A trading strategy is something without which it is impossible to work in the stock market in India. Without a trading strategy, trading becomes a game of chance for adrenaline rather than profit. Therefore, the importance of trading strategy cannot be exaggerated.

What is stock trading 

Stock exchange trading in India is the process of transferring ownership of shares and other securities on organized trading floors. The initial offering of shares allows the company to obtain funds for its operations.

Like all stock segments in India, stock trading is influenced by many objective factors. Stock trading for both beginners and experienced traders is the inevitable risks, failure to take them into account means condemning oneself to imminent defeat. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the following events that can significantly change the dynamics of even the most stable quotes:

  • important global economic and political news;
  • reports from central banks and employment committees of the leading powers;
  • fluctuations in the leading currencies;
  • mergers, acquisitions, expansions, release of new models, increase in trading assortment, development of new directions by companies whose shares are in the trader's portfolio.

In order to start trading shares in India, it is necessary to sign up for a broker.

How to manage your finances confidently

How to trade stocks

After registering, you must open a new asset on the stock, from the list of available ones.

Then select the company you wish to trade. Analyze the price chart using technical analysis tools. Don't forget to consider fundamental factors as well. Then determine the direction of the trend and predict its further behavior for the foreseeable future.

Set the amount of money you want to invest in that particular trade. Remember that according to known risk management practices, you should not invest all of your capital on a single trade.

Choose a multiplier and set up automatic closing (optional).The multiplier will increase both the potential profit and the associated risk. Opening a $100 trade with a multiplier of x5 will give you the same results as if you had invested $500. This applies to both profits and losses. Automatic close will allow you to close the trade automatically, whether you want to make a profit or manage your losses.

Now, depending on your forecast, select "Buy" or "Sell". When the time comes, close the trade. The greater the difference between the opening price and the current price (if the trend direction was predicted correctly), the higher the potential profit. Keep in mind that there will be an overnight fee on your trade, so don't keep it open too long.

Trading stocks in India may seem simple because of the small number of variables involved. However, it is as complicated as it can be useful (if done correctly). It is always better to devote enough time to the company you are going to trade and learn how to use technical analysis tools in advance. Chose broker and dive into the fascinating world of stock trading in India right now.

All forms of financial investment involve a certain amount of risk, and stock trading is no different. Even traders with years of experience cannot predict the right price movements every time.

People use different strategies, but it is important to note that there is no fail-safe strategy. It is also advisable to limit the amount of money you invest in a single trade as part of your own risk management.

Any successful trader carries out his activities according to certain rules and develops a plan of action, which together constitute his strategy. This is how a single stock trading strategy emerged.

Development of a trading strategy is the most important aspect of successful activity on the stock market; it gets rid of randomness, leads to consistency, and ensures efficiency. 

Strategies can be distinguished according to certain criteria:

  • by duration of transactions - short-term, medium-term and long-term. 
  • the direction of the transaction: bullish in a rising market or bearish in a falling market.
  • by the degree of acceptable risk: conservative with low risk, moderate with average risk, and aggressive with high or very high risk. 

You can use other criteria of classification or just to specify the proposed points. Try yourself by signing up for broker.

Popular stocks for investment on the trading platform
Popular stocks for investment on the trading platform

How to choose a stock to trade 

There is no single approach to choosing the best stocks to invest in India. It depends on several factors, such as the outcome you are trying to achieve, your attitude toward risk, and the time and capital you have. 

You can do the following:

  • Do your research and understand the business or industry of your chosen company. This includes fundamental and technical analysis to determine the fair value of the stock, as well as understanding the prospects of the business to make sure it fits your single stock trading strategy and goals.
  • Use the analysis of financial condition of stocks to form a portfolio.. Create an approach to building a portfolio that works just for you.
  • Avoid emotions when making investment decisions. Don't buy a stock just because there is a lot of hype surrounding it, and don't rush into buying or selling decisions, pay attention to volatility and liquidity of the stock.
  • Review and compile financial statements.
  • Make sure you allocate your risks wisely by diversifying your portfolio.

When choosing a stock to trade on broker, use it:

  • Fundamental Analysis.

Keep in mind that fundamental analysis is centered around assessing the intrinsic value of stocks. This means that you must analyze both the qualitative and quantitative aspects of the industries and individual companies that make up your chosen industry.

Pay attention also to dividend payment dates. A dividend is a portion of a company's profits that it chooses to return to its shareholders. It is one way that a shareholder can make money on an investment without having to sell shares. You can use dividends as a deciding factor when choosing a stock because they indicate that the company is profitable and that there is a good probability of future earnings.

