Trezor Wallet Review - How to Use Trezor Wallet in India

When people hear about cryptocurrency, immediately imagine Bitcoin or Ethereum. But those who do not earn money by investing in electronic money are not aware that in addition to these two popular currencies, there are a huge number of other digital funds on the market. A person who begins to think about using electronic means, first of all, must have an idea of ​​where to store their currency.

 There are two ways to store electronic currencies: hot and cold.

Hot is called so because the coins are always available online, and you can spend them at any time. These wallets require internet access as they maintain an active connection to the blockchain.

Cold, by contrast, is designed for offline storage without a network connection. To do this, you can use a personal computer, phone, flash card, or even an ordinary sheet of paper, but hardware wallets are considered the most secure.

It will be more reliable to store currency on a special device that is protected from the effects of viruses and fraudsters, it is called a hardware wallet.

Trezor Wallet review
Trezor Wallet review

What is a Trezor Wallet?

Trezor is like a reserved safe deposit box in the most reliable Swiss bank. Traditions, technologies, primacy - just such associations arise among advanced users of electronic money when they hear the word "Trezor".

Satoshi Labs was the first to design and release a hardware wallet for storing electronic funds in 2013. It was the first wallet for cold storage of bitcoins, which is why Trezor is considered the founder of this type of storage. Since then, the developers have continued to improve their device, coming up with new security algorithms, expanding the functionality and range of digital money that can be stored in wallets to please users.

The very essence of the wallet remains unchanged it is the most demanded, ultra-reliable physical device that provides maximum protection for your virtual capital. 

Trezor wallet is a hardware with built in exchange
Trezor wallet is a hardware with built in exchange

How does Trezor Wallet work?

Trezor Wallet has 2 types of models, the first manufacturer released in 2013, and the second, more modern from a technical point of view, appeared on the market in 2018. Both wallets are upgradeable and have nearly the same list of digital money, allowing the older version to still attract buyers.

Trezor Wallet models differ externally: the first model has two buttons for confirming commands and a small display; During the development of the second model, manufacturers abandoned buttons and integrated a touchscreen.

Working with Trezor Wallet never ceases to delight users from all over the world with its prostate, convenience and level of security.

Trezor Wallet compatibility
Trezor Wallet compatibility

Supported platforms

You can install Trezor on any device with Android, Linux, Windows, macOS systems. In fact, many hardware wallets are compatible with these systems, but this Wallet can even be installed on an Android mobile phone, which makes working with the wallet even more accessible and simplifies access to users' funds at any time, wherever it is.

What electronic money does the wallet support?

Trezor Wallet supports over 1000 e-currencies. At first, the wallet was developed as a storage for bitcoins, but later the developers began to add other currencies. It is more convenient for owners of a huge number of types of electronic money to use one wallet, rather than several different ones.

Now the list of cryptocurrencies includes such as: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Xem, Xrp, Zcash, Litecoin, Dash, all ERC-20 tokens, as well as a huge number of not popular altcoins.

Supported countries

At the moment, Satoshi Labs has covered the market in more than 150 countries. This means that the user can get their Trezor Wallet from almost anywhere in the world.

Trezor Wallet provides high  security
Trezor Wallet provides high security


In 2021, there was not a single recorded case of Trezor Wallet hacking, manufacturers are so responsible in creating the best hardware wallet that they even try to secure the delivery of the device as much as possible.

Upon delivery of the Trezor device, the user must ensure that the packaging is intact and that the holographic tapes with the company logo are undamaged. The device itself is packed in a box that literally needs to be ripped open. In case of any damage to it, you must contact the support service.

To verify the authenticity of the device, it is necessary to order only from the official website, the market is replete with a large number of dubious offers from individuals and unknown companies. Also, since 2018, Chinese fake wallets have appeared on the market, which are difficult to distinguish from the original device.

Trezor provides a secure vault for your digital assets!
Trezor provides a secure vault for your digital assets!

The Trezor also has good internal protection. The first level of protection is the setting of the Seed Phrase. This is a phrase that is generated on the Trezor device and entered into the wallet upon registration. It consists of 24 randomly generated words. For fucking security, developers advise to write down the phrase in a notebook so as not to lose it. With SEED phrase, user can recover lost Trezor wallet for any reason.

Also, the wallet itself is protected by a code that the user sets during registration. The password can be 4 to 9 characters long and can only be entered with the Trezor.

It is also worth noting that the Trezor device is a kind of key to the wallet. It connects to a computer, laptop or mobile phone, on a specific operating system, using a USB cable. Thus, Trezor Wallet is immune to viruses and hacker attacks. It does not have access to the Internet and stores all data on the device itself. This is the biggest plus of hardware wallets.

Trezor Wallet has unique feachers
Trezor Wallet has unique feachers

Wallet features

Trezor provides the ability to create multiple wallets and multiple accounts in each of them. They are completely independent of each other, with the exception of one recovery phrase. The device supports many popular digital funds and tokens of the ERC20 format, which allows you to store not only existing, but also virtual currencies of projects at the ICO stage.

Each supported asset has a separate tab with detailed information and history.

Also, while working with the wallet, the following advanced functions are available:

  • calculating the value of assets in real time
  • verification of the recipient's address
  • labeling to simplify account management
  • automatic firmware update
  • advanced sending parameters
  • support for third-party integration

Trezor Wallet works both online and offline. Digital coins have no physical representation, they are not stored directly in the device itself, but you can perform any actions with them only if you have a gadget.

Trezor Wallet has a built-in exchange function as well as a simple built-in module that allows users to purchase and trade e-money with hardware security at the wallet level. Thus, we can say that the Trezor device has the function of a crypto exchange.

Trezor Wallet offers excellent customer support 24/7
Trezor Wallet offers excellent customer support 24/7

Customer support

The support service works well both on the official website and in the wallet itself. It is available 24/7 to all current and future Trezor Wallet users. The management company tries not only to provide users with support, but also to fix all new device problems as quickly as possible.


With the Trezor device, users can use all kinds of transactions.

To make an operation to send digital money, you must select the "Send" function. It is also necessary to enter the recipient's wallet data, select the type of electronic money and the amount.

Trezor Wallet  offers fast and safe tranzactions
Trezor Wallet offers fast and safe tranzactions

When sending currencies, the user can choose the level of commission, which directly affects the speed of the transaction. Thus, sending digital currency with a minimum commission will take longer than with a maximum commission. Users are mostly in the "Normal" position, so the transaction speed is acceptable and the commission is average.

When a user needs to top up Trezor Wallet, he needs to select the "Receive" function. After filling in the necessary fields, such as the sender's wallet address, the type of currency and the amount received, then the user receives the funds to the wallet.

How to use Trezor Wallet?
How to use Trezor Wallet?

How to start using Trezor wallet in India

How to use Trezor Wallet? To understand how to use the device, just pay attention to the Trezor Wallet Review on the company's official website.  To start using Trezor wallet in India, you should purchase it. After receiving, connect it with your PC or another device supported.

Many users understand the installation on their own. All thanks to the intuitive device setup.

After connecting Trezor to the computer, the user needs to enter the generated SEED phrase, and also create a backup copy of the wallet itself. Then set a password, and then start using.

Trezor Wallet account recovery

To restore your account, you need to use the 24-word phrase that was mentioned earlier.

You can  always restore  a  Trezor Wallet with device
You can always restore a Trezor Wallet with device

Trezor Wallet FAQ

Why should I use this crypto wallet?

This wallet is considered one of the best for storing electronic money, it also has a hot wallet function.

How secure is this wallet?

For 2021, there were no cases of Trezor Wallet hacking, which already indicates that the devices have good protection, which all crypto wallet developers should strive for.

Pros of Trezor Wallet
Pros of Trezor Wallet

What types of e-money does Trezor support?

The wallet supports over 1000 different cryptocurrencies, ranging from Bitcoin to unpopular altcoins.

If my computer crashes, can I restore my wallet to another computer?

Wallet can be restored on any device as long as the user remembers the SEED phrase. If it was lost, the wallet cannot be restored.

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