Nowadays 70% income in 10-15 minutes is not an advertising call for action, but your real life. Binary options allow you to open trades with a fixed income (70-80%) for fixed time frames from 60 seconds to several months. Let’s assume how we can deal with it.

Binary options are digital options, otherwise known as "double, all or nothing", futures market instruments (from the word "term", when the transaction period is negotiated in advance). Binary options have a fixed amount of profit, which is known in advance, and profit is only earned when the terms of the contract are met. The main condition is the price movement (Up or Down).

If you buy an option with growth conditions and the price goes up, so the conditions are met, and you make a profit. If the conditions are negative, then you lose the investment amount.

The condition for the higher or lower prices does not depend on the value of the price (no matter if you have invested 1 cent or $10) as long as the condition is met, even if there is a change of 0.001 point.

Binary options are sometimes called the fixed income contracts, which better reflects their essence. Binary options are tools that traders use to find out the amount of potential profit before entering the market. When you buy an option, you are not buying the asset, compared with stocks or oil futures, you use the price of the asset in your case.

Trading with a reliable broker is essential for success in the international binary market. As an investor, you definitely prioritize the best platforms with the instruments supporting your trading.

IQ Option successfully combines all important aspects on the basis of one trading platform. The broker's head office is located in the Seychelles and has been providing quality services in the field of binary options since 2013. The company has grown to become a major player in the online trading industry. This broker is known for being a user-friendly platform and has a high level of transparency.

Broker Name IQ Option Ltd
Website IQ Option platform
Year Founded 2013
EUR/USD Average Spread from 1 pip
Min Deposit 10 $
Max Leverage 1:50
Regulations FSA, CONSOB, Regafi
Trading Instruments 100+ currency pairs, 150+ CFDs on Cryptos, Indices, Metals, etc.
Trading Specifications Forex Options, Forex, Stocks, Crypto, Commodities, ETFs
Platforms WebTrader

Trading binary options differs from dealing with traditional options. Traditional options are the oldest exchange-traded instruments and offer maximum flexibility. The holder of an option has the right not to keep his contract to buy the underlying asset. For example, you can buy an option in spring that gives you the right to buy gold in winter at $2,000, all that you need at this step is to pay the fee. In winter the price drops to $1,000, you refuse to buy it and lose only the paid fee.

Binary options are not exchange instruments and do not give the right to buy the underlying asset in the future. Binary options are used for speculative transactions, and traditional options allow you to hedge risks in the real business (f.ex. for protection against the possibility of falling / rising prices for raw materials).

Forex differs from binary options only in the risk management system. It is not enough for a Forex trader to open a trade in the right direction, he also needs to calculate how many points the chart will go ahead and where to place Stop Loss / Take Profit correctly.


Categories Binary Options FOREX
Execution Market price only, no slippage Market price or fixed price
Spread and Commission No Yes
Margin trading No Yes, the leverage is chosen by the trader
Position volume Option price in currency Set up in lots
Pending orders Yes Yes
Stop Loss/Take Profit No Yes
Profit & Loss Fixed, known in advance Depend on the market situation
Transaction control Possible to extend Yes
Expiration (timeframe) From 60 seconds to 6 months Unlimited but there is a fee
Software  Web terminals MetaTrader


Step 1:  Start your trading career with IQ Option 

  •  Visit the IQ Option page.
  • Click ‘’Sign up’’.
  • Enter your email address you wish to add and create your secure password. Choose a secure password that no one can easily guess, and update it regularly. Follow the instructions in the message to verify your email address. Read and accept the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, then click ‘’Try Now’’.

Step 2: Deposit your IQ Option account

After having passed the verification, your real account is activated and you can make your first deposit. Choose which currency you would like to trade, it will be difficult to change it later, so think carefully. The minimum deposit amount is $10. Deposit by a credit card or electronic wallets without commission.

Step 3: Select an asset and timeframe

After you have replenished the balance, you can start trading by pressing the "Trade" button. One of the key factors for successful trading is to follow and know that you are in the trend.

The trading process is really simple. First of all, choose an asset you want to trade (Binary Option, Bitcoin, Gold, USD/EUR or any stock) and try to do your best to predict whether the price of the asset will go up or down within a set period of time (the time frame is up to 5 minutes).

Step 4: Set up the amount of the option and the forecast

The very basics for concise development of your strategy:

  • Select an asset.
  • Select an expiration time (the time frame).
  • Set the amount you propose to invest.
  • Analyze the price movement on the chart and make your prediction Buy-Sell buttons ("Higher" - "Lower"). If you think that the price of the asset will go up by the end of the selected period, click the “Buy” button. If you plan to earn at a reduced rate, click the "Sell" button.
  • Wait until the trade is closed to see if your prediction was correct. If the outcome is positive, the amount of your investment with the asset profit will be added to your balance. If your prediction is wrong, you will lose the investment amount.

