StormGain Crypto Derivatives - How to trade StormGain Derivatives in India

Experienced traders and investors often use cryptocurrency derivatives to capitalise on the highly volatile cryptocurrency market with less risk. Derivatives themselves are one of the oldest forms of financial contracts in the world, but they have only recently been used in the cryptocurrency market and are still unfamiliar to many. In this article we would like to bring you closer to this financial instrument and tell you about the ways of earning on it.

Let's take a look at how the StormGain cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform works. 


What is StormGain? 

StormGain is one of the safest crypto exchanges with an extensive set of trading tools and user-friendly interface. It allows you to trade 11 different cryptocurrency futures contracts with a multiplier of 300x or invest in cryptocurrency. The service is constantly expanding its services, providing traders with additional opportunities to earn money. The platform has:

  • A user-friendly multi-language interface
  • A large number of trading pairs
  • Additional tools for comfortable trading

There is no need to verify identity (KYC) on Users only need to confirm their phone number and email address. Two-factor authentication should also be enabled for higher account security. There is an app for PC as well as a mobile app for Android and iOS.

The main turnover is in the following types of cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and others. Traders have the opportunity to trade using a multiplier of up to 1:300, which in turn allows them to trade more funds than the user has and increase profits. StormGain crypto options trading is the most popular operation among traders on the platform.

StormGain Benefits
StormGain Benefits

The platform is suitable for experienced traders, thanks to its wide range of options, as well as for beginners. For inexperienced users, training is provided with the help of video materials. The advantage is that every user can first open a demo account to test the platform's functionality. In this way, a trader can explore the platform or practice their own strategies. The main difference between a demo account and a real one is that trading is done with virtual currency, which means that the client does not risk anything. You can switch between the demo and real accounts at any time, using special switches in the profile menu. The trading platform becomes available only after you register and consists of several blocks:

  • On the top, the user sees the filters for the trading pairs
  • On the left side you will find all trading pairs available in the chosen category
  • In the centre you will see a graph with the dynamics of the chosen trading pair over a certain period of time
  • Below you can see open trades as well as sentiment of traders based on open trades
  • To the right in front of the user displays information about his trading balance
Trade room on the StormGain
Trade room on the StormGain

What are crypto derivatives? 

A derivative is a standard document certifying the right and obligation to purchase or sell securities, tangible or intangible assets or funds in the future under the conditions specified by it. 

We should also note that only derivatives such as options and futures are regarded as securities out of the whole list of derivatives. From the analysis of the legal nature of derivatives we can point to a number of significant features. First of all, derivatives are financial instruments, as they have a certain maturity, some of them are convertible, they can produce income and so forth. Secondly, derivatives are also civil contracts, as this is an agreement between the parties aimed at the emergence, change or termination of civil legal relations. Thirdly, a derivative has a standard form that is generally recognised for a particular particular option, forward, futures contract or swap.

StormGain derivatives
StormGain derivatives

Traders make money on changes in the price of the underlying asset. Since the future market price of the underlying asset is unknown, all traders take the risk. If, at the time of execution, the commodity has fallen in price, the seller makes a profit and the buyer is left with a loss. If the price goes up, the buyer receives the profit.

To increase the profit, the trader uses the leverage of a loan provided by the exchange. The size of the leverage is proportional to the deposit made by the trader. Due to this the trader can carry out operations on large sums. Leverage size depends on the exchange. Most exchanges provide leverage with a commission.

How does cryptocurrency derivatives trading work? 

The principles of trading all cryptocurrency derivatives regardless of their type are always the same: 

  • The first thing required is to register on a trading platform that has functionality for trading various derivatives. Please note that in most cases derivatives trading and the use of leverage is done on a separate platform. 
  • The second step is to fund your exchange account. You can deposit money into your account using credit and debit cards, electronic or digital money. In most cases, the deposit will be credited to the exchange account instantly. 
  • Next, you should make an in-depth fundamental and technical analysis of the market. This will help you predict future price movements and take a profitable position in the market. 
  • The final step is the expiration of the contract.

On the day of expiration, the futures obligations are fulfilled, i.e. there is netting between the parties in the transaction through payment of the price difference.

Exchange-traded instruments prevent traders from going into deep negative territory. No one is immune to price movements that are opposite to expectations. And sometimes an asset price can change so much that an investor's deposit will not secure a deal. In this case, the exchange will inform the trader and offer to increase the funding. If the client refuses, the position will be liquidated from the market at the current price.

Since the use of leverage is associated not only with obtaining excessive profits, but also with the risk of incurring heavy losses, the amount of loss is always limited to the margin contribution.

StormGain crypto options
StormGain crypto options

How to trade StormGain derivatives in India? 

StormGain crypto options in India are popular. 

To register on the StormGain derivatives trading platform and start trading, all you need is an email address and a password. Select the Web or mobile version and click on the button: "Register account". In the dialog box that opens, fill in the fields "email" and "password". Then confirm your registration by clicking the "Register account" button.

Registration page
Registration page

A demo account is available for beginners, to move to a live account, simply click on the button.

There are two ways to fund your account - with a credit card or via any payment system. The minimum amount to deposit depends on the cryptocurrency:

  • USDT - 1 USDT
  • Bitcoin - 0,00003 VTC
  • Bitcoin Cash - 0,006 BCH
  • Ethereum - 0,01 ETH
  • Litecoin - 0,03 LTC
  • Ripple - 7 XRP

If depositing with a credit or debit card, the minimum amount is $50/euro. To deposit funds to your balance, you need to log in to your profile and follow a few steps:

  • select a cryptocurrency and click on "Deposit"
  • copy generated address
  • paste it in the payment system you want to transfer money from
A demo account is available for beginners
A demo account is available for beginners

Withdrawal of earnings 

The minimum amount to withdraw is 150 USD or equivalent amount in other cryptocurrency. In order to withdraw money from the project you also need to enter into your profile and click on "Withdrawal" button next to the cryptocurrency. Then you have to specify the address to which the withdrawal will be made and the amount to be withdrawn.

The exchange is also available on a mobile application
The exchange is also available on a mobile application

Commission of the cryptocurrency exchange 

For cryptocurrency trading on the exchange, there are commissions of up to 0.4% per position, depending on the type of cryptocurrency. The commission for instant cryptocurrency exchange is 0.25%.

An affiliate program has been developed for active traders who want to earn extra income. Thus, clients can attract new participants to the project and receive remuneration for this. in the amount of 15% of trading commissions and withdrawals from the miner. To take part in the programme, you need to find the referral link in the appropriate section.

Popular derivatives
Popular derivatives

Principles of successful trading 

In order to become a successful trader you have to: 

  • Have an aptitude for this kind of activity 
  • To be trained to analyze the market

Patience increases the capital. Do not panic, and do not rush to enter or exit open positions at the slightest sign of strong market fluctuations. Keeping an eye on things will help you understand the situation. Constantly supervise the filling of the trading glass, it is the main source of data on this or that coin you are interested in. The mood of other players is another important criterion for predicting quotes. This can be inferred from the volume of trades and investments. Trading at the exchange market is exciting, but you cannot do it without a cool head. Be balanced and sensible, and remember the motto: "It's all or nothing!" is absolutely not suitable for a crypto-trader.

Trading crypto derivatives is a potentially very lucrative line of trading online. If you decide to get into crypto derivatives trading, StormGain cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform is a good choice. Register today and let your trades bring you a good income!

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