technologies project turned into a Crypto.com platform. Not only the logo and name have changed, but also the functionality. Now it is a voluminous platform offering almost all popular services of the cryptocurrency market.

At the moment, Crypto.com derivatives trading platform is already a whole ecosystem consisting of several projects, one way or another related to cryptocurrency. The developers position the platform as a rethinking of how money can be transferred, spent and invested, the democratization of the blockchain by providing simple and transparent financial services. 

The Crypto.com project includes the following products:

  • Plastic cards that allow you to make purchases around the world, giving cryptocurrency in fiat equivalent, and receive cashback.
  • A complete application with the ability to sell and buy cryptocurrency, send and receive it, track market changes.
  • A functional token that gives holders benefits, for example, when ordering cards, to receive discounts on credit interest, etc.
  • Creation of an investment portfolio.
  • Passive income.
  • Crypto-lending secured with the ability to spend credit funds with a card.

Secured crypto lending with the ability to spend credit funds using a card. To increase account security, it is recommended for each user to enable two-factor authentication. Restoration of lost access to the account is carried out only with the help of a special secret phrase, it is created at the time of account registration. The site operates in accordance with legal requirements.

Crypto.com derivatives trading platform
Crypto.com derivatives trading platform

What are derivatives?

Crypto.com derivatives trading is gaining momentum in the crypto world.

Derivatives are interesting because they can be used both as an independent trading tool and as a hedging tool. Today, an increasing number of such transactions are opened by brokers. At the same time, private investors often cannot clearly answer what derivatives are.

Derivative financial instruments or derivatives have long been known to traders. Today, there are many rumors around these contracts, most of which are not true. The reality is that the daily turnover of the derivatives market is growing every year.

Derivatives are an interesting and popular investment tool that allows you to make significant profits in a relatively short period of time. However, the rule is fully applicable to them: higher profitability - more risks.

Derivatives have their own characteristics:

  • urgency - the derivative is valid for a certain period.
  • profit orientation — receiving funds from a change in the price of a derivative.
  • contractuality is the result of urgent agreements.

The role of derivatives in financial processes is not always clear. On the one hand, derivatives redistribute risks and reduce the costs of financial intermediation. But, on the other hand, derivatives pose significant threats.

The main function of derivatives is hedging financial risks. However, investment opportunities of derivatives are not limited to hedging. Their purchase with the aim of selling then with a speculative purpose is one of the most popular strategies on the stock exchange. And, for example, futures, in addition to high profitability, attract with the opportunity, with not the largest investments, to get leverage for a significant amount for free.

A feature of speculation in the derivatives market is the separation of transactions with derivatives from the financial and tangible assets underlying them, manipulations with derivatives not in order to reduce losses from price risks, but in order to profit from taking risks. Characteristic and negative manifestations of the activity of speculators in the stock market is the use of insider and false information, as well as the creation of artificial demand for shares.

When choosing derivatives as a means of making a profit, an investor should balance his portfolio with more reliable securities with low risk.

Crypto.com derivatives in India are just as available for purchase as they are in many other countries.

Popular crypto assets
Popular crypto assets

How to register on Crypto.com Exchange (Crypto.com application users)?

Buy now Crypto.com cryptocurrency derivatives and start earning today!

There are a lot of great offers on the exchange, for example, when registering Crypto.com using a referral link or referral ID, you can use the right to receive a signup bonus of up to $50 based on the following conditions:

  • Judge Requirements.
  • Successfully verified advanced KYC.
  • At least 1000 CRO staked on the Crypto.com exchange.

Registration itself takes a minimum amount of time. Detailed instructions are given below:

  • Go to crypto.com/exchange and click the Register button (upper right corner).
  • Select Continue as Crypto.com app user. You will be prompted to enter your email address. Enter the email address registered in the Crypto.com app.
  • Click the Submit button. A confirmation email will be sent to the email address you provided. Check your mailbox to confirm your registration.
  • In the email message, click the Connect to Exchange button and the link in the email message will redirect you to create a password.
  • After creating a password for Exchange, click Submit.
  • Everything is ready! The account will be redirected to the Exchange landing page.

Verifying this account on the Exchange will also verify that same account on the Application.

Crypto.com cryptocurrency derivatives trading is carried out on a daily basis.

Registration on the Crypto.com
Registration on the Crypto.com

How to withdraw cryptocurrency from the Crypto.com wallet? (To: External wallet address) 

To withdraw cryptocurrency from your wallet, you must first be at the initial level or higher.

  • Initially go to crypto.com/exchange and click the Login button (upper right corner).
  • After logging into your account, click Balance (upper right corner).
  • Find your cryptocurrency to withdraw and select Withdraw.

There are two ways to withdraw cryptocurrency from the Exchange: Withdraw funds to an external wallet address, or Withdraw funds to the Crypto.com application if you have previously connected the Crypto.com application to the Exchange:

  • If you are withdrawing to an external address (not the Crypto.com app), you must first add a withdrawal address by selecting Add withdrawal address.

*Adding a new wallet address will require the following: Make sure the selected currency is the correct currency you are withdrawing to. Next, you will see the corresponding addresses only when you decide to withdraw CRP (i.e. if you do add a BTC wallet address and withdraw CRO, do not you will see the BTC address), Add a label for the address and enter the Google verification code d. Select Save Address:

  • Select the withdrawal address from the dropdown list and view the amount you wish to withdraw.
  • Select View withdrawal as soon as you are ready.
  • Check out the withdrawal details. The amount you receive will be the amount after the withdrawal fee has been deducted, where applicable.
  • Select Confirm Withdrawal.

Withdrawals to external wallets can take up to 2 hours.

Crypto.com is available in mobile version
Crypto.com is available in mobile version

Crypto.com derivatives list

Margin trading on the Crypto.com exchange allows you to borrow Virtual Assets on the Crypto.com exchange for trading on the spot market. Eligible Users may use margin credit as leverage (borrowed virtual assets) to open a position greater than your Account balance. On the Crypto.com exchange, traders are required to first transfer virtual assets as collateral to their margin wallet.

Leverage is a very powerful tool because it can increase profits, but it is also dangerous because it can increase losses to the point where virtual assets can be permanently lost and the user can still have obligations to the company.

Leverage is the amount of virtual assets a trader can use to multiply their position (i.e. 3x leverage - multiply the client's position by 3x).

The maximum possible amount that Crypto.com can provide under the Margin Trading Line. This maximum amount is a general ceiling and is not specific to any individual. This differs from the specific Marginal Credit Limit that Crypto.com may provide to a particular user with reference to the amount of Collateral provided by the user and other factors (and will therefore differ for each user). This may be below the maximum borrowing limit.

Perpetual Contract Trading Room at Crypto.com
Perpetual Contract Trading Room at Crypto.com

The Perpetual Contract is a derivative product, with no expiration or maturity date and with a regular funding payment mechanism between counterparties to the Perpetual Contract. Payments occur every 1 hour to keep the perpetual contract price as close to the base price as possible. If this type of contract trades above the base price of the index, then the holder of the long position makes a Funding Payment to the holder of the short position (ie, the Funding Rate is positive). Conversely, if the Perpetual Contract trades below the underlying price of the index, then the short position holder pays the Funding Fee to the long position holder (i.e., the Funding Rate is negative).

Crypto.com crypto futures in India are a popular form of additional income.

Types of orders operating on the exchange Crypto.com 

Stop Loss and Take Profit are conditional orders that automatically set a limit or market order when the mark's base price reaches the trigger price specified by the user. If the market price reaches or exceeds the trigger price, then the stop loss or take profit order will be converted into a market or limit order and placed in the order book. If the marked price does not reach the trigger price, then the order will remain active until it is canceled or activated.

Stop loss orders can help traders mitigate risk by automatically closing a long/short position if the price moves unfavorably. A stop loss order can also be placed if the user does not have an open position.

The user can place a sell stop loss order only if the trigger price is below the current mark price and a buy order if the trigger price is above the current mark price.

Take profit orders can help traders lock in profits by automatically closing a position if the price moves favorably. A take profit order can also be placed if the user does not have an open position.

Users can only place a "buy" order if the trigger price is below the current mark, and a "sell" order if the trigger price is above the current mark.

Limit orders are placed in the order book with a certain limit price. The price limit defines the maximum or minimum price at which the user wants to trade. The order will be executed if the last price reaches the limit price or is better.

Market buy/sell orders are executed immediately at the best available price. This means that it will accept any open orders in the order book (such as open limit orders). A market order can be filled with different prices to fulfill the order amount.

Futures trade room on the Crypto.com exange
Futures trade room on the Crypto.com exange

Crypto.com Visa card

Crypto.com cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform was one of the first major projects to launch its own debit cards. All Crypto.com Visa cards (exclusive to CRO token holders) are metal, beautifully crafted, offer CRO rewards and more to save Crypto.com app users! Crypto.com offers them to CRO token holders for FREE:

  • NO subscription fee
  • NO setup fee
  • NO shipping fee
  • NO annual fee

The only commitment that Crypto.com App users have to make is to own CRO tokens and stake them for 180 days.

In order to get a card, you must first apply. Once the application is submitted, you will need to check the card issuance status on the card booking page so that it changes to Submitted, which means that this card is on the way! The Crypto.com Visa Card has added additional rewards that are designed to meet the needs of consumers that are always in motion. Based on the existing Crypto.com Visa card travel rewards, which include free and unlimited LoungeKey™ airport lounge access, interbank exchange rates, and no foreign fees, some cards will have:

  • Top spending rewards. Ever. Up to 8% back on spending, local or overseas, no minimum or maximum spending required. Even the Midnight Blue Card is now earning 1% back - a longstanding request from our community.
  • Your films: Netflix. Get 100% discount for your standard subscription plan (USD 13.99*).
  • Your music: Spotify. Get 100% off your Standard Subscription Plan (USD 12.99*).
  • Your trip in style: 10% off your purchase with every Expedia (Eq. 50*) or Airbnb (Eq. 100*) booking.
Crypto.com Visa card
Crypto.com Visa card


Crypto.com always puts security first. Data security and privacy assessments are built into processes, so you can be sure that the funds are safe. To increase the security of the account, it is recommended that each user turn on two-factor authentication. Restoration of lost access to the account is carried out only with the help of a special secret phrase, it is created at the time of account registration.

The strengths of Crypto.com over competitors are:

  • a large number of cryptocurrencies and tokens, the list of assets is constantly growing
  • the function of cryptocurrency lending, securing a loan with one cryptocurrency at the expense of a deposit in another
  • the ability to pay trading commissions with your own coin of the CRO platform with a partial refund
  • crypto exchange provides a multi-currency wallet and Visa plastic card Crypto.com
  • all main options for depositing and withdrawing funds (bank cards and accounts, electronic wallets)
Crypto.com benefits
Crypto.com benefits

The platform is distinguished by large trading volumes, a wide range of assets available for trading, and the opportunity to get a loan in cryptocurrency.Crypto.com crypto futures trading does not have any hidden fees, which is also a big advantage.To sum up all the above information, we can conclude that the exchange is stable and offers the best options for its clients.

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The financial services provided by this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose