Foundation of the ZBG exchange 

Cryptoexchange ZBG is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange.

ZBG is one of the fastest growing cryptocurrency exchanges. The ZBG cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform has a simple design and at the same time is quite informative.

ZBG is a Hong Kong based digital coin exchange platform that has been operating since 2018. It is a subsidiary of the well-known trading platform ZB, which has existed since 2013 and is in the top 30 in terms of liquidity. The developers of the ZBG cryptocurrency exchange have translated the site into several languages ​​to reach the largest target audience, and now the interface is available in 7 languages.

What is ZBG?
What is ZBG?

Crypto derivatives concept 

A derivative is a financial agreement about the future price of a security, cryptocurrency, product or service. The subject of such a contract is called the underlying asset. Sellers and buyers of derivatives do not own the underlying assets, but sell and buy the right to execute the contract.

The principle of operation of derivatives is similar to buying a car to order, when the buyer enters into an agreement with the salon for the supply of a specific car in a specific configuration and at a fixed price. Even if the cost of the car rises by the agreed date of purchase, the buyer will not overpay. For sellers, such conditions are also beneficial, because they receive guarantees that the car will definitely be bought and will not remain in the showroom.

As for the cryptocurrency, this is an extremely speculative market with large fluctuations in prices, which are common every day. Naturally, traders are eager to benefit from these vibrations.

By using ZBG derivatives in India, traders can speculate a future price and generate profits if their projections appear to be correct.

ZBG cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform
ZBG cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform

Types of crypto derivatives 

There are various types of cryptocurrencies that can be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges.

A futures contract is a financial contract between two or more parties in which a cryptocurrency is sold or bought at a future date, but at a price set in the present.

A futures contract allows investors to hedge their positions and reduce the risk of unpredictable market fluctuations, which is appropriate given the volatility of cryptocurrencies. Thus, by signing a contract that directly sets the price of the underlying cryptocurrency, traders can reduce risk by trading altcoin futures. 

CFD (Contracts for a Difference in Price) is an agreement based on the base cryptocurrency, which includes an agreement on the payment of the difference between the asset base and the price of the contract to the owner at the end of the base price difference at the beginning of the contract.

When you open a CFD, you will speculate on whether the price of the cryptocurrency will rise or fall. When the contract is eliminated, and your forecasts at the price will turn out to be wrong, you will have to incur higher losses, since this is a product with a credit limit.

ETF (Exchange Investment Funds) is a derivative contract that tracks changes in the price of a specific cryptocurrency or a group of cryptocurrencies. Traders can diversify their portfolio with the help of ETFs, in fact, without buying or owning the assets that are tracked by the specified ETF.

Swaps are a type of cryptocurrency that allows the involved parties to exchange cash flow (cash flow) from two different financial assets. For example, at some point in time, one side can switch the indefinite movement of money (cash flow), for example, a floating interest rate, at a certain time - a fixed rate.

Swap can be performed both with percentage bets and with base currency. Swap contracts are not traded on the stock exchange, since they are usually switched between two sides in a private order and with an average investment bank.

Option - the right to buy or sell an asset at a specified price, before a specified period. There are two types of options:

  • Call, which gives the right to purchase. Its price rises along with the growth of the exchange rate.
  • Put option, gives the right to sell. Its price rises along with the fall in the exchange rate.

ZBG cryptocurrency derivatives trading can be a very beneficial way to gain access to the digital asset market and make a profit. But for newcomers, it is best to first get an idea of ​​trade and investment, before turning on any of these financial contacts.

Popular cryptocurrency derivatives on ZBG
Popular cryptocurrency derivatives on ZBG

Crypto derivatives exchange and its features 

Using the exchange, traders can trade ZBG cryptocurrency derivatives.

The ZBG derivatives trading platform has a number of features:

  • User experience. Over the years, the ZBG platform has developed excellent user feedback, which allows the team to quickly resolve any issues, as well as achieve high access speed, website expansion and quick application response.
  • Financial security. ZBG uses the independent and complete cryptocurrency business service ZB, which currently serves more than 15 cryptocurrency business companies around the world. It is the only business service that supports the deposit, deposit and withdrawal of many cryptocurrencies in the form of blockchains. Most currencies supporting multiple signatures are securely distributed as unified blockchains to provide technology services. It all goes offline, which offers a really safe technology.
  • Customer service and technical support are available around the clock. Professional and flexible customer service and technical support helps to cope with changing customer requirements and find solutions to problems that arise when working with the platform.
  • Listing of cryptocurrencies. A variety of cryptocurrencies are listed on the ZBG platform. ZBG introduces innovative cryptocurrencies for the exchange of truly high-quality projects. Cryptocurrencies that show good trading dynamics can be recommended for listing on the main exchange - ZB.Com.
Platform advantages
Platform advantages

