Shares of promising issuers are one of the most attractive financial instruments for long-term investment strategies. They attract private investors with potential passive income in the future, including dividend payments. Moreover, it is easy to become the owner of securities. Today we will tell you how to buy shares in the developer of the most popular operating system in the world - Microsoft.

Company description

In early 1975, then-students Bill Gates and Paul Allen were inspired by an article about the Altair 8800 personal computer and made a version of the Basic programming language for it. On February 1, PC maker MITS signed an agreement to use this interpretation as software for its computers. The new company, called Micro-Soft (the hyphen was removed from the name about a year later), made up $ 16,000 in its first year of operation.

Microsoft is one of the world leaders in the information technology market and the developer of the most popular operating system for computers. The company's programs and services are used in more than 190 countries. Its main products include:

  • operating system Windows;
  • Microsoft Office application for working with documents;
  • cloud service One;
  • Internet Explorer browser;
  • game console Xbox;
  • professional social network Linkedin;
  • messenger Skype;
  • Microsoft Dynamics application.

After the arrival of a new director in 2014, Microsoft made a significant step towards developing services - for example, Microsoft Office switched to a subscription system. The company considers its mission to provide an opportunity for growth to business and to each person individually, and at the same time monitors the safety of users' personal data when they use cloud services. It is based on the standards of the European legal framework.

Microsoft shares
Microsoft shares

Financial performance

Before buying shares in a company, be sure to evaluate its reporting, development strategy and market prospects. Information that will be useful to potential investors, Microsoft publishes on the site in the appropriate section. General information about the holding, management team, documentation for the SEC, dividend policy and payment history are also available for review.

Before buying shares, it is worth exploring income opportunities. There are two ways to make money by buying securities - keeping them in a portfolio and receiving dividends or selling them at a higher price. Both options will work with Microsoft - the company regularly pays dividends to shareholders and increases their size. In addition, since the initial public offering on the The company develops promising cloud technologies and is actively engaged in developments in the field of artificial intelligence, including in Russia. The corporation receives profits from various areas of activity, which makes it more stable during crisis periods compared to its main competitors - Apple, Amazon, Alphabet. At the same time, Microsoft shares are cyclical.

Dealing with securities requires time and comprehensive market analysis. A competent strategy, clear financial goals and a cold mind are the three pillars of successful investments.

Microsoft Investment Chart
Microsoft Investment Chart

Trading terminals often offer built-in technical analysis tools that help assess the trend for a financial asset and choose the best moment to enter. Novice investors are more likely to make mistakes, so it's best to be careful not relying 100% on these programs.

Now a little about what else to look for before buying assets:

  • financial indicators - it is important to study the reporting for the last few years;
  • dividend policy - what shareholders can count on and under what conditions;
  • liquidity of securities - an indicator of how much the shares are in demand, how quickly they can be bought or sold (Microsoft has a high rate);
  • market position - industry affiliation, position relative to competitors;
  • perspectives and transparency of management - who is at the head of the company, how the issuer sees the future, where the profit is directed.

Microsoft shares

Microsoft Corporation is an American company, trading under the name MSFT. It is renowned as a specialist computer software company, producing a variety of software for personal and business use. Microsoft is also a prominent electronic software producer, trading under the name MSN. It is very popular with people who use computers, since it provides a platform from which to operate various computer systems, such as Microsoft Office Suite, Excel, Access, and Windows. Microsoft is one of the largest providers of computing hardware in the world, providing manufacturing support for the xBox, Play station, Wii, and other gaming consoles.

The chief activities of Microsoft include developing, marketing, and selling of its software products. The recent years have seen some major developments in the company's strategic planning, especially in its strategy for developing technologies to compete with the rest of the software industry. It has become very clear that Microsoft must find a means to sell its products at a higher price than its current market price if it wants to raise its market value. The emergence of smartphone computing and other mobile devices with increased competition has also served to reduce the demand for desktops and laptops. This means that there is less software per unit produced by Microsoft than its competitors. The biggest threat to Microsoft comes from its fierce rivals in the software industry, both old and new, so it needs to build up its research and development facilities to stay a step ahead of its competitors.

If you want to buy Microsoft shares, the best time to do this is either now, before the company makes any major announcements.  Microsoft will also release its Q3 financial results, later this year, so investors will have a better idea of whether the company is going to be able to continue its run as a profitable company.

How to buy Microsoft shares
How to buy Microsoft shares

How to invest in Microsoft shares in India?

