Today's world gives you the exceptional opportunity to invest online, which means you don't have to visit banks, stock exchanges or spend your precious time arranging a meeting with your broker to resolve certain issues and obtain important information. All of the above can easily be done from the comfort of your own home, at a time and place that is convenient for you.

Whereas until recently, the average Indian could not even dream of trading in the stock market and such transactions seemed to benefit only the powerful, now the situation has changed.

All you need is a computer (or smartphone), Internet access and, of course, a desire to learn the basics of investing.

Let's take a look at your options for investing online in Starbucks stock in India.

Starbucks is arguably the world's most famous coffee shop chain. In addition, Starbucks Corp. is also involved in the sale of coffee beans. The company was founded in 1971 and started out as a chain of coffee shops. The first shop opened on March 30, 1971. The three founders, Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegl and Gordon Bowker, an English teacher, history teacher and author, decided to go into the coffee bean business and opened their first shop in Pike Place Market, Seattle. For a long time, the shop was not only the first, but also the only one. But ten years later there were five Starbucks shops, in addition the company had its own factory. In addition to selling coffee in its shops, the company was also a supplier of coffee beans to many coffee houses, bars and restaurants.

Starbucks official website
Starbucks official website

Starbucks got its name from one of the characters in the novel Moby-Dick or The White Whale by Herman Melville.

Starbucks created one of the most recognisable logos in the world. The mermaid, or siren with two tails, found on an ancient engraving from the sixteenth century, is reinterpreted in the Starbucks logo, and although it has changed slightly, it remains there today, continuing the maritime theme of the company's name.

In 1987, a turning point in Starbucks history came when Howard Schultz became the owner of the company, and he made Starbucks what it is today. Schultz worked at Starbucks for several years, as director of retail sales and marketing, but was unable to fulfil his dream of creating a chain of coffee shops based at the company. So he left the company and started his own business, soon becoming the owner of the Il Giornale chain of coffee shops. He returned in 1987 and, having found investors, he bought the company. He bought Starbucks and merged the two related businesses into one company. Such an alliance proved remarkably successful, and the Starbucks chain of coffee shops under his leadership succeeded in winning over the whole world.

Today, the chain has about 24,000 outlets, which are active in many countries around the world.

In Starbucks-branded coffee houses visitors can buy coffee, tea, juice-based drinks, vegetables, berries and fruits, as well as a variety of baked goods. The corporation actively sells products under the brand names Evolution Fresh, Seattle's Best Coffee, Ethos, La Boulange, Tazo and Teavana. The issuer generates revenues not only from merchandise sales, but also from the sale of rights to use its portfolio of brands.

The company's good financial performance attracts investors. Thanks to modern technology, you too can now invest in Starbucks. Have another cup of Starbucks coffee or invest this money in the company - the choice is yours! Yes, you only need $10 to get started!

Starbucks current share price
Starbucks current share price

How to invest in Starbucks shares in India?

Starbucks shares are traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the ticker symbol SBUX.

Invest in Starbucks stock in India through a licensed broker with access to the NYSE.

Focus on the image of the broker, find out if the broker is licensed to broker in the stock market, check the amount of possible commissions. All this information is readily available online. Be sure to read the reviews of the broker in question. Choose a broker who has more experience in the market and can offer you a free practice account to get you started on the online trading platform. With this account you'll have the opportunity to learn investment techniques or, if you're not new to trading, you can improve your skills.

Search for the company under the symbol SBUX
Search for the company under the symbol SBUX

Choose how you want to invest. You can invest in Starbucks stock using the dividend method or by trading derivatives.

The dividend method is actually a classic investment option. You buy shares with the expectation of a percentage of the company's profits in the future. Dividend investing is a strategy that gives investors two sources of potential income: predictable income from regular dividend payments and capital appreciation over time through the growth in the value of the shares themselves.

Buying dividend stocks can be a great solution for investors looking to earn income, or for those who simply want to increase their wealth by reinvesting dividends. Investing in dividend stocks is a passive income with regular payouts.

The amount of dividend payments depends on the company's internal policy and is approved at a general meeting of shareholders. Although investing in dividends is widely regarded as one of the least risky investments, it is worth bearing in mind that a company may decide not to pay a dividend temporarily, investing its profits in the development of the company.