ZBG trading window interface 

The ZBG trading window looks simple:

  • Selection of a trading pair and information on the selected trading pair.
  • Price movement chart.
  • Trading Depth, or Depth of Market - here you can view orders (orders) available on the exchange for buying and selling cryptocurrency.
  • History of trading on the exchange.
  • Form of placing an order.

For convenience, pairs in the selection menu are divided into “recommended” (more stable and suitable for beginners) and “innovative”.

Trading ZBG derivatives and how to make money on it? 

Traders' earnings are carried out depending on the price fluctuations of the cryptocurrency of interest. All traders are partly at risk, because no one can know for sure what the value of the currency will be in the future. If the cryptocurrency has become more expensive, then the buyer wins, if it gets cheaper, then the seller earns.

To increase the level of his earnings, a trader can use leverage (leverage). Leverage multiplies the potential profit. The available leverage depends on the selected trading platform. Also, you will need to pay a commission for the loan funds.

ZBG trade room
ZBG trade room

Launch of ZBG Futures - ZBG derivatives trading 

The most interesting product since 2020 has become cryptocurrency futures, which allows you to trade with leverage on the new ZBG Futures platform, which was officially launched in March 2020.

3 months after the launch of futures, the ZBG trading turnover amounted to about $ 1 billion. dollars, which allowed the exchange to enter the TOP-5 crypto-exchanges in terms of daily trading volume in derivatives (crypto derivatives).

For perpetual contracts for BTC and ETH, the ZBG exchange is in the TOP-4 crypto exchanges in terms of daily trading volumes, and also has one of the best liquidity indicators for Bitcoin futures.

With mature technology, a stable and secure system and good liquidity, ZBG maintains and improves the current perpetual contract mechanism, which is the most in demand.

The ZBG team uses a strategy to educate users in crypto derivatives trading as a breakout point in the cryptocurrency futures market.

ZBG mobile app
ZBG mobile app

ZBG crypto futures in India 

Anyone interested in trading cryptocurrencies can start by trading futures. This financial tool is especially suitable for those who want to start using cryptocurrency, but do not actually keep it in digital wallets and do not care about its security.

Cryptocurrency futures trading is no different from other forms of trading, the level of difficulty depends on the leverage you choose. You must follow most of the applicable rules when trading the spot markets or other derivatives, be it CFDs or options. Most of the rules are about risk management and finding the best entry and exit points.

Here are the basic steps to start successfully trading crypto futures:

  • Set aside some funds - One of the most important risk management guidelines is that you should never invest more than you are willing to lose.
  • Take the time to do this. You shouldn't treat crypto futures trading as a hobby if you plan to turn it into a profitable activity. Be sure to take the time to learn futures trading, find the right entry points, and keep track of your open positions.
  • Trade on a demo account. You can start trading virtual funds on a demo account. It usually mimics the spot price of any cryptocurrency before moving on to futures. Try trading on a demo account for free.
  • Choose a platform for trading futures. Reputation is a key factor when choosing a crypto exchange. If you're a beginner, start trading on a reputable exchange, and also don't be afraid to start small.

Trading perpetual contracts will require you to automatically pay a commission or receive payment. But depending on whether the contract price is higher or lower than the spot price. Also, if you are using leverage, you should check the position's margin, which fluctuates with the price. If it falls below a certain threshold, your position will be liquidated and you will incur a loss.

How profitable is ZBG crypto futures trading? 

Both institutional and retail traders prefer cryptocurrency futures due to their convenience and lower risk of hacker attacks compared to the spot market.

Crypto futures are still more popular than crypto options, which are a different type of derivatives. In an option contract, the option buyer has the right, but not the obligation, to buy the underlying asset in the case of a call option or sell it in the case of a put option at a predetermined price for a specified period.

Both derivatives allow traders to hedge against volatility risk and experience new forms of trading that may prove to be more profitable than conventional trading.

Trading crypto futures can be very rewarding if you manage your risks correctly. For ordinary traders, this activity can be more profitable than mining, given that the latter requires expensive equipment. But, as with any form of trading, there are significant risks that should not be ignored.

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