What is KuCoin? 

KuCoin is a popular exchange that is growing and developing at a fast pace. The exchange is very popular among users around the world.

The site has been translated into many popular languages ​​and adapted for mobile devices, and there are applications for iOS and Android.

The exchange offers several important features that attract the attention of users and which are worth highlighting separately:

  • Instant deposits. Deposit money instantly and access the markets in seconds. No delays, no mess, just trading.
  • Advanced trading platform. This platform has advanced charting, order selection, technical indicators and drawing tools. Convenient on KuCoin derivatives trading.
  • Staking. Stake your cryptocurrencies and earn passive income from coins by keeping them in the liquidity pool.
  • Lending. Lend your cryptocurrencies to others and earn passive income without doing anything.
  • Instant coin exchange. Instantly exchange cryptocurrency. The fastest way to exchange coins when available.
  • Trade Alerts. Use trading alerts to be notified when the market hits your price or when a trade is triggered. This is very convenient when you are on KuCoin derivatives trading.

The exchange has other useful features and options that attract the attention of traders and allow the exchange to remain among the most popular platforms for trading digital assets.

KuCoin is a cryptocurrency exchange with a variety of digital assets and cryptocurrencies
KuCoin is a cryptocurrency exchange with a variety of digital assets and cryptocurrencies

What are crypto derivatives? 

A derivative is a derivative financial instrument that is tied to one or more assets.

It is important to clarify that a whole group of financial instruments with their own characteristics is hidden under the term crypto derivatives. They are united by a common principle - the formation of agreements on a deal, which, in fact, will take place in the future.

There are various types of cryptocurrency derivatives in the digital asset market. We offer to consider the most popular of them:

  • Cryptocurrency futures are contracts that contain obligations to sell or buy an asset in a predetermined amount at a certain price. A financial instrument allows you to protect investors from the negative consequences of fluctuations in the exchange rate of the asset of interest.
  • Options on cryptocurrencies. An option is a contract that gives the buyer the right to purchase (call option) or sell (put option) cryptocurrency in a predetermined time period at a certain price.

There are other, less popular crypto derivatives, including swaps, forwards, and CFDs. The latter are mainly used by brokerage companies, which in recent years have been actively adding cryptocurrencies to the lists of traded instruments.

Crypto derivatives are tools with which you can earn on changes in the cryptocurrency exchange rate without buying digital assets directly.

KuCoin is also an exchange where derivatives can be traded. The platform offers a fairly wide range of tools.

KuCoin cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform
KuCoin cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform

How to trade KuCoin derivatives in India? 

To start trading on KuCoin derivatives in India, you need to go through the process of registering an account on the platform. This is a fairly simple procedure.

After that, you need to make a deposit and after that you will be able to trade on KuCoin derivatives in India.

How to register? 

To create a new account on the KuCoin derivatives trading platform, you first should click on the registration button on their official homepage, which is located in the upper right part of the screen.

You will be offered two ways to register, by Email and by phone. Choose what is more convenient for you.

Then fill out the registration form,  read the terms and conditions and accept, if you agree with them.

Also, a confirmation code will be sent to the selected Email / phone, which will need to be entered in the form provided.

After that, check the box that you agree to the terms of use, and then click "Register".

Immediately after registration, you can fully use the platform on KuCoin cryptocurrency derivatives trading.

KuCoin exchange offers the tools to adjust the security level of your account  in several ways: password (you already created it, two-factor authentication from Google), security questions, anti-phishing passphrase.

There is verification on the KuCoin exchange, but it is not required for trading. However, without verification, a withdrawal limit is set.

Registration on the KuCoin trading platform
Registration on the KuCoin trading platform

How to deposit funds? 

You can recharge your account on the KuCoin cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform through your personal account. If you do not yet have a cryptocurrency, then you can use an exchanger or any other exchange that accepts fiat for input. After that, you will be able to enter the cryptocurrency on the KuCoin exchange.

Choose the method that is most convenient for you. Immediately after replenishing the account, you can go to KuCoin derivatives trading.

