Exchange trading is available online, so it can be accessed by almost anyone. But without specialist knowledge and training, you can quickly waste money and become disillusioned. It is not necessary to have a specialist education, but it is important to get to grips with the subject and learn the ins and outs of trading.

Web trading platforms have become very handy in today's world, and can be installed on computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets. Trading from a portable device is especially useful for traders, who use trading as an additional source of income and do it separately from their main job.

What is a web based trading platform in India?

The main advantages of making money on a web trading platform:

  • Independence from your employer;
  • Good source of income (it can be main or additional);
  • The opportunity to receive passive income;
  • The chance to start earning even with a small initial capital;
  • Interesting analytical work;
  • Perspectivity (income depends on abilities of the trader, his knowledge and experience).

Disadvantages of earning on Web trading platform:

  • Risks of losing part or all of the capital contribution;
  • No guarantee of any fixed income.

Initially it is better to start with small amount of money and if it doubles in a year it will be a success. Further on, roughly speaking, a good result would be increasing the capital by 15-20 percent a year. These are not very risky money management strategies.

Market analysis on the platform
Market analysis on the platform

A browser based trading platform is a special program with which traders execute their trades. It is currently the easiest and fastest way to trade. Traders moved away from making transactions by telephone back in the last century, when it became clear what a wide range of functionality, speed and quality of processing of applications provided by online trading. 

Now let's break down the pros of working with a browser based trading platform in India. A web based trading platform in India combines a technical analysis platform with a client transaction management module. Also, the web based trading platform has an online news feed of the most reputable news agencies. In other words, a trader can configure the trading platform in advance to display the necessary trading instruments taking into account timeframes, mutual location, colour and other parameters. 

Moreover, quite often a trader needs to use several settings for different tasks. For example, a trader can create an investment portfolio by monitoring price movements of the shares he is interested in. But such deals may not take place every day, so many traders are still actively trading at this time, which allows them to fill the pauses and earn money. Such an arrangement requires a number of different settings on the Web trading platform in India - fortunately, the trader can create as many of them as he or she wishes. And experienced traders make adjustments to their charts in the morning (before they start trading) and save the changed form into a new settings file so they don't have to redo everything in the process of trading.

Select indicators on the platform
Select indicators on the platform

The main elements of the workspace in the web trading platform:

Trading and account information. To work in the stock market, an investor needs to receive timely and accurate information on his account: account balance, open, closed positions, available and blocked funds as collateral - all of this is critical for successful trading. Information about the current price and other parameters is provided in a quotation table, which every trader creates for himself and adds to it the assets he is interested in. 

The trader can make technical studies with the selected instruments. It should be done regularly because, for example, trends can change over time: it can accelerate, slow down, shrink or expand. 

Tools for analysis. To analyse the situation on the stock market, its trends and to predict future price changes ("technical analysis") many traders use price charts. There are several types of charts: line graphs, bars and Japanese Candlesticks.

Execution of Trading Operations. Trading on any organized market is based on the execution of buy/sell orders with a specific number of contracts. That is, you cannot buy or sell any arbitrary number of securities on an exchange. Trading is done in multiples of the smallest possible number, which is called a lot. A lot of securities is the smallest number of securities that can be sold or bought during an exchange session. 

News on Web Trading Platform
News on Web Trading Platform

In order to buy assets, a trader must notify his wish to trade on the Web trading platform in India to his broker (an order). 

Types of orders on the web trading platform:

  • Stop Loss. This is an order that you give to your broker to sell or buy (in the case of margin trading) a security or currency if its price starts to change drastically in your favor and you want to minimize your loss. 
  • Stop-limit. Used to limit losses to a pre-calculated amount. If the market unexpectedly collapses, your losses will be predictable for you. 
  • Take Profit. This is the stop order you give to your broker to sell or buy securities or currencies when their price on the exchange reaches a profitable level for you.

Trading in the stock market through a Web based trading platform in India is extremely convenient as it allows the trader to minimise the transaction time and customise the chart architecture to suit the task at hand. At least the mere presence of a web based trading platform makes you understand the dynamics of stock and currency quotes (and other instruments) and read the news, thus increasing your financial literacy, which is also an additional advantage.

Getting started in the stock market is not very difficult. It is much harder to keep your balance and not to lose all your savings. Only a good trading system can give you the confidence!

