Trading allows you to try your hand at the financial markets in order to ultimately receive high income using only your own skills and knowledge, without strong outside influence. For example, we can trade from anywhere in the world, there is no leader and no subordinates, which is lacking in any other sphere of human activity. Many novice traders immediately rush into battle without the necessary experience, risking real money, which, of course, does not always lead to good results.

For the best effect and real experience in the market, you need to use a demo account, where a trader can try out his trading system without risking real money. IQ Option free demo is a great option for you, try it now!

To help you figure out how to trade on IQ Option, you can use the training videos that are offered in the appropriate section on the company's website. You can go to it directly from the platform.

Take a video tutorial on the platform
Take a video tutorial on the platform

What gives the opening of the demo IQ Option:

  • You will try yourself in the role of a real trader in conditions of fake risk.
  • Learn the interface of a specific trading platform, which your broker will then give access to on a real account. 
  • Study the mechanism of making margin transactions, submitting market and limit orders, and test the efficiency of your trading strategy.
  • Evaluate the work of the broker: the speed of execution of orders, technical support.

How does demo account work?

Such an account works just like a regular one, you use the same tools as a trader in real life. Here are just some of the features that will be available to you when you open an IQ Option demo account:

  • More than 250 different assets.
  • Margin trading.
  • Video training.
  • Using pending and limit orders.
  • Technical support 24/7.
  • Technical analysis including 4 charts, charting tools, dozens of indicators.
  • Fundamental analysis in the form of current news directly on the platform, as well as an economic calendar, etc.
Open up to 9 charts at the same time
Open up to 9 charts at the same time

Who can use demo account IQ Option and for what purpose:

  • It allows a novice trader to get acquainted with the basics of trading in the market: what is a lot, ticker, quotes, order book, market and limit prices, how to submit a buy/sell order, etc.
  • A novice or already experienced trader who wants to learn a specific trading platform.
  • Experienced trader who wants to evaluate the effectiveness of his new trading strategy. This is more true for traders who make several transactions a day and earn on the difference in quotes.

A demo account is not a toy, it is a practice in real conditions, but without real consequences in the form of losses or profits. If you treat it as something not real, then it is very easy to transfer this feeling later to a real account and be forever disappointed in investments. Therefore, when trading on a demo account, imagine that you are using real money and take it seriously.

Demo account features and limitations

The most important advantage of the IQ Option free demo account is the replenishable virtual capital, which you can dispose of as you like. Try to buy / sell different instruments, see how much you lose on commissions, evaluate the profitability of your transactions, etc. At the same time, YOU ARE NOT LIMITED BY THE TIME of using the account.

So, based on the foregoing, we highlight the key characteristics of a demo account:

  • A virtual amount of money is credited to the account, which can be replenished.
  • You can make purchase / sale transactions, try margin trading, evaluate the profitability of operations.
  • Provides access to trading terminals used by real traders or investors.
  • Gives access to all platform tools.

How to register IQ Option demo account?

So, now it has become clear what a demo is, now let's find out how to open a demo account in IQ Option.

If you have already opened a real trading account with IQ Option, you do not need to register a demo trading account. You can use your existing account to login to the trading platform.

Registration at IQ Option
Registration at IQ Option

If you don't have an account, just click "register" on the official website to create a personal account.

  • In the registration form that opens, enter your password and IQ Option demo account login.
  • After that, the system will offer you a choice of 2 accounts, real or practical. Choose an account with $10,000 virtual in the account.
  • After that, the system will redirect you to the trading terminal, where you can already select an asset and make the first test trade.

REGISTER USING THE LINK BELOW! You have nothing to lose, but you will definitely gain a lot of skills ABSOLUTELY FREE! It's worth it!

Select the type of account for work
Select the type of account for work

IQ Option demo account sign up is a very simple procedure as there is no real money involved. If you decide to immediately open a real account and replenish your wallet, then you will need to go through the verification procedure and replenish your account with the amount of the minimum deposit. As a rule, this is a small amount, in the region of $10.