  • Technical Analysis.

Technical analysis is completely different from fundamental analysis - when selecting stocks using technical analysis, you must focus on price data and stock movements. This includes analysis of trends and patterns that can indicate future market movements.

There is a wide range of technical indicators that you can use when conducting trend analysis. The strategy you choose will ultimately depend on your trading style.

Fundamental and technical analysis are important when examining potential stocks for trading or investing. One approach to market analysis is not "better" than the other, as there are vast differences between the two. The type of analysis you choose often depends on your strategy.

Some long-term traders (position traders or investors) prefer fundamental analysis, while short-term traders tend to focus on technical analysis. It is often important to use both forms of analysis in order not to miss important information about the market. 

How to trade one stock - single stock trading strategy 

Before you trade even a share, take a training course at your trading platform.

Investing in shares
Investing in shares

Before you start trading stocks in India, you need to choose this one stock trading strategy.

  • Price level breakout.

One of the most common options. At the same time it is most often argued about. Here levels, highs and lows are taken into account, which immediately catch the trader's eye. For example:

  1. Daily highs and lows.

  2. Local highs and lows.

  3. Support and resistance levels.

  4. Rounded price values .

The essence of this trading strategy: the price will move in the direction of the broken significant level, in which the graph has rested up to a certain point. At the same time, the trader should be very attentive as it is necessary to identify the direction of movements. After the penetration of an important level, it is advisable not to enter the market immediately, and to wait for confirmation, for example, if you see an increase in volumes.

  • Intrachannel strategy.

All trades are made only in the direction of the trend. In an uptrend, you buy shares near support and sell them near resistance. In a downtrend, it's the other way around.This is due to the fundamental factors consolidate.

  • Trading inside a sideways channel.

A sideways channel is a side channel. You buy shares above support and sell them below resistance. This trade requires a long range, it is better to use limit orders. Keep an eye on the retracement at all times, because the stock price can change in the opposite direction to the trade.

  • Top or bottom pick.

There is an opinion that the quotation will not constantly fall or rise. A trader buys a stock after its value declines or goes short after it rises. In this stock trading strategy, be sure to consider historical highs and lows, "round" levels, as well as volumetric values of price peaks.

  • Basket Trading.

Basket - a certain number of shares of different companies, when there is a significant correlation with the indices. Such stocks form a portfolio that can be sold or bought with the push of a single button. This stock trading strategy requires not only good preparation and attentiveness, but also the right composition of the basket.

One can draw simple conclusions: by using the right stock trading strategies, one can make good money.

  • Correlation-based strategy.

It is no secret that many indices are directly or inversely correlated (correlated) with stocks. For example, direct correlation implies an increase in the value of a stock when the value of an index increases. The reverse is the opposite. There are also shares, which are in no way correlated with indexes. Conclusion - follow the indices wait for the stock price stalling out and duplicate their movement to stocks, buying or selling assets.

The most appropriate stocks for trading in India 

Stocks are probably the most common investment instrument. And they are great for beginners and professional investors alike. Let's figure out how to choose and buy the best stocks in India and start trading with broker.

  • Choose the company's field of activity.

The choice of industry should be based on your interests and experience.

  • Research companies in your chosen field.

Compare companies in the same industry: it may be that the dark horses are performing better than the established industry leaders.

  • Check out the company profile.

Scrutinize all available information about the company How has it evolved? How has it transformed? How have important past events affected the movement of the company's stock? What are its plans for the future? Quite often the vector of the company's movement in the past determines its development in the future. Pay particular attention to income statements.

  • Explore the company news.

A company's plans have a direct impact on your return on investment. If the company plans to launch a new product, if it has made a discovery, it can play into your hands.

  • Examine the dynamics of the company and the industry.

Evaluate the dynamics of the company and the industry in which it operates over the past few years. If the growth rate is declining or even worse has become negative, you should not look in its direction.

  • Read analytics.

Major investment banks regularly publish their own recommendations.

  • Pack your briefcase.
News on the trading platform
News on the trading platform

The most suitable stocks for trading in India:

  • Barrick Gold Corporation.
  • Etsy, Inc. 
  • Shopify. Inc.
  • DocuSign, Inc.
  • BioNTech SE ADR.
  • Wayfair Inc.

Investing in and earning income from stocks is not difficult, and don't let the multi-step process confuse you. Multistep in this case does not complicate the process, but makes it easier and improves the result. A rational approach takes time and your attention: forewarned is forearmed, and so it is with promotions. The main thing to remember is that you spend your time and effort on minimising risk and generating income, and this is stimulating.

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