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What is binary options

Investing in binary options has now become an active part of stock trading. Whereas it used to be considered an unpopular form of earning, there is now a lot of information about it and broker terminals offer them as an asset for commerce. Now every trader can try his or her hand at online binary options.

Binary options is a financing tool, which makes it possible to earn money by predicting changes in the values of marketable assets.

What is the binary options market?

You don't really buy or sell any assets. You simply bet on where the price of the chosen asset will go. For example, you buy an option on gold rising in value in 10 minutes. If it does, i.e., the contract conditions are met, you're in the money. If the value does not increase, then you lose your bet.

When dealing with options, there are several different categories of marketable underlying assets, the most relevant of which are:

  • Stocks;
  • Stock Indices;
  • Commodities;
  • Currencies.

Both profit and risk in binary options have a finite value. You won't be able to lose more than you bet. Profit averages 60%-95% of your bet, depending on the terms of the contract.

Binary options information
Binary options information

What is a Binary Options broker?

A person who decides to bet on dual trades will work with a broker who will help them place their trades. The best way to learn what is trading binary options is all about is to look for intermediaries who offer a wide range of services, offering different types of contracts as well as providing analysis and different payment methods.

Simply put, a broker is an intermediary company between a merchant and the market, offering a platform through which the broker's clients can execute trades.

Choose regulated trading platforms, they are much more transparent and easy to use as well as fraud-proof.

What is a binary options trader?

A trader is a direct participant of the financial market who trades assets with the purpose of making a profit. In simple words, a person who speculates on price changes on the market. The binary options participant also gets his share of the profits from price movements in the market. Except for the fact that for getting the full profit, it is enough for him to change the price at least by 1 point.

A trader is a profession, which is based on making money by speculating on constantly changing market quotes.

In the binary options market, the trader chooses which option to buy and what expiry time to choose. He can buy an option with an expiry time from 30 seconds up to a month and more. The most requested timeframes are the short ones, usually up to 24 hours. Many people think there is no point in waiting and worrying about how the price will behave after a long time. After all, prices are always dynamic, and the desire to make a quick profit on the volatility is understandable.

Keep in mind that success is not 100% guaranteed in any investment. Always practice due diligence. It is important to remember that you should not make any options trading decisions based on intuition or "gut feeling" unless you have done thorough research. Once you understand who is a binary options trader and how to trade properly, you can start dealing.

What is binary options trading

There are many great advantages that attract investors to options. Dealing is easy because all you need is a trade strategy and the right information. It can be more profitable if you know exactly how to trade.

Binary options varieties

When you are selecting an active, don't forget to also select the kind of option you want to trade. Today brokers offer dozens of variety of options, but in fact they are all based on price changes, here are the most classic and popular ones:

  • Classic binary options, aka up/down, all-or-nothing options. The task of the trader is just to determine the price direction.
  • One Touch Contracts - are instruments, where the objective is for the price to reach a predetermined level during the life of the option. There can be One Touch options to go up or down.
  • Range options. Range. The trader chooses whether price moves out of the channel, with predetermined price levels, or whether it continues to move within that corridor.
  • A ladder option is the more complex type of contract. You enter it with a number of price floors, a move through which can bring you up to 600% profit for the time you specify.
Popular binary options trading methods
Popular binary options trading methods

Analysis of options

Investing in binary options is a  wonderful tool to generate money. You don't have to be a market expert. The ability to know when to buy and when to sell is the key success factor in trading.

To get the most out of binary options trading, you have to learn how to analyse them.

In this regard, the ability to be updated regularly on market events in financial instruments is vital. You have to be able to recognize price news movements if you want to succeed. And trading signals will inform you of any possible changes in the price of the asset in question. We are talking about analysis. 

Fundamental analysis is about determining what will happen to the market over the long term. While technical analysts try to work on a few days or even intraday at best, fundamentalists determine the long-term trends and make money on this. Everything is used for this purpose: news, expert comments, studying financial sites and so on. In other words, everything that can influence an asset is taken into consideration. On the brokerage platform, this analysis is presented in the form of an economic calendar and news feed.

Technical analysis, otherwise known as graphical or mathematical analysis, as it is based on mathematical formulas for constructing charts and indicators. Technical analysis proceeds from the principles of technical analysis, and there are several methods used for price forecasting:

  • Classic - allows you to track the dynamics of price fluctuations by drawing additional lines and figures on the chart.
  • Indicators or mathematical functions.
  • With account of volume of transactions - it takes into account quantity of transactions made on assets that caused price fluctuations.
  • With application of Japanese candlesticks - allows determining variations in the value movement of assets.
Popular indicators for chart analysis
Popular indicators for chart analysis

Learn more about the analysis on the broker's platform with our video tutorial and demo account.

Another advantage of binary options is that you can trade with leverage. This means that you can invest a lot more money than you have in your account.

Also, online binary options give you the option to set stop loss and take profit.  Take Profit has a similar principle to that of Stop Loss: Stop Loss limits the amount of loss, and Take Profit limits the amount of gain. It is commonly used by active investors when a target return on an asset is reached, or when a maximum loss is reached, respectively.

Trading binary options can be more profitable if you consider the information mentioned above. Try different trading methods and types of options, but start with the easiest ones and gradually build up your experience.

Where to trade binary options in India

The best place for those who want to learn what is trading binary options in India is all about is online platforms. You need a broker that is not only reliable, but also trustworthy. You should make sure that the dealer has a dedicated customer service team who will be available to address any problems you may have while trading. Signing up for the platform is easy, just enter your brief details and follow the instructions and in a few minutes you will have your own account.

Registering on the investing platform
Registering on the investing platform

The platform allows you to trade in real time and provides a wealth of real-time information on how to trade binary options and get the best results.

Demo account

A training account will give you an introduction to the platform and real-time trading experience before you enter the real trading market.  This account allows you to open and practice making trades. It will automatically be credited with virtual money, which will be sufficient for many trades, so you can learn how to trade, and not just in binary options. This account will give you an understanding of the platform and real-time trading experience, before you enter the live trading market.  You'll have a clear understanding of your skill level, so that you can analyse whether you should go live.

Select the type of account for work
Select the type of account for work

Brokerage trading account

Once your training matters have been resolved, the next step is to open a live trading account. Just enter some more information about yourself, as it will be a case of live trading. Then make sure you have the required minimum deposit in your account, and you can start trading. Be careful not to invest all of your money in trades. Start small and gradually build up your trade turnover.

It is advisable to do some online research before looking for binary options trading opportunities in India. This topic is covered in a variety of websites and books. Work with an online trading platform that can provide detailed information about the various options and the rules that govern them. Good luck!

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