The Way to invest in Microsoft shares in India? Even though it is a very simple procedure, but it requires some patience and perseverance to do your task. Microsoft publishes fundamental analysis of the company every quarter and consequently investing in Microsoft shares online is a long-term investment in Microsoft shares in India.

If you're planning to invest in any investment, irrespective of whether it is long term investment or short term investment, you need to do a proper market evaluation and proceed accordingly. Market analysis involves analyzing the market trends and how these trends can affect the investment plan. After all investment is risk and the returns are also related to the risk. You cannot go on investing liberally without a market evaluation. To create an analysis, you need to follow certain actions.

Primarily, you must decide how to invest in Microsoft shares in India. The very best way to put money into this type of firm is to purchase it in the mutual funds route. There are lots of mutual funds which are managed by Microsoft Corporation itself. These funds are available with different brokerage companies, who provide investors with both overseas and domestic investments. You can either invest through Microsoft shares online, or directly invest through mutual funds.

When you have chosen the type of investment that you want to make, you need to search for the ideal brokerage company. Research about the firm and discover out what they're involved in and whether they have expertise in managing Microsoft shares. You also need to find out just how much yield you'll get in your investment. In case you've opted to invest in long-term investment, then you may pick the Microsoft Corporation shares itself.

The one thing you should keep in mind, is to be totally clear about the sort of gain and loss statement Microsoft releases. Also ensure that the financial accounts are true. And ensure you read all of the files thoroughly, before investing in any sum of money. Microsoft shares can be a very safe bet, if you take appropriate investment choices.

Microsoft earnings calendar
Microsoft earnings calendar

How to buy Microsoft shares in India

In this day and age when many other share markets are open for trading hours around the clock, how to purchase Microsoft shares in India is turning into a popular question among traders. With Microsoft shares already using a digital worth of over $15 per year, this shares is quickly becoming a popular commodity. However, for an investor considering buying Microsoft shares for investment purposes, the very first step towards investing in this shares would be to open a demo account for trading Microsoft shares in India. An investor can find a sense of how the market works before committing to some substantial amounts.

Trading Microsoft shares by means of a demo account for trading is a good way of gauging the feasibility of creating such an investment. This is because while you sit on your hands and analyze the options and how the market functions, you can easily see if trading Microsoft shares in the real market makes sense for you. The demonstration accounts for trading Microsoft shares in India provides you the chance to make use of all the tools and information that are provided by the brokerage company. You may readily compute the current market value of this inventory and determine whether it is reasonable for you to buy or sell shares of Microsoft in the near future. If the market costs show that the price to purchase the shares is greater than the price to sell them, you can safely do the trade and purchase Microsoft shares at a lower cost, finally making a profit from your investment.

Registration on the online trading platform
Registration on the online trading platform

As soon as you know how to purchase Microsoft shares in India throughout the demonstration account, you should start searching for brokers that are willing to provide you with these accounts. Brokers are available in lots of the traditional markets, as well as on the World Wide Web. Once you get an account, you should read about the various services offered and choose one which suits your needs and your preferences. These accounts do not necessarily need to be kept in a constant state of funds, but may be removed when you need more cash for buying or selling Microsoft shares in India.

When you understand how to buy Microsoft shares in India throughout the demo accounts, you also get to know about the brokerage houses which really trade the shares for you. Some of those firms charge very higher broker fees, but this is simply to attract investors to put money into their enterprise. There are other firms that do not charge high brokerage fees, but actually give you a very comfortable and convenient trading encounter. This is only because they offer real-time trading and provide you with real-time marketplace info, so you can make good money without having to worry about market hours.

Using a free demo account on the trading platform to learn how to invest in shares
Using a free demo account on the trading platform to learn how to invest in shares

As soon as you know how to purchase Microsoft shares in India throughout the demonstration account, you should start searching for brokers that are willing to provide you with these accounts. Brokers are available in lots of the traditional markets, as well as on the World Wide Web. Once you get an account, you should read about the various services offered and choose one which suits your needs and your preferences. 

Once you have decided on the type of agent you would like to use for your demo accounts, you can now register with a brokerage company. All you have to do is fill out the form with the required information. This method is relatively simple and quick and usually takes less than five minutes. Within ten minutes, you will have an active trading account set up and you can start using it to buy and sell Microsoft shares in India.

Microsoft shares is usually very predictable and you can make a significant return on your investment. This will depend on the current market in which you live. By investing in the Microsoft shares market, you can win, lose, or become a winner. But if you figure out how to get shares at the right time through the right broker, you will always make money.

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