What is Huobi Global?

Huobi Global is an international digital asset exchange platform providing the safest and most advanced trading mechanisms for millions of cryptocurrency enthusiasts around the world.

Huobi Exchange has an advanced structure built to protect against DDoS and other potential threats with a world-class security system.

What is Huobi Global?
What is Huobi Global?

Huobi Global Exchange provides a wide range of digital assets, generous bonuses and attractive commissions for traders.

In addition to key features such as margin trading and fiat order books, Huobi also highlights over 270 cryptoassets, including over 80 Ethereum-based pairs, over 100 BTC-based pairs, over 30 USD-based pairs.

At one time, Huobi Global was the largest digital asset exchange in the world with a global share of 50%. Now the platform has lost its leadership, but remains among the most popular platforms for trading cryptocurrencies and derivatives.

Huobi Global can also be accessed through a fully functional mobile app (iOS and Android).

What are crypto derivatives?

Crypto derivatives are derivative financial instruments based on cryptocurrency. Simply put, it is a contract that is tied to the rate of one digital asset or basket of coins.

For example, a Bitcoin derivative is a financial derivative that is tied to the movement of the BTC price.

With the help of crypto derivatives, it is possible to invest in cryptocurrency, bypassing its direct purchase. This offer is especially relevant for many private and institutional traders.

Institutional investors are interested in these assets in that they are always checked for the legality of their trading operations. In the crypto derivatives market, it is possible to conduct transactions for large amounts without fear of breaking the law, since a financial instrument does not imply direct interaction with digital assets.

Huobi Global crypto derivatives trading platform
Huobi Global crypto derivatives trading platform

Many exchanges now offer derivatives trading. Huobi Global crypto derivatives trading platform is one of them.

The main derivatives of the cryptocurrency market are taken from traditional markets. These include:

  • Options: Basically a retail product that can offer participation in both bullish and bearish positions.
  • Conventional Futures: Contracts with varying expiration dates similar to commodity contracts.
  • Settlement Forwards: Non-physically settled futures in which the two parties determine the gap between the spot price and the forward price.
  • Leveraged Tokens: Assets that offer participation in bullish or bearish positions for cryptocurrencies, with a fixed leverage ratio or floating ratio. Similar to leveraged ETFs, they allow traders to place large bets without worrying about collateral or margin requirements.
  • Perpetual Futures: Also known as perpetual swaps or simply perps, this is a kind of futures contract that has gained acceptance on crypto exchanges.

Currently, both regular futures and perpetual futures are most actively traded on the exchanges.

What is crypto derivatives exchange?

The Crypto derivatives exchange is a trading platform that allows traders to trade with crypto derivatives. For example, you can trade on Huobi Global derivatives in India, Singapore, Brazil and other countries around the world.

By trading on Huobi Global Derivatives in India, you gain the ability to trade on leverage and open both Buy and Sell trades. This expands your trading opportunities.

How does cryptocurrency derivatives trading work?

Huobi Global offers all traders a simple interface yet highly functional. The chart is integrated with tradingview and has all the necessary settings and indicators for analysis.

Orders are divided into 3 types: market, limit and stop-limit. Several hundred trading pairs are presented in the trading terminal. The commission depends on the chosen trading pair and the trader's trading volume, and ranges from 0.08% to 0.2%.

Margin trading here is possible with more than 20 cryptocurrencies. The leverage is different for each currency.

To trade futures and derivatives, Huobi offers users another trading platform, which is also highly functional and convenient.

How to start crypto derivatives trading on Huobi Global?
How to start crypto derivatives trading on Huobi Global?

How to trade Huobi Global derivatives in India?

To trade Huobi cryptocurrency derivatives in India, you must first register an account. The account registration process is simplified as much as possible. We will discuss this process in detail below.

After registering and funding a trading account, the user can immediately start trading on Huobi cryptocurrency derivatives in India.

How to register?

Registration on Huobi is standard. You can register using your email or mobile phone number. In both cases, you will receive a code to verify your account. After entering the code in the appropriate line, you will complete the registration process and will be able to fully use the platform.

How to open a demo account?