Such a decision was also made by Starbucks' management, so from 2004 to 2010 the company did not pay a dividend but instead invested all of its profits in the development of its business. After 2010, Starbucks has been paying dividends on a quarterly basis. Along with the share price, the payouts have been increasing, which exceed 1.6% per annum.

Many people choose derivatives trading as an alternative to investing in dividends. The trading of derivatives, so-called CFD (Contracts for Difference), is a popular method, although it is considered speculative. A CFD is a way of trading price movements without directly buying or selling a financial instrument. The idea behind a CFD is that one party will pay the other the difference between the current and future value of the asset. In other words, you can make money even if the price of the asset falls, but only if you are prepared for the price to fall. Trading derivatives involves your ability to analyse the market situation well and correctly predict the direction of the price.

Starbucks trading floor on the platform
Starbucks trading floor on the platform

How to buy Starbucks shares in India?

To be able to buy Starbucks shares, you need to register with an online trading platform offered by your chosen broker. The online investment platform is a fully digital product through which you will have access to all transactions on the exchange 24/7, in real time. In addition, the online investment platform offers many tools for successful trading, such as indicators for technical analysis, a stop-loss feature for automatically completing transactions and a multiplier that is used when trading with so-called "leverage". We advise you to explore the investment platform thoroughly, familiarising yourself with all the features it offers, paying particular attention to the "learning" tab. This is an especially valuable and, most importantly, free of charge opportunity to learn all possible investment techniques.

Signing up for the online platform is easy and does not take much time. Go to the website of the brokerage company you have chosen as your intermediary and click on the "register" button. The system will ask you for your username and email address and you will then receive an email to confirm your registration. Follow the simple instructions in the email and confirm your registration. You can then start to get to know the platform.

Registration form on the platform
Registration form on the platform

We recommend to get acquainted with the trading platform online, using a demo account. A demo account is a free trial version of a real account. The money on demo account is not real, it is used for training purposes. The advantages of the demo-account are obvious - you can practice trading on the platform, without the risk of losing real money. Of course, you will not be able to withdraw money from your demo account.

Start your activity by training on a demo account
Start your activity by training on a demo account

If you have a real account, you can activate it by putting money into it. The minimum deposit amount is just $10. To fund your real account, use one of the funding options offered on the platform. You can use your bank card or online payment system of your choice. You can then use the same options to withdraw money from your account.

To buy Starbucks stock, select the "stock" section on the platform and enter SBUX in the search box. You will open the Starbucks stock section of the platform and you can see here all the latest information about the company: current share price and chart, trading hours, statistics and links to the latest news about Starbucks. You can choose any timeframe for analysis on the chart. Technical analysis indicators are also useful - you will find the "indicators" tab on the bottom panel of the platform.

Top up your account online
Top up your account online

How do I start investing in Starbucks stock in India?

So, to start investing, you should:

  • Find a decent online broker;
  • Register on an online investment platform;
  • Open a demo account;
  • Get familiar with the platform and all the tools it offers;
  • Become acquainted with the online tutorials;
  • Try trading with a free online account;
  • Stay up to date on the news about the company you are considering investing in;
  • Follow economic and political news in India as well as in the country where the company is based;
  • Follow news around the world to understand global trends.

As you can see, investing is a whole science that requires a potential investor to understand certain patterns and processes and also requires constant learning and deepening of knowledge. If you diligently study such processes, track market trends, and monitor the behavior of certain companies, you will eventually learn to analyze and predict the possible rise or fall in the value of a company's assets. This will enable you to make successful transactions in the investment market and grow professionally as an investor.

You must remember that investing is a risky business because, in addition to the possibility of significant profits, there is also the disadvantage of losing your own money. So don't start recklessly, but prepare carefully and don't be lazy to learn the laws of the market and the principles of effective investing so that you don't take unnecessary risks.

Starbucks is one of the most interesting companies in the world to invest in. The value of its assets is constantly rising and so are its markets. Starbucks today is not just about coffee, coffee drinks, desserts and snacks. The company is also involved in allied businesses - books, cinema, music, and there is even a special division of Starbucks - Starbucks Entertainment, which develops the entertainment division within the company.

Starbucks has cafés in more than 50 countries around the world - and there are about 18,000 Starbucks locations in all.

That's why we recommend that you try investing in Starbucks in India and experience all the benefits of a successful investment in a successful company.

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