Globe Derivative Exchange Crypto Derivatives - How to trade Globedx Derivatives in India

What is Globe Derivative Exchange? 

Globe derivatives trading platform is the fairest and fastest derivatives trading platform in the world and was built by @ycombinator alumni.Globe offers a variety of highly sought after and unique perpetual futures contracts and provides a high-speed trading interface that is built to provide a smooth trading experience even under massive load.Exchanges constantly sag under extreme load that can occur at times of peak activity. This has been a recurring issue throughout recent history, especially for those who find themselves eliminated during downtime or unable to capitalize on an opportunity as their platform of choice is overwhelmed. Globe is addressing this from the ground up by combining industry best practices with a range of proprietary innovations to building a platform that is reportedly 5 times faster than the NASDAQ in latency and capable of processing around 15 million messages per second and over 100,000 concurrent API connections. The team behind the exchange plans to position Globe as a pioneer in derivatives, with sports futures, DeFi options and a range of new products already under development. Globe's flagship product is the BTCVIX futures contract, which allows traders to easily speculate on the direction of Bitcoin's volatility.

Globe is a cryptocurrency exchange that offers many perpetual futures products that allow users to speculate on the price of the underlying asset without actually trading it directly. 

Perpetual futures are a derivative product that tracks the underlying price of an index. They are in high demand as they allow for hedging and risk management, short exposure and trading with leverage.

Globe derivatives trading platform
Globe derivatives trading platform

What are derivatives?

The derivative, as a financial instrument, was formed in the 70s of the last century with the formation of the modern monetary system. Prior to this, a financial instrument was used in relation to goods, then its use switched to currency, stocks, bonds, and so on.

The modern financial system includes a wide range of opportunities for the sale and acquisition of various assets. And just derivatives are one of the most popular and liquid instruments among professional investors, but beginners do not understand this concept well. Therefore, novice investors have a problem using an unexplored tool, or they generally miss the opportunity to use it, due to ignorance.

A derivative is any financial asset, the value of which is formed and determined depending on the value of the underlying asset.

Globedx derivatives trading can become both a main income and an additional one.

A derivative is an agreement between the parties to a transaction, under which obligations are assumed or rights are acquired to buy or sell the underlying asset after the expiration of the period established by this agreement.

Thus, derivatives are term transactions that are not related to the direct purchase and sale of securities, and obligations for which directly or indirectly depend on the exchange or market rate of securities, on interest rates or other types of income, on the exchange rate or units of account (indexes). Such transactions (delivery of the underlying asset and payments) are made not on the day the transaction is concluded, but after a certain period of time. Therefore, the derivatives market is also called the futures market.

Of course, the term "derivative" is applicable not only in the field of transactions with securities. This is a very general and capacious concept. In a broad sense, derivatives are, in simple words, contracts (purchase and sale, deliveries, etc.) subject to execution by one or another party or both parties upon the occurrence of certain circumstances specified in the agreement. By holding a derivative, the party to the transaction will know that, under certain circumstances, the other party will take certain actions.

In the modern financial market, investors use this financial instrument for two purposes:

  • Hedging is risk insurance.
  • Speculative earnings.

The simple essence of derivatives is the combination of risk insurance with the possibility of profit.

Globedx cryptocurrency derivatives trading is carried out daily.

Derivatives market on Globe
Derivatives market on Globe

How does cryptocurrency derivatives trading work?

Globe cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform aims to be the pioneer of new trading products such as VIX futures, Globe is dedicated to making futures trading not only more accessible for casual traders, but also for institutions. To cater to these diverse demographics, Globe is ready to offer a range of unique, highly sought-after futures contracts. Like most cryptocurrency exchanges, Globe allows users to trade through a conventional GUI-based trading interface – this is suitable for users using manual trading strategies or trading randomly. On the other hand, it also supports algorithmic, high-frequency, and institutional traders through its WebSocket API, allowing these users to easily interact with Globe through their external software.

Buy now Globedx derivatives in India and start earning today!

How to trade Globedx derivatives in India?