Minimum deposit amount 

The exchange does not set a minimum amount for depositing an account. In fact, you can replenish your account even in the amount of $1.

How to withdraw money? 

If KuCoin cryptocurrency derivatives trading turned out to be profitable, you can withdraw funds without any problems.

To withdraw funds from the KuCoin exchange, you must click on the "Withdraw funds" button next to the coin you want to withdraw.

A form will open in which you must specify the wallet address for withdrawing funds, as well as pass all the security checks that you have set.

The commission is deducted from the balance you withdraw. The funds will be transferred to your account minus the commission. You will have to calculate this amount yourself: the KuCoin exchange does not indicate the final withdrawal amount, like many other cryptocurrency exchanges.

KuCoin crypto futures list
KuCoin crypto futures list

KuCoin derivatives list 

Kucoin is very popular among new cryptocurrencies that have gone through ICOs, which means that this is a good exchange and you can buy their coin while they are still at the beginning of their journey. According to the founders, Kucoin is constantly striving to add new coins and expand the list of instruments available on the exchange.

The list of cryptocurrency derivatives traded on KuCoin is also very wide. You can always look at the current list of tools on the website.

A large selection of instruments is one of the reasons why traders on KuCoin crypto futures in India.

KuCoin trade room
KuCoin trade room

How does KuCoin crypto derivatives trading work? 

The trading platform is well-equipped with many of the latest technologies including Tradingview charts, decent order selection, market depth, order book (cryptocurrency order book) and leverage for more experienced traders.

If you want to trade altcoins, you have a variety of different coins to choose from since KuCoin is the center of altcoin trading. You can use the same advanced altcoin trading platform, and leverage is also available for some altcoins.

Also, many users like KuCoin crypto futures trading. They get a large set of tools and not a bad trading platform, in comparison with other exchanges.

The exchange is trying to create an individual approach for each client, so it has developed two types of trading platform, for experienced traders and beginners. The platforms differ in trading functionality and appearance. But in general, both platforms are convenient and suitable for trading on KuCoin crypto futures in India.

KuCoin platform is friendly and convenient for all types of investors
KuCoin platform is friendly and convenient for all types of investors

KuCoin Security 

In 2020, the KuCoin exchange announced an unauthorized withdrawal of funds from hot wallets of bitcoin, ERC-20 tokens and others. According to some reports, the amount of damage can reach $150 million. At the same time, assets in cold wallets were not affected.

The platform compensated all losses of users from the insurance fund.

The company conducted internal investigations and implemented a number of measures aimed at improving the security and protection of user funds.

Of course, this is an unpleasant incident, but we note that there have been successful hacker attacks on many exchanges. In this case, it is worth paying attention to the fact that the exchange reimbursed all affected users with funds from the insurance fund. This is an important point that increases the credibility of the exchange, so when trading on KuCoin futures cryptos in India, you can still be sure that you will not lose your funds.

Benefits of KuCoin crypto trading platform
Benefits of KuCoin crypto trading platform

Alternatives to KuCoin cryptocurrency derivatives 

According to Coingecko, there are over 463 spot exchanges, 145 decentralized exchanges and 54 derivatives exchanges operating as of 2022. At the same time, the list of trading platforms is constantly growing.

As you can see, the competition in this market is very high and you have a very large choice. But if you study in detail all the parameters and characteristics of alternative platforms, you will understand that KuCoin is not a bad option.

KuCoin derivatives trading platform has a large set of useful features and offers customers competitive trading conditions. Therefore, the exchange is one of the most popular and sought-after platforms.

But if for some reason this exchange does not suit you, then you can always find an alternative. The recognized market leaders are such exchanges as Binance, Binance, Kraken and others.

Each of these platforms has its own advantages and disadvantages. There are no perfect platforms. Therefore, you should select an exchange based on your goals, objectives, opportunities and other conditions.

Only after reading the description of the exchange and reviews, you will not be able to clearly determine whether it suits you or not. Therefore, you should always try. Open an account, trade a small amount, and then make a decision.

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