Initially, you can test your strategy on the virtual balance of the demo account, then proceed to real investments and make a profit. Your first predictions can be formed on the basis of economic news, on analyzing the calendar of financial events, then you can also use ready-made strategies in further trading. All data for a successful prediction can be found in your IQ Option Trade Room.

Step 5: Buy confirmation

Unlike other ways of trading in financial markets, options are bought on average for 10-20 minutes. At such intervals, many types of analysis do not work. For example, to determine if any stock price will go up or down within 15 minutes, you need to use technical analysis (indicators, candles, patterns).

Step 6: Trading results on the indicated time

IQ Option provides an economic calendar and trading indicators for trading analysis. The company has some research and educational content in collaboration with third parties. Training available at IQ Option for clients includes:

  • Forex news, market news;
  • Trading community;
  • Trading Blog;
  • Asset, Industries and Stock collections;
  • Economic calendar;
  • Video for beginner traders;
  • Fundamental and Technical analysis;
  • The Basics of Margin Trading;
  • Trade analytics;
  • Popular Trading Posts;
  • Trade Room.

Live charts for binary options, where you can apply technical analysis tools.


Rule 1: Choose the strategy for being able to cover most of the signals;

Rule 2: Do not use 60 seconds, 2 and 5 minutes timeframes for your first binary options trades;

Rule 3: Set up a maximum daily / weekly withdrawal limit. When the threshold is exceeded, stop trading and start optimizing your strategy;

Rule 4: Divide capital investments into several parts for different assets and strategies.


Fixed profit and loss, which make planning easier.

As we can see binary options do not belong to exchange instruments. When working with them, the same charts and quote providers are used as in the stock market, Forex. You can analyze and predict the price behavior. Combined with conservative money management and a win rate of over 60%, that deal will pay off.

Higher earning potential compared to Forex and stock market.

FX Options are a type of contracts giving the right to the trader to buy or sell a currency pair at a specific price and date. The value of FX options is not linked to the contract currency. The FX options market can be called the deepest and most liquid options market. You can also invest, trade in different markets, receive signals and much more with IQ Option.

A pool of assets available for trading.

51 Options are available at IQ Option including 13 FX Options (some of these are USD/CHF, GBP/CAD, EUR/JPY and others).

Expiration date from half a minute to several days and even months.

There are different types of options, flexible terms, a wide list of assets and a very convenient trading platform (dark/light project design, 1 - 4 charts in one window, online sound alerts to keep you informed about changing assets, chart design (line, bars, candles, Heiken-Ashi), graphical tools (trend, horizontal, vertical lines, etc.), momentum, trend, volatility indicators and others, the timeframe for which the chart is shown (from 2 minutes to 30 days). 

Options start at $10 and the trader's minimum capital for withdrawal is $2.

There are various types of options (classic binary options, turbo options, etc.) in IQ Option, one-click purchase of an asset, available markets (cryptocurrency, Forex, stocks, etc.), a user-friendly interface (web and mobile versions), unique service and instant customer support without delays. The IQ Option platform offers competitive spread accounts, no hidden trade commissions with all accounts and the client status.


The favorite binary options trading app in India is IQ Option. IQ Option has been around since 2013 and the broker has attracted over 48 million users, making over a million trades every day.

IQ Option users say that the average processing time for withdrawal requests is 11 hours, so you can receive your money on the same day you request it.

Perhaps the best feature for being eager to trade binary options in India is the customer support. They offer customer support via phone, email and live chat for customers so you can communicate in your own language without communication barriers.

Finally, IQ Option also has a library of video tutorials that will make you a better trader, as well as free demo accounts. With an IQ Option demo account, you can practice trading without risking real money. Trade as much as you want with no money until you feel comfortable to start real trading.

Binary options are able to give a higher return compared to Forex, but also with a proportionally growing risk. Now the binary options market allows you to get income in less than 10 minutes a day. Let your binary income come true with IQ Option.


What is binary options? Why is it so popular in trading?

Binary Options is one of the best trading options of all time. It appeared in 2008 and has gained an impeccable reputation in the trading area. This trading option does not require traders to have any special skills or experience. All you have to do is to analyze the asset market and then predict if the price will go up or down.

You can see different answers. The truth about the legitimacy of the two options trade in India is that binary brokers and exchanges cannot be legal in India. However, Indians can participate in this market by working with offshore brokers.

The best time to trade in India is when the various financial markets are open. You can still trade 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

To trade US stocks and all commodities, you need to be active from Monday until Friday from 9:00 am to about 5:15 pm ET (Eastern Standard Time).

For European markets, business hours are 7:00 am to 3:30 pm GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

PayPal is available to local Indian binary options traders.

This currency is not available as an account currency. It is only possible to have EUR, USD or GBP.

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