Huobi Global crypto derivatives trading offers all its clients the option to trade on a demo account. It can be opened immediately after registering an account.

Demo account is a useful feature for both beginners and experienced traders. Beginners can master the trading platform and hone their trading skills without losing money. Experienced traders can test new strategies.

Huobi Global offers bonuses for new customers
Huobi Global offers bonuses for new customers

How to open a real account?

A real account on Huobi cryptocurrency derivatives in India is opened immediately upon registration. To trade, you only need to replenish your trading account.

How to replenish a deposit?

The Huobi platform offers its clients a very wide variety of ways to fund their trading account. Due to the fact that Huobi combines many different platforms (projects), users can even deposit fiat money on the platform. You can top up your account even from a plastic card in national currency or top up your account from a bank account. But for this you need to confirm KYC.

To trade on Huobi Global crypto derivatives in India, you can fund your trading account in your local currency. It is very comfortable. Not many exchanges offer such a service to their customers.

Minimum deposit amount

The amount of the minimum deposit depends on the method of replenishing the trading account and the currency of replenishment. If you fund your trading account in dollars, the minimum level will be $100.

At the same time, there is no maximum limit for the deposit.

Huobi Global  works with bank transfers and credit cards and offers withdraw fiat money to a bank account
Huobi Global works with bank transfers and credit cards and offers withdraw fiat money to a bank account

How to withdraw money?

Huobi offers a very wide range of options for withdrawing funds from your trading account. The minimum withdrawal level depends on the withdrawal method and currency.

The platform even allows you to withdraw funds in national currency to a bank account. With Huobi Global Derivatives in India, you can withdraw funds in INR.

You can also withdraw funds in cryptocurrency. The process is very fast. The exchange charges a certain percentage for the withdrawal, which depends on the cryptocurrency.

Huobi Global derivatives list

Huobi cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform currently offers a wide range of trading instruments. The list of available derivatives is much smaller than the list of available cryptocurrencies on the spot market, but the list of instruments is still impressive.

You can familiarize yourself with the entire list in detail on the exchange website.

An important advantage of Huobi Global derivatives trading platform is its user-friendly web terminal. The company offers both an original web terminal and an integrated one with Tradingview. Therefore, the terminals have very good functionality.

Huobi Global trading platform offers crypto derivatives products
Huobi Global trading platform offers crypto derivatives products

How does Huobi Global crypto derivatives trading work?

After choosing to trade derivatives, you will be redirected to the corresponding page, where the web terminal and the entire list of available trading instruments will be presented.

Huobi Global crypto derivatives trading platform has a very user-friendly interface that is logical to understand. When you switch the platform to an integrated interface with Tradingview, you get an even more functional trading terminal. This makes trading on Huobi cryptocurrency derivatives in India even more convenient.

Alternatives to Huobi Global cryptocurrency derivatives

The Huobi Global derivatives trading exchange is not the only marketplace that offers cryptocurrency derivatives trading to users. The competition in this market is quite tough. There are sites that have achieved a higher trade turnover.

Nevertheless, Huobi Global crypto derivatives trading platform remains highly sought after by traders. The exchange offers trading on Huobi cryptocurrency derivatives in India on very favorable terms and on a convenient trading terminal.

An important advantage is the wide range of methods for replenishing and withdrawing a deposit. This is possible through the use of other projects that are owned by Huobi.

Thanks to this, the exchange is interesting for traders from different countries. Would you agree that it is very convenient to trade Huobi Global crypto derivatives in India by funding your account in local currency?

Huobi Global platform offers  trading with crypto futures
Huobi Global platform offers trading with crypto futures

Huobi Global cryptocurrency derivatives FAQ:

What is derivatives Huobi?

A derivative is a type of financial agreement between parties linked to a specific product or service. In this case, the link goes to a specific cryptocurrency. Various derivatives for several types of digital assets are available on Huobi cryptocurrency derivatives trading.

Yes, the exchange offers a wide variety of derivatives for various types of digital assets. The full list can be viewed on the website.

Yes. Huobi Global offers a wide variety of derivatives.

Derivatives on Huobi Global are derivatives from the most sought after digital coins.

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