It is never too late to start trading derivatives and you can start this process now. To do this, you just need to do the following: Initially, you will need to go through the registration procedure on the official website of the exchange; the next step is to open an account and replenish the deposit; then choose the most relevant type of derivative for yourself and analyze the market in detail, and the last step will be the purchase of a derivative.

Globedx cryptocurrency derivatives in India are very popular at the moment.

How to register ?

Registration on this exchange is very fast and absolutely free. And in order to create your account on this site, you need to do the following:

  • first go to the official website
  • in the upper right corner there will be a “registration” button, click on this button
  • after which you will need to fill in all the requested information, namely the email address, come up with a complex password, indicate the country of residence
  • then you need to check the box where you give your consent to “the terms of service and privacy policy”
  • then you will need to click “register” again
  • after which a confirmation e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address that was previously indicated
Registration page
Registration page

How to withdraw money? 

Withdrawal of funds is carried out quickly, detailed instructions on how to do this are written below:

  • Go to main page.
  • Then click on your email address in the top right corner.
  • Go to account information.
  • Click "Withdraw" to withdraw BTC from your account.
  • Add your BTC wallet address and enter the amount you would like to withdraw in the "Amount" field.
  • Review your inputs and then click "Withdraw" to confirm the withdrawal to your BTC address.

List of derivatives of Globedx 

Globedx crypto derivatives trading is a very entertaining process, which also brings additional income.

A perpetual futures contract is an agreement to buy or sell an asset at an unspecified time in the future. All Globe perpetual futures are settled in XBT (Bitcoin) and differ from regular futures in that they do not have a predetermined delivery date, so they can be held indefinitely. Payments are exchanged periodically (every 8 hours) between the holders of the two sides of contracts, long and short, with the direction and amount of settlement based on the difference between the price of the contract and the price of the underlying asset. All perpetual contracts offered are inverse contracts and they cost a fixed amount of the quote currency, which is USD ($) for all instruments (e.g. XBTUSD, ETHUSD, etc.). Therefore, each contract on each perpetual is worth one dollar ($1 quote currency) of the base currency (for example, XBTUSD one contract is worth $1 in XBT). Funding occurs every 8 hours, three times a day, always at the following times every day, 12: 00 (midnight) UTC, 8:00 UTC and 16:00 UTC. You must be short or long at the time of funding to receive the funding payout. When the funding rate is positive, for example, longs pay \(0.01\%\) of their positions to shorts who receive \(0.01\%\) of their positions at the time of funding. (Globe does not charge any funding fees).

Derivatives trading on Globe
Derivatives trading on Globe

Leverage is the ability to control a large contract value with a relatively small amount of capital. Exchanges and brokers provide their users with leverage in the form of a line of credit, and users pay a small interest fee in exchange for borrowing the amount of capital that is used to increase the value of their contracts.

Benefits of using leverage:

  • With less capital, traders will be able to open larger contracts.
  • Greater profit potential with less capital invested.

Leverage is set automatically at Globe to help protect traders from using large amounts of leverage with extremely small amounts of capital. The smaller the amount of capital, the faster any small change in market conditions can liquidate a trader's position.

  • The company gives users access to 100x for free.
  • There is also an insurance fund that guarantees that users' accounts will never drop below 0. If they do, the insurance fund will refund the trader's account and bring their account value down to 0.

Globedx crypto derivatives in India are just as popular as they are in many other countries.

Start trade on Globe today!
Start trade on Globe today!


Globedx crypto derivatives trading platform has managed to learn from the mistakes of the previous generation Globe has a unique exchange architecture to solve this problem - Matching and risk mechanisms work in colocation on high-frequency trading equipment - This allows the entire order book to be stored in L3 cache at any time and nanosecond delays between services. Globe also benefits from the huge costs invested in fast connections between major financial data centers such as London (LD4) and Tokyo, meaning that Globe can offer superior global latency performance and throughput for previous generation exchanges. If to conclude about this platform, we can say that the exchange strives for development and offers favorable conditions for work.

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