Replenish your real account from only 10 $
Replenish your real account from only 10 $

Use this account to practice until you get familiar with the market. Once you have acquired enough skills and knowledge, you can use the IQ Option login demo to work on a live account.

Devices on which you can trade

For your convenience, IQ Option has developed several applications for all kinds of gadgets and various most popular systems. Thus, you can trade on a demo account wherever you are.

The most convenient application, according to traders, is IQ Option for PC. The downloaded client works more stable with a low Internet connection speed. Therefore, if you notice that you experience delays when trading in the browser on IQ Option, it is better to install the same platform on your computer. Also, very popular is the mobile version, which duplicates all the functions and allows you to trade in any free minute.

On the official website you can DOWNLOAD the APP for your gadget, it's absolutely FREE. Then use your IQ Option demo login to enter the application.

Use the demo in the mobile app
Use the demo in the mobile app


IQ Option offers forex and CFD trading tools for you. At the time of writing, the list of assets is as follows:

  • Shares of global companies;
  • Currency pairs;
  • Options;
  • Commodities (oil and precious metals);
  • Stock indices;
  • ETF funds;
  • Cryptocurrencies.
Choose an asset for investment
Choose an asset for investment

Charting Tools

The toolbar, located in the lower left corner of the price chart, provides a lot of useful features:

  • Chart type - you can change the type of asset price chart (4 options).
  • Time period - timeframe or timescale (if you select the chart type - "andlestick chart", then the value in "interval" will mean the time per candle).
  • Graphic tools - different levels, lines, etc.
  • Indicators - a set of technical indicators.


Charts are the basis of technical analysis when trading on the stock exchange. They serve to visually assess the trends in quotes of a particular instrument, forecast price movements and analyze whose positions are stronger - supply or demand.

There are 4 types of charts on the platform:

  • Line charts. The simplest image of the price movement, but at the same time reflecting only one component. It monitors the general trend - whether assets grow in price or fall.
  • Bars. Sometimes they are also called bar graphs. Informative visual option, which indicates the main indicators of interest - the minimum and maximum price levels for the selected period of time, closing and opening prices.
  • Japanese candles. A popular tool that reflects the same parameters as bars, but their visualization is more convenient. Therefore, it is considered the most popular type of chart.
  • Candles "Heiken Ashi" is a candlestick chart, the construction of which is carried out by averaging the price data open, close, max and min, used in the construction of Japanese candlesticks. In simple words, "Heiken Ashi" is a standard indicator of many popular trading platforms, which redraws the Japanese candlestick chart into a more average form, smoothing out strong price fluctuations and clearly indicating the direction of price movement.
Try different charts
Try different charts


The broker offers to use different indicators on its platform. Here are just a few of those featured:

  • Trend, which are responsible for the trend of the asset, that is, a fall, growth, side trend, and so on.
  • Moving averages, where each of them can perform just a huge number of functions. Among other things, the common task that unites them is to show the trend reversal point.
  • Volume. These indicators also carry a large number of usefulness for successful trading.
  • Oscillators - it is very good to analyze any short-term trends using them.

The most popular indicators are highlighted in a separate group. If you are a beginner, feel free to open the popular indicators section and use them one by one or several at once.

Try the best indicators
Try the best indicators

Order types

Among other things, you will be able to access such orders as Stop Loss, Take Profit and a pending buy order on the demo version of the account. This means that your trade will open at the price you specify.

How to reset IQ Option demo account?

A great feature of the platform is IQ Option demo account reset. Imagine that you have spent all your virtual capital, but you still need a demo account in the process of work. In this case, you simply do an IQ Option reset demo account and the amount in your account will become $10,000 again. Use it, RELOAD ACCOUNT is a VERY CONVENIENT FUNCTION! To do this, to the right of your account balance, click on the "Deposit" button.

How to switch from IQ Option demo to a real account?

To switch from a demo to a real account, simply click on your balance in the top bar of the desktop screen. A window for selecting an account will appear. Choose the one you need and get on with your work. Thus, you can test a new strategy and immediately implement it in a real trade.

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