Exchange trading, or trading is, in fact, the market. Only instead of usual goods, bonds, currencies, shares, options etc. are sold and bought there. Different markets are distinguished according to this feature.

Web-based for stock trading

The stock market is a system of relationships between buyers and sellers of stocks. The value of stocks determines the relationship between supply and demand. You do not need large sums of money or special education to start trading, but you do need to know a few basic steps to help you start investing. Don't spend your last or important money on building a stock portfolio. Build a diversified portfolio with a variety of assets - it is always safer and more profitable than individual stocks. By assembling a portfolio or portfolios of stocks, you protect yourself from industry risks, the reputation risks of companies, and the country problems of each individual issuer.

Browser based platform for forex trading

Forex is the international foreign exchange market. Here you can buy or sell one currency for another. Currency pairs are used as financial instruments. The quotation of the currency pair shows the rate of the first of its constituent currencies in the units of the second. Because each of the currencies making up the pair is a separate country in which the rate of interest is specified, a swap is charged as the difference in the interest rates if the position remains open for more than one day.

Web platform for options trading

An option is a contract that gives the buyer the right (and not the obligation) to buy or sell the underlying asset at a specified price and time. There are two main types of options: call and put options. A call option gives you the right to buy an asset at a specific price at a specified time. Buyers of Call Options expect the asset to appreciate in value before the option expires.

A put option gives you the right to sell an asset at a specific price at a specified time. Put options are similar to a sell when trading shares. Buyers of Put Options expect the asset to fall in value before the option expires.

Trading binary options on news
Trading binary options on news

A web-based platform for commodities trading

Commodity is an article or any raw material or semi-finished product that is generally traded internationally. All commodities available for trade can be divided into three basic types: agricultural products, metals and energy products. I would like to point out that trading commodities is different from trading stocks or currency pairs. In this, correctly identifying the future trend is of paramount importance. These assets allow to get good profits in position trading. It means that after analyzing the market you open a trade for a long term. As a rule it is not less than a year. Further on, it is possible to open additional trading positions, if events develop in a direction favorable to the trades of the trader.

Browser based platform for ETF trading

An ETF is a portfolio of securities. By purchasing a stock in a fund, you become the owner of a small portion of that set. An ETF helps diversify a portfolio of securities. ETFs invest in specific assets, such as gold, securities and real estate. However, they are often based on a stock index which allows you to buy into the market as a whole. 

Web platform for cryptocurrency trading

A cryptocurrency is a virtual currency as well as a mutual transmission mechanism with a decentralized issuance and accounting system. The system is limited to a distributed computer network, and transaction information is public. The most popular cryptocurrency (and the first to emerge) is bitcoin (BTC), which is open-source. Crucially, cryptocurrency transactions do not require a third party - so-called intermediaries. All transactions are instantaneous, and buyers and sellers are completely mobile: there is no need to visit a bank branch or deposit funds to an e-wallet - the cryptocurrency is sent to the other person (the notional seller) directly.

Cryptocurrency trading platform
Cryptocurrency trading platform

On a Web based trading platform in India, traders can get real-time market movement information, trading tips and news that can affect trading. The web based trading platform is very flexible and user-friendly and is designed to provide all the necessary features to facilitate and simplify tasks. 

How to start using a web based trading platform in India?

To start using a Web based trading platform in India you will only need a laptop or a computer and registration with a broker, who will represent your interests on the exchange. You cannot register on the exchange itself and trade without a broker, because exchanges do not work with clients directly, but only through special brokers. Modern technology allows you to open a trading account online. Most brokers provide such a service. 

Registering on the investing platform
Registering on the investing platform

To open an account on a browser based trading platform in India, you need to provide your personal details (name, email address) and confirm the registration process. Now you can make a deposit by transferring money using a bank card, via wire transfer or via e-wallet. Depending on the chosen method of funding, the money will come from 5 minutes to 5 days.

How to open account
How to open account

After registration Web trading platform in India offers you a training trade on a demo account. This is a very important stage. It is best to learn with virtual money, not with real money. Almost all brokerage companies today offer the opportunity to open a demo account. A demo account can teach you how to trade and identify trading signals, adjust charts and set indicators, etc.  

It takes some time to learn how to trade on a Web trading platform. Proper preparation will be a big part of getting a good start. Take control of your financial future now!

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