What is Deepcoin? 

Deepcoin's motto - "Change with innovation" implies good wishes to contribute more to the cryptocurrency industry. Deepcoin's name is made up of "Deep" and "coin", meaning a deep understanding of cryptocurrencies.Deepcoin is committed to continuing research into cryptocurrencies and providing users with professional and high-quality services along with fair, equitable, safe and secure investment opportunities.Deepcoin is registered in the Seychelles. Headquarters in Singapore. There are branches in Japan, Canada, South Africa and many other countries. In addition, Deepcoin derivatives trading platform plans to enter more markets and make the service available to a wider range of users. The exchange has several innovative products such as Options FX, Super Saving and Lucky Money. With the help of options, users have the opportunity to earn income by predicting the price trend. Lucky Money is a creative service provided by Deepcoin. This service can also be used to send and receive cryptocurrency coins among Deepcoin users. SuperEconomy is a popular investment product based on the DeFi ecosystem launched by Deepcoin. Through Deepcoin, users can enjoy many interesting trading campaigns that Deepcoin has made in collaboration with the influential and famous KOL. There have been various campaigns so far, such as special events for new trading pairs, solicitation campaigns, USDT perpetual trading grand prize, USDT contract debut festival, etc. Deepcoin crypto derivatives trading is a very entertaining and profitable process.

Deepcoin is a cryptocurrency derivative trading platform, supporting leveraged trading with Perpetual and CFD contracts
Deepcoin is a cryptocurrency derivative trading platform, supporting leveraged trading with Perpetual and CFD contracts

What are derivatives?

Derivative financial instruments (derivatives) are now in demand more than ever, and their development is only accelerating. A derivative is a tool that allows investors to trade an asset indirectly, that is, not the asset itself, but any kind of obligations to transfer it or units of value created on its basis.

Derivatives trading gained momentum back in the 1970s, making it one of the oldest financial contracts still in existence. However, recent news indicates that crypto derivatives trading is gaining increasing interest from the public.

Deepcoin crypto derivatives in India are very popular among traders.

Crypto derivatives are financial tools that derive their value from a primary underlying asset
Crypto derivatives are financial tools that derive their value from a primary underlying asset

What are the benefits for trading crypto derivatives?

  • Offers diversification: Since derivatives trading takes into account the underlying asset prices in advance, they help investors minimize portfolio risk. In addition, the derivatives market is useful for generating market movement signals.
  • Low Commissions: Derivatives trading is cost effective, with lower commission or execution fees.
  • Volatility Protection: Cryptocurrencies are volatile and derivatives are ideal for reducing this long-term price volatility by signing a contract that is set directly on the underlying price.
  • Higher leverage (margin trading): Derivatives trading requires the trader to invest a small portion of the total trade (10% or even lower). An investor can use leverage to increase their profits without investing a significant amount up front.

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that Deepcoin derivatives trading brings a good income.

How does cryptocurrency derivatives trading work?

Over the centuries, derivatives have evolved to become one of the most popular financial instruments. A contract can be entered into between two or more parties wishing to buy or sell an asset at a certain price in the future. Many traders now want to capitalize on such drastic changes by trading derivative contracts. To capitalize on a sudden change in the price of the underlying asset, a trader can buy a cryptocurrency at a low price and sell it later at a higher price. However, such a strategy is very risky - as well as all other attempts to speculate on the price of the underlying asset. And there is another strategy called short selling. To do this, traders usually take assets on credit from a third party - be it an exchange or a broker - and sell them on the market, when prices are expected to drop. When the price of a coin falls, the trader buys the same amount of the asset at a lower price and benefits from the price change. Excluding exchange or broker fees. Various cryptocurrency derivatives can be officially traded on both traditional exchanges and regulated crypto exchanges.Deepcoin cryptocurrency derivatives trading will make it possible to implement previously conceived plans.

How to trade Deepcoin derivatives in India?

How to start trading derivatives? In fact, trading derivatives is not difficult, but rather easy and fast, and does not require any additional assistance from third parties.Many are now investing their money in Deepcoin derivatives in India.

Initially, you will need to choose a broker that will suit your requirements; after which you will need to go through the registration procedure on the official website; the next step is to open an account and replenish this account; then choose the most relevant type of derivative for yourself and analyze the market in detail, and the last step is to buy a derivative.

Deepcoin cryptocurrency derivatives in India can be bought now, and anyone with any trading experience can do it.

Deepcoin derivatives trading platform
Deepcoin derivatives trading platform

How to register ?

Deepcoin supports two registration methods via email and mobile number. You cannot change your email/mobile number here, which is the registration method. If it becomes unavailable, please contact support.

Step by step instructions on how to register through the application:

  • Open the :deepcoin app and click on the profile photo in the top left corner. Click to go to the sidebar.
  • Click on your profile photo to go to the registration and login page.
  • Enter your email address when prompted and enter the authorization code you received. then click [login] to log in and go to the app's home page.

Instructions on how to register using a mobile number:

  • Enter the registration screen and switch to registration with a mobile phone number. if the application language is Japanese, the country code is automatically +81.
  • Enter your phone number and password. phone number is only valid by numbers.
  • Carefully check the "terms of use" and click [get authentication code]. enter the authorization code and click confirm to complete the registration.
Deepcoin trading platform provides fast an safe transactions
Deepcoin trading platform provides fast an safe transactions

How to replenish the deposit? 

If you already have a cryptocurrency, then you can deposit money into your Deepcoin account using the money transfer feature on your third-party platform or wallet:

  • Login from deepcoin official website and click [Deposit] → [Assets]
    in the upper right corner of the displayed screen.
  • Specify the desired currency in the input field [currency selection].
  • Click the [Copy deposit address] button and copy the address. Paste the copied address into the destination address on the source platform or wallet.

It is also possible to make a deposit by reading the QR code. Continue depositing by reading the Deepcoin deposit address from the original platform's QR code reader.


  • Deposited tokens will be reflected in your wallet account. that is, you can transfer funds to other accounts using the [transfer] function.
  • Please be careful, if you send a currency that does not match the selected currency, if the deposit address is incorrect, the transfer currency may not be recoverable.
Products of Deepcoin crypto derivatives trading platform
Products of Deepcoin crypto derivatives trading platform

List of Deepcoin derivatives

The Deepcoin cryptocurrency trading platform supports physical trading and contract transactions, including USDT Indefinite Contract Light (CFD), USDT Indefinite Contract Pro, and Inverse Inverse Indefinite Contracts. Physical property supports over 35 cryptocurrencies and collects lower fees. Contract trades, on the other hand, support leverage up to 125x. Deepcoin has several trading strategies (reverse order, TP/SL for position selection, zero loss trading mode, etc.) to make trading more interesting and flexible. Deepcoin also has innovative products such as optional FX, second treasure and crypto christmas gifts. Options can profit from price trend forecasts.

Crypto otoshidama is a service that allows users to send caches between users. the sender determines the code by favorite alphanumeric characters, and if you enter the amount of the number of New Year's gifts, then it is created. then share the code or link and the submission is complete. the recipient will open the New Year's gift and receive cash by entering the code.

Deepcoin offers [Second Treasure] investment products using DeFi decentralized finance. Please participate in [Second Treasure] and calculate compound interest in seconds according to your membership level. You can achieve an annual return of up to about 12%. There are no limits on principal and interest, and withdrawals can be made at any time.

And the exchange can also be engaged in spot trading, trading in derivatives (Perpetual USDT and Perpetual (inverse) contracts).

Deepcoin USDT perpetual contracts
Deepcoin USDT perpetual contracts


A lite version of Deepcoin's USDT Perpetual Contract (formerly USDT Contract) is a service that allows customers to deposit margin and buy and sell cryptocurrencies through deposit settlement. After receiving a batch of orders from a client, Deepcoin will make a profit for you by referring to the price movement of the cryptocurrency market on each exchange and placing an order at the best price.

In addition, the lite version allows you to maximize your profits with a small amount of capital with leverage. and since it is also possible to enter by selling, it is possible to trade for profit even in the downflow phase.

Margin mode

Currently, the light version supports separator fields mode. segregated margin mode is a type of trading that has low risk and is easy to handle even for beginners, making only a fraction of the margin of the account balance. The contract size is small, 1.0 can be ordered in USDT. Split Margins can be ordered with multiple leverages ranging from 1x to 125x. Detailed leverage increases your chances of increasing your winnings.

The maintenance margin ratio is canceled in the light version hierarchy, extending the user's time to open a position and reducing the risk of being forced to close.

A cross-margin mode will also be released soon to meet the diverse trading needs of customers.

The term "spot deal" comes from the English word spot, which literally translates to "on the spot."

Like any trader's financial instrument, spot contracts have their advantages and disadvantages. The obvious advantages of spot contracts include:

  • Like any trader's financial instrument, spot contracts have their advantages and disadvantages. The obvious advantages of spot contracts include.
  • Cheapness in relation to fixed-term contracts.
  • Volatility, which increases the popularity of contracts among speculators.

Spot is a term that means the conclusion of transactions for cash goods, including exchange ones. Spot, unlike futures transactions, involves immediate payment.

Deepcoin perpetual contract is based on digital asset design between spot and futures  with no delivery date and flexible investment
Deepcoin perpetual contract is based on digital asset design between spot and futures with no delivery date and flexible investment

Deepcoin cryptocurrency derivatives FAQ

Where can I find the domain controllers provided to me?

In the application [Domain Controller Center] → [My Data Center] → can be confirmed in [My Data Center Ownership]. Or you can check the resource screen → [Wallet Account] → [DC].

What is transaction mining?

Transaction mining means that if VIP1 or more users trade on the Deepcoin exchange and pay fees, some of them will be returned in the form of DC tokens. It works in much the same way as commission discounts.

Where can I check the return rate?

In the [Dc Center] application → can be confirmed in [my DC] → [return rate].

Deepcoin crypto derivatives trading has no hidden costs
Deepcoin crypto derivatives trading has no hidden costs


Recognizing the potential to become an emerging value creator, Deepcoin crypto derivatives trading platform specializes in the cryptocurrency industry and provides investors with more advanced, high quality and investment-worthy crypto assets.The investment research and risk control team is made up of veterans from large financial companies, while the technical team members are experts from leading IT companies.

Deepcoin cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform has received three international compliance certifications that take the exchange's compliance work to the next level.In addition to the American MSB license issued by FinCEN and the Canadian MSB license from FINTRAC, a third official NFA license is from the NFA (National Futures Association, USA). After obtaining these licenses, the international influence of Deepcoin has expanded significantly

Deepcoin now has over 1,000,000 users and 250+ KOLs worldwide. Deepcoin with 800+ affiliates cooperates with more than 120 media. All of the above information suggests that Deepcoin is aimed at high-quality and